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Thanks for stopping by! A little background about me.

I was never a runner. Okay, maybe a tried to be. In high school, some friends were going to run cross country.  I figured I should too.  That was pretty funny.  I can remember walking most of the races because of my asthma.  I decided I wasn’t cut out for it and stuck to leadership roles.

The same went for college-no sports, just fun.  I put on the Freshman 40?  Not kidding.  I could drink a 12 pack with the boys no problem.  Exercising wasn’t that important to me-I would walk with sorority sisters every now and then and that was that.

SO-as you can see.  NOT an athlete.  Or so I thought.

Post college I started running to take the weight off-never more than 3-4 miles-never ran a race.  Simply a 30 minute cardio routine with some walk breaks in there too.

I was fresh out of a breakup at the beginning of 2009 and I needed a goal, something to take my focus off of that person. So I signed up for a 1/2 marathon.  I skipped attempting a 5K, 10K, or any other distance-I just dove right in. I followed Hal Higdon’s Beginner Training program to a T-crossing off each day as I completed it (side note: new asthma medicine had me running with ease).  I completed that race with a 1:59 and realized I wasn’t so bad at this running thing.  I was hooked.29290_1413960303837_1077437303_1208666_6102463_n

I started my quest to run a half or a full marathon in all 50 states (plus DC) in 2010. In the past 6 years, running has brought me more highs and lows than you could ever imagine. I’ve completed over 40 half marathons and 8 marathons and I did what I thought was the unachievable, I qualified for the Boston Marathon and will be running my first Boston in April 2016. I don’t have a time goal to finish my 50 states- my goal is to enjoy each one, find the best bling out there and really explore the country so I try and find the best race possible in each state. IMG_1298_2

Things that have shaped me as a person and a runner that were completely unexpected-I was assaulted on a run in 2012. I definitely learned to ALWAYS be aware of your surrounds no matter where you are and how safe you think you are. Luckily, he was caught and after 1.5 years of waiting on the judicial system he is currently in prison.

I also had a labral tear and surgery in 2013 (to say that 2013 sucked is kind of an understatement) and it was a true challenge to stay motivated but I documented the entire thing along the way and it’s been a huge reminder to not take a day for granted when it comes to your physical health and I really try to live each day to the fullest.

My other biggest high behind my BQ, friendships and travel was meeting my now husband, Rich at Ragnar Trail ATL in 2013. He’s a triathlete, I’m the runner and we had the wedding and honeymoon that fit us perfectly. runningWe just moved back to my hometown, Mobile, Alabama in February of 2016 with our dog, Olive. I am a huge Auburn fan, work in sales in the skincare industry, and love spending my extra time with yoga, cooking and decorating our new home. I’m an ambassador for my two favorite running companies and products, ProCompression and Nuun Hydration, too.

Follow along to see more adventures of life and racing the states. Thanks for reading!





  • I also participated in Run The Bluegrass and through the race director, saw your post…you did a fanastic job!!! I spent a little time on your blog and find your story and goals fascinating!!! My wife and I currently live in Louisville, KY and see that you have the Derby Festival as one of your bucket list items. I have run the full marathon every year since 2005 (less two years – one out of country and two for injury). If you plan on running, let me know and we can make sure that you have a great itinerary for the weekend in our city! Also, had to let you know that you were pictured with one of my running partners (Michael Turner) who is wearing the yellow Swags shirt! When you come to town, I am sure that he will be able to get you a deal on some running gear from the store (Swags is THE local running store of choice)!!!
    Good luck in obtaining the BLING!!!
    Mark Spina
    Louisville, KY

  • About this time for the past four years, I start googling any accounts of the Peachtree Road Race. I have run in 4 consecutive times with my son. This year my Auburn grad daughter is joining us.
    Similar to you, she just loves Auburn and Auburn football. So a big WDE to you and best wishes for another PR for you in this year’s Peachtree!

  • Just confirmed large Labral tear posterior, anterior, and superior. Para Labral cyst and some hamstring tendinitis. Fun. I’m 41 and a longtime runner and exerciser. Was about to embark on marathon training and thought I should get the nagging hip checked first. Feeling very down and worried. Came across your posts. Curious how you are doing! Surgery in my near future.

    • I somehow missed this in the move- I still have some hip issues but that is more due to PT post surgery and that job requires A LOT of time in the car.

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