Things I’m Lovin’

It’s been FOREVER since I’ve done one of these, so I figured I would share what I’ve been loving lately.


  1. Lake Pajamas. There are no words to describe the softness that are these pajamas! They are made with Pima Cotton (if you have kids in kissy kissy clothing, thing adult pajamas in the same material). I have 2 pair of the short pj’s and 1 pair of the short long and I think half of my girlfriends have a collection now, too. If you haven’t tried them, you should. IMG_7092
  2. Red Ace Organics. The ladies at Red Ace were kind enough to send me a box of their beet juices to try. Nitrates have been shown to increase blood flow to muscles. Nitrates are found in beets, hence the science and story behind these shots. There are 3 different shots-beet, beet + turmeric, and beet + greens and they each serve a different purpose to aid in training and nutrition. For me it’s been easiest to use them all with a meal as post recovery (I wake up too early to use before a workout). It also gives me a serving of vegetables in a quick and easy way and we all know that cooking beets can leave a pink mess in the kitchen. I much prefer them in a quick shot that actually tastes good! They have been great during my marathon training cycle and I plan on picking up more at Whole Foods or ordering directly from Red Ace (you can get 20% off your first purchase).IMG_8437
  3. Nuun Vitamins. I’m super excited to be a Nuun Ambassador for the 6th year in a row. I will openly admit I don’t love the changes they made to the Nuun Active (but I still use it because it’s easy on my stomach), but I LOVE what they did to the Nuun All Day, now Nuun Vitamins, line. I love adding this to my hydration lineup and highly recommend it!IMG_8330
  4. Glukos. I thought it would be interesting to change up things from Huma Gel and see what is new in the natural energy products for athletes. The Glukos chews came recommended by my local running store and they are definitely easy on the stomach. I’ve used them for a few races now with Huma Gel, just to change up what I’m eating every few miles and I like them. They are a little tough to chew, and they seem to be better if you can warm them up in your hand for a few minutes before eating, but all in all, a nice add to my nutrition rotation.unnamed (1)
  5. Tens Unit. WHY haven’t I bought one of these sooner? I always love using it at the chiro and PT and finally bought an inexpensive one (from amazon). There are a ton of options on amazon for $50 or less. The only downside to this one is it is battery operated instead of rechargeable.
  6. Safety Skin. Y’all. This is seriously AMAZING. It looks like a body glide, but it’s actually reflective and is for safety. I LOVE it. Much easier than wearing a reflective belt.IMG_8851 (1)IMG_8688
  7. JasYoga. My regularly scheduled yoga class has been super hard to make with my work schedule and after my hamstring issue I knew I had to get back with the program. Thank GOODNESS for JasYoga. There are videos ranging from 4 minutes to almost an hour. There are a ton of pre and post run options that are about 10 minutes and that is sometimes all I have in a day and I love it. IMG_8350
  8. Being in Mobile. Totally not a product, but we’ve been back in Mobile now for a YEAR!! It’s flown by. 2017 has been a bit of a crazy year with work and I’ve also been dealing with my grandmothers health issues and I’m glad I am here locally to help take care of her. It’s time consuming, but I wouldn’t be able to do it if I still lived in Atlanta. I feel like we have settled in a bit more and each found a group to train with, spent a ton of time with family and found a great church.
  9. All things Boston. It’s here. I’m going to actually go back and recap my training because I want to recap for myself what this cycle was like. I’m stalking the weather and already buying all the things Boston related. Is it Friday yet? IMG_8852


What are you loving right now? Anything on my list? 

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