Boston Marathon Training- March

January was AMAZING, February pretty much SUCKED, and March was all about the rebuild and getting through it.

Week March 1st

  • Wednesday- rest day/strength with Brett.
  • Thursday- 4.86 mile skill run.10 min w/u, 100 steps per leg zone 4/5, 50 steps zone 1, repeat for 200/100, 300/150,400/200 for 20 minutes.
  • Friday- 3.5 miles skill run. Agility drills-high knee, butt kicks, high knee running, carioca.
  • Saturday-13.1 Liberty half marathon. Worst half marathon. EVER.
  • Sunday- rest day. Got a shot at Urgent Care when I got home to hopefully feel better.bazu-11496076

TOTAL FOR THE WEEK: 21.46 (3.53 on Tuesday not included)

Week of March 6th

  • Monday-rest day/strength with Brett/physical therapy
  • Tuesday- 11 miles @ 8:08 avg pace. 1 mile endurance, 3 miles @ tempo, 6 miles @MGP, 1 mile @ mile pace. Couldn’t drop to what I needed. TOUGH.
  • Wednesday- rest day/physical therapy/dry needling
  • Thursday- 5 miles @ MGP 7:44 avg pace.
  • Friday- rest day/strength with Brett
  • Saturday- 18 miles endurance pace @ 8:32 avg
  • Sunday- 5.46 aerobic run (45 min needed)

This is the first week I felt back to myself and it was GLORIOUS. Thank GOODNESS for dry needling.IMG_8661TOTAL MILES FOR THE WEEK: 39.46

Week of March 13th

  • Monday- rest day/physical therapy stretch day
  • Tuesday-8 endurance miles @ 8:34 avg pace. Strength with Brett.
  • Wednesday- rest day
  • Thursday- 6 miles @8:17 avg pace (skipped in and out tempo workout per PT instruction- just did MGP miles not tempo 7:52, 7:47, 7:54, 7:58). Felt HARD.
  • Friday- rest day/strength with Brett
  • Saturday- 20 endurance miles @ 8:29 avg pace (skipped MGP miles)
  • Sunday- 5 hilly miles @ 8:11 pace. Felt GOOD.IMG_8684


Week of March 20th

  • Monday- rest day. Physical Therapy
  • Tuesday- 6.5 miles @ 7:43 avg pace. 1 mile endurance, 800m tempo, 1 mile MGP, 800m tempo, 1 mile MGP, 800 tempo, 2 miles MGP. Strength with Brett.
  • Wednesday- rest day
  • Thursday- 7.69 miles @ 7:48 pace (1 hour MGP). Physical therapy.
  • Friday- rest day. Strength with Brett.
  • Saturday- 22.6 miles @ 8:28 avg pace. 16.4 miles + 6.2 @ Azalea Trail Run 10K (with goal of MGP- avg 7:58)
  • Sunday- 5 endurance miles @ 8:24 avg paceIMG_8724


Week of March 27th

  • Monday- rest day. Physical therapy.
  • Tuesday- 6.5 tempo in/out miles. 1 mile endurance, 800m tempo, 1 mile @ MGP, 800m tempo, 1 mile @ MGP, 800m tempo, 2 miles @ MGP.Strength training.
  • Wednesday- rest day. Strength training. Restorative yoga.
  • Thursday- 4.56 tabata miles. 5 min w/u, 30 min tabata (30 sec 800 @ MGP, 30 sec @ endurance pace). Physical therapy/dry needling
  • Friday- rest day

Total Miles for the Week: 11.06 (not including rest of weekend)

Total Miles for March: 152.77

March was a rebuild month. I don’t know why it took me so long to remember that dry needling was my savior in ATL and why I didn’t think to try it sooner is beyond me. But, I’m so glad I did. I went to PT twice a week- one day to stretch and do my strength work and the other to get dry needled (and do strength work). Apparently my glutes were not firing properly (nor were my quads the first week) and my hamstrings were doing WAY too much work. Luckily, they are back on track and firing again.

In addition, my massage therapist might be the nicest human in the world and demanded that I come to her house post every run so she can stretch me out and make it to the start (and finish) line of Boston in one healthy piece. Luckily, she’s less than a mile from my house and has super flexible hours (6:30 am stretching sessions, FTW). I have seen her after almost every run since March.

I have also added in 10-15 minute glute activation warm up before each and every run. I WILL NOT skip this. I’ve struggled with weak glute issues for years and I won’t let the laziness happen again in any training cycle. Maintenance is key!!IMG_8641All in all, March reminded me to not give up, and that this marathon is not lost! I made it through all of my long runs in one, big, happy, healthy piece.





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