Boston Marathon Training- February

Where the wheels fell off. Read about January, here.

Week Febuary 1st

  • Wednesday- 45 min plyometrics (hotel)
  • Thursday- 6 endurance miles @ 8:19 avg pace
  • Friday- rest day/travel day home (11:30pm bedtime)
  • Saturday-9.36 miles Pensacola Double Bridge Run 15K.
  • Sunday- 5.14 miles. Cut short from 8 miles due to call about grandmother.HOET3262

This was the beginning of the issues. I was sick on Saturday and slept for 12 hours that night. I ran around lunch time on Sunday and was groggy. I felt my hamstring a mile or so into the run and figured I just stepped wrong.

TOTAL FOR THE WEEK: 20.5 (10 miles on Tuesday not included)

Week of February 6th

  • Monday-3.22 recovery miles @ 9:19 avg.
  • Tuesday- rest day
  • Wednesday- 4.5 miles w/30 min tabata (30 sec 800 pace, 30 sec endurance pace) 7:47 avg pace
  • Thursday- rest day/workout with Brett
  • Friday- 1.34 miles. Cut short. Walked home in tears and called Coach.
  • Saturday- unplanned hour on elliptical.
  • Sunday- unplanned rest day.

I saw my chiro this week and at this point we just figured it was tight and would loosen up with massage and rolling and better stretching.


Week of February 13th

  • Monday- unplanned 45 min elliptical. Strength with Brett.
  • Tuesday-rest day
  • Wednesday- 3 mile walk
  • Thursday- 30 mins elliptical
  • Friday- 3.1 miles test run @ 8:32 avg pace. Strength with Brett.
  • Saturday- 4.09 miles @ 8:24 avg pace
  • Sunday- rest day

I rested most of the week and attempted to run at the end of it. I could tell it wasn’t better. Continued appointments with chiro.


Week of February 20th

  • Monday- rest day
  • Tuesday- 7 miles @ 65% weight on AlterG. Strength with Brett.
  • Wednesday- 8 miles @ 65% on AlterG
  • Thursday- rest day
  • Friday- rest day/strength with Brett/massage
  • Saturday- 11.1 miles @ 8:27 avg pace
  • Sunday- rest dayIMG_8434

I saw my chiro almost daily to work on the knot and pain in my hamstring and ran on the alterG to not lose any fitness. I saw a different massage guy who said all of this was caused by a spider bite. Now, I don’t really think that was true (even though there was a spot on my knee for 2-3 weeks that looked like one or so he said).


Week of February 27th

  • Monday- 3.53 miles skill run @ 8:30 avg pace with 8×30 second pickups. Felt SLUGGISH. Strength with Brett.
  • Tuesday- Rest day. Fat Tuesday!

Total Miles for February: 66.28

All in all, it was a pretty horrible month. I was FREAKING out about Boston and hated losing fitness and control over my training. I tried my best to be positive, and did what I could to stay active. I found JasYoga so I could do yoga at home and on the road and stretched A TON.

I was glad to have the AlterG as an option for fitness and towards the end of the month started to feel better.

How do you handle injury? Have you tried an AlterG? 


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