Boston Marathon Training- April and Marathon GOALS!

April was the beginning of the taper, which kinda stinks because I was finally getting some speed back (with a little speed type work in my plan) and feeling like my old self. I wish I would’ve had a few more weeks, but perhaps this training cycle will lead to fresh legs on Marathon Monday. Read all about January, February and March.

Week of April 1

  • Saturday- 13.1 MGP miles @ 7:51 avg pace around the ATL
  • Sunday- 4 endurance miles @ 8:17 avg pace

TOTAL MILES FOR THE WEEK- 17.1 (not including beginning of week/March)

Week of April 3rd

  • Monday- rest day/physical therapy
  • Tuesday- 7.5 miles. 2 x 5K repeats (7:09, 7:05, 7:03 and 7:18, 7:13, 7:11)
  • Wednesday- rest day/strength with Brett
  • Thursday- 3.88 tabata miles. 10 min w/u, 20 mins of 30 secs 800 pace, 30 secs MGP
  • Friday- rest/yoga/physical therapy/dry needling
  • Saturday- 7 MGP miles @ 7:48 avg pace
  • Sunday- 4 endurance miles @ 8:17 avg paceIMG_8852


Week of April 9th

  • Monday-rest day/travel to St.Louis
  • Tuesday- 3.1 @ 10K pace. Treadmill- not great. SUPER hot in hotel gym.
  • Wednesday- 4 endurance miles @ 8:14 avg pace. restorative yoga
  • Thursday- 4 endurance miles @ 8:09 avg pace/PT/dry needling
  • Friday- rest day- TRAVEL TO BOSTON!!

I will have another rest day Saturday and a 20 min shakeout on Sunday.

As far as my goals and the marathon…

This is NOT how I would’ve dreamed this Boston training would go. If you would’ve asked me after First Light ½ marathon in January, I would’ve told you it was going to be the perfect cycle and that I was stronger than ever.

But things don’t always go according to plan. My hamstring/weak glute issue left me with almost of month of missed key workouts (with speed work and long runs). I’m thrilled with how I finished out, though. I would not have dreamed that I would be able to do a little speed work at the end of this cycle. Corey and Molly had assured me that the speed would come back after a few weeks that I just had to get the rust off and they were right. While I know I’m not quite where I was, I’m still in pretty good shape.

My chiro says this is the loosest I’ve felt in months and thinks I’ve found my trifecta. It took a while, but I think he’s right. I have found someone for dry needling, a chiro and massage therapist to all keep in rotation. I had this in Atlanta and felt it was key and I was healthy.

Add in strength training two days a week, yoga (either at home with Jasyoga or at a class), foam rolling , glute activation work, stretching, epsom salt baths, and sleep and you’ve got a healthy runner.

Where does that leave me for Boston? I’m not sure. I’m either not quite back to normal, or I’ve just gotten back to healthy and refreshed and not overtrained. I’m still hopeful and excited but my goals have shifted a bit. While I would LOVE to PR, I am just so thrilled to actually be able to make it to the start line in one piece that I will be okay if a PR doesn’t happen. I know I’m 100% capable of a PR (that I’ve been chasing for a year now) but I’m not naïve in knowing that Boston is a hard course and that it will be a hard day. As of right now, it’s looking to be sunny and warmer than I would like, and I will adjust my day even more if it stays that way.IMG_8756I have a fun weekend planned with Molly, Matt, Jessica and Rich. We will hit up the expo today, Rich will run the 5K on Saturday and we will all drive the course, do a little shopping and hit up the Red Sox game after he runs. Sunday will be a shakeout, church, and chilling the rest of the day.

My bib # is 15308 and i’m in corral 2, wave 8 if you want to track me (10:25am corral start).

I went into last year really wanting a big race and I think I go into this year a little wiser and more seasoned. I want to cross that finish line happy and in one piece. No matter the time on clock. If it’s anything faster than a 3:28:55 I will be over the moon. If it’s not, I will still be thrilled. Why? Because it’s Boston. And there is nothing like it.




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