Pensacola Double Bridge Run 15K Race Recap

I signed up for this race a while ago and made sure it was okay with Coach to do a 15K in the middle of my training cycle. Becca and Kerri were doing the race so we planned to head to the race together. Pensacola is about an hour from Mobile, so (typically) an easy trip.

What I didn’t have planned when I signed up was my work schedule for the week before. I found out after signing up that due to my national sales meeting, I wouldn’t get home until 10pm. Sigh.


I had a CRAZY long, fun, exhausting, exciting week in Arizona for work. I landed at 10 and was home and in bed around 11. I had to wake up at 3:30 to meet Kerri and Becca to head to the race. What I didn’t realize was this race was a point to point and we had to get on shuttle that only ran from 5:00-6:00am. Of all the days to need sleep, this was one of them. To add to the lack of sleep, my throat was sore and I didn’t feel good. For some reason, I forced myself awake to meet them to do this race. Becca had picked up my packet for me and they drove so I could sleep (and eat) in the car.

Once we parked, used the bathroom and got on the bus I realized I didn’t pack appropriately. It was much cooler than I thought it was going to be! I was too tired the night before and other than an old mylar blanket, I forgot throw away clothes (and my headphones).

We had to wait outside for 20-30 minutes before the start and it was pretty miserable. I didn’t really warm my body up like I should have, mainly because I was so tired and cold.IMG_8281Race

We all lined up in the first corral and all planned to run our own race. From the beginning I was off. I never warmed up, never felt great and was more or less just going through the motions.

The first bridge was around mile 3. I’ve driven this bridge for work numerous times but running it is quite different! It’s much longer- about 3 miles and nothing but concrete. I had warmed up a bit and got rid of my gloves, but the wind on the bridge was tough to run against. I was passed by several guys and just never seemed to hit the next gear in my body to hammer any harder.HOET3262We hit Gulf Breeze around mile 6, and there were lot of cheers, especially from those running the 5k. This part of the course was a little bit of  change through town and and went by quickly. The hardest part was the ramp up to the last bridge because it was a quick elevation change and the road was at an angle. I was passed by several females, and honestly, I didn’t care that much. I was giving it all I had. The second bridge was the last mile and it was a TOUGH one. I couldn’t wait to get to that finish line and it was further than I had hoped! I did what I could for the last half mile or so but couldn’t catch anyone. CTM_2836 (1025x1540) FK__3406 (1540x1027)Race ResultsScreen Shot 2017-02-19 at 3.59.01 PMAt least it was a negative split?? I fully expected it to be faster, but obviously my body had a different idea.

Garmin ResultsIMG_8416 IMG_8417 IMG_8419 IMG_8418

Post Race

We hung out for a bit because the after party was awesome but we were cold and hungry and ready to head back home. After a stop at Starbucks and an hour drive back to Mobile, I was back at the house on the couch for the rest of the day.IMG_8284 IMG_8289Bling

The medal and swag were awesome for a 15k! Shirt at packet pickup and your choice of a trucker hat or visor at the finish (along with the medal).IMG_8570 FullSizeRender

This was a great race-well organized, great post race party, and well supported. I felt awful based on the fact that I was getting sick and didn’t get enough sleep, but had I felt better, I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed it more. The long parts of concrete are hard on your body, and that’s the one thing to keep in mind a few days post race. I will definitely do this race again.

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