42 down…9 to Go!

As I’ve gotten older (and perhaps busier), I don’t seem to care as much about annual goals or resolutions. I always want to continue to grow in my professional life, personal life, spiritual life and physical life.

2016 was BIG. I took a new job quickly and unexpectedly moved us to Alabama in February. Through out the chaos, I managed to run 2 marathons, 6 half marathons, 2 5ks, 2 BQs, 8 new states, one PR in the 5k and several AG awards. All in all, it was a great year of running. I had hoped for a marathon PR but it wasn’t in the cards. I managed to maintain a yoga practice and gained strength with a new personal trainer. It was a good year.

I do hope that 2017 slows down a little with less going on at home, but I hope that it is still full of travel and adventure on the running side of things! I am running the First Light 1/2 marathon this weekend here in Mobile and a 15K in February in Pensacola. I will run Boston again in April and I am working hard already on a PR. After Boston, the marathon will have to wait for me for a few years. I do plan on doing as many half marathons and states as I can this year.

It’s hard to believe I only have 9 states left. 9. THAT is nuts to me. Here is what I have left and what I would like to run.mapjan2017

Colorado Rocky Mountain 1/2 Marathon AUGUST 12th

Connecticut Hartford 1/2 Marathon OCTOBER 14th

Minnesota Grandma’s 1/2 Marathon JUNE 17th


flexible- a new race on March 4th- Liberty 1/2 Liberty/Kansas City
June 4th- Hospital 1/2 Kansas City
roots and blues bbq 1/2 Columbia October 1st
RNR St Louis Oct 16th

Montana Missoula 1/2 Marathon Sunday JULY 9th

New Hampshire Seacoast 1/2 Marathon NOVEMBER 12th

New Mexico Sante Fe Thunder 1/2 Maratho  SEPT 18th or Chips and Salsa 1/2 Marathon Sept 10th

North Dakota Fargo 1/2 Marathon Saturday MAY 20th

South Dakota Run Crazy Horse 1/2 Marathon Sunday OCTOBER 8th

I am 99% sure I am going to do the inaugural Liberty 1/2 marathon in Missouri in March for several reasons. I’ve been to Missouri several times, just not to run so I’m okay running “any old race” and it fits in with my marathon schedule and it’s relatively inexpensive.

I also plan on running Fargo in May, Grandmas in June, Missoula in July, and Rocky Mountain in August.It would be AMAZING to finish my 50 states this year, but I can’t commit to anything in the fall just yet. I would love to run a few more in the fall and finish, but I will play that by ear and see.

If you are going to any of these races, please let me know!! I will be at one or two alone and will have Rich with me in Montana and Colorado.

My plans for 2017? Have fun. Travel. See more states. Keep up with my personal training and find more yoga. Run a lot and enjoy it. Hopefully PR in the marathon.

What are your goals/plans/resolutions? Do you have them written out or not worry about it? Want to join me at any of the races above? 


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  • I am very serious about potentially picking Seacoast as my goal race so I can do one of your last states with you! I’m going to try to make a decision within the next few weeks and I’ll keep you posted. Can’t believe you only have nine states yet! Hoping I can come to your final race too! Love you and happy 2017!

  • I love your goal of finishing 50 states! I will be running Grandma’s half this year! I’ve run it before, and it’s one of my favorites!! Happy running!

  • Hospital Hill in KC was my first half so it holds a special place in my heart … it was fun and the most difficult thing I had ever done! I am thinking of doing the Rocky Mountain half in August, too. Enjoy your races this year.

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