A Trip around the Tree-2016 style

Ah, the joys of the holidays. It’s a season of hustle and bustle and for me, a push for year end goals with work. We’ve loved our first Christmas season in Mobile so far and filling up our space with all things holiday.

We had a slight disaster the day we got our tree and had to take it back once we got home and realized that the trunk had split down the middle when they cut they bottom off. We went to a local tree lot and found the perfect tree and began my FAVORITE part of the holidays. Decorating the tree.

As much as my house is “put together” I very much believe in a fun tree. You won’t find a tree with matching ornaments of the same color, I love a tree that tells a story. Ours does just that.img_7937Every racecation a side goal from my race is to find the perfect ornament for my tree. This year, I added 8 new ornaments to our collection.

Sedona (AZ)img_7697

Jes and I got the last 2 of these at a Christmas shop. It really does look like the race with the amazing scenery.

Boston (MA)img_7696

Surprisingly hard to find- but found this at a jewelry store in Boston. I plan on getting another one next year.

Couer d’Alene (ID)img_7699

This was such a fun trip with our friends and I loved our long weekend in Couer D’Alene.

Hatfield & McCoy (WV)

This one is on it’s way to me. The Chamber of Commerce makes an ornament each year and they hadn’t made 2016, so I called and ordered one last week.

Another race I will never forget. My first race win with two of my favorite people by my side who graciously took 2nd and 3rd and let me win.

Jackson Hole (WY)img_6455

Our anniversary trip and probably Rich’s favorite of the year. The skyline of the Tetons!

Portland (OR)img_7694

My least favorite race of the year. And least favorite city/trip. Thank goodness for friends and family in the PNW to make up for the parts of the trip I didn’t love.

Marine Corp (DC)img_7700

It looks like a Radko (my favorite) and has all of the highlights of D.C.

Route 66 (OK)img_7695

Last trip of the year with an ornament with the race and state theme!

Finally, another Marathon Santa from Christopher Radko. My mom got me one several years ago and they released an updated version this year that I had to add. img_7544I spend hours carefully placing each ornament, focusing my newest ones on the front of the tree so I can admire them the entire month of December. It’s fun to go back with each ornament to some of my older races and think of things I may have forgotten and why a specific ornament meant so much and what all happened on that particular vacation.

2016 was a pretty amazing year with a lot of unforgettable destinations. I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings. Have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones!

Do you have any holiday traditions? Do you collect anything when you travel? Did you take a memorable trip this year?

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  • Our new travel ornament this year is a ceramic dragon from China – super hard to find, and it’s actually supposed to be a rear-view ornament. They’re not really into Christmas over there!

  • I love this so much! It really also reminds you of just how many races and awesome places you went to this year. And I love our Sedona ornament! Your tree is beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and Rich! xoxoxo

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