Racing to the Alter and Crossing the Finish Line

After Rich and I were engaged, I knew that running would be a part of our wedding detials, it was the start of how we met and so much of who we are. I did some research, but didn’t find a ton out there that was really my style, but I knew in my head what I wanted. I didn’t want it to be super cheesy- I wanted tasteful with a touch of fun. My planner, Mindy, and my family were patient with me. Once I have an idea in my head, I can’t let it go until I try it. Needless to say, my pinterest board (that I kept private) and all those ideas in my head came to life perfectly on September 12th.

I figured I would share some of the things with you so you can get a glimpse into our day.

The Desserts:

His cake was a chocolate and peanut butter cake from Flour Girls Bakery. I kept it simply with just the swim-bike-run symbols on top.IMG_2253Our cake was a two tiered wedding cake flavored cake from Flour Girls Bakery with a petal frosting design. The focus was on our custom cake topper. Yes, the girl who designs these asked for pics of everything- dress, hair, shoes, wedding colors, etc. I had no idea the detail would be so amazing. This is obviously something we will keep for years to come!IMG_2450_2 12011352_1096556023688738_1612856503726823600_n IMG_2417The cookies were from ellenJAY, one of my favorite bakeries in Mobile. I’m obsessed with their cookie design. We decided to do his and her running shoes along with race bibs with our last name and wedding date all in our wedding colors.IMG_2449_2


I knew I didn’t want a formal invitation. We had a small, family ceremony and then a big party that night that everyone was invited to, and it didn’t make sense to do formal (and it’s really not us). Soiree Signatures nailed it. Lindsey made exactly what I wanted, a logo made out of shoe strings. We used the logo on our invitation, napkins, gift boxes, thank you notes (and embosser) and our favor cups (which are gold and white but didn’t photograph that way). IMG_2447IMG_2467IMG_2468picstitch-1Get to know us details:

I had several napkins made- trivia, our logo and my favorite wedding quote. The trivia had several running themed questions. 12003890_10207507544708980_5424320056293166075_nI also decorated the mantle with our story/timeline. It looked more like a bulletin board using race pics, medals, and bibs including custom bibs with each important date that was highlighted (these pics were taken during setup). IMG_3254 IMG_3253

There were several other details that were “us” but not running themed. We had King of Pops, food trucks, lebanese food, a beer/keg wall, a photo “booth”, a DJ, a surprise Whip and Nae Nae in our first dance, and my must- no white table clothes!

So while the things that decorated the day were important to me, marrying the one I love and having my friends and family there were the highlight. It meant the world to me that some of my dearest (running) friends made the trip to Alabama! 11051788_1096556033688737_3629226750067629827_n IMG_2452It’s a day I will never forget and wish I could do over and over again! To sum it up, my favorite wedding related quote (and napkin):


If you are married, was there an underlying theme/design to your wedding? What’s your favorite part of a wedding (cake, dancing, booze, food)? If you could go back to your day is there anything you would change? If you aren’t married, is there something you know you want on your day?

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