Old Port 1/2 Marathon Race Recap

State #30
Half Marathon #39

I had a great time with Kim, Sonya, and Zenaida in Portland leading up to the race. You can read more about the trip here.


We all got up and did our own pre-race rituals with our breakfast of choice. I was in the first wave and wanted to do a mile warm up so I left a bit before everyone else to get that in. We were only a mile or so away from the start so it was perfect. I actually ended up running into a friend of mine from Atlanta doing the race, too. Such a small world.IMG_1784I didn’t really have a real goal for this race, but Coach had suggested a 1:40 so in my head, that’s what I was shooting for.

Miles 1-8

The first two miles weren’t too bad- not too crowded and pretty flat. But soon, we hit the hills. And it seemed like hill after hill through a winding neighborhood. It was more effort than I had anticipated using up so early in the race and it was pretty hot out, too. The course looped back and went back towards and past the finish area and out on the other side of town.race_886_photo_21901362

I think I knew by mile 6 or so that this wasn’t going to be anywhere near what Coach had suggested and I just decided to pull back and make it a training run and tried to enjoy the race (based on above picture-not exactly enjoying). There was absolutely no need in being any more miserable when it wasn’t a goal race. The scenery was really pretty and the course ran all along the water.IMG_1787I should’ve loved the view and the fact that the course was nice and flat. Unfortunately, I was just so hot and couldn’t cool off and mentally couldn’t get there.

Miles 9-13.1

We ran around a small lake on a gravel trail for what seemed like forever (it was only 2 miles or so). A lake that seemed small, ended up feeling like it never ended and it was in full on sun. NO SHADE. Hot.IMG_1786I had my Nuun with me in my handheld and would grab water for my head and some to drink at every station. By the time we hit the paved path again (after 4-5 miles of miserable gravel trail with bad footing) I was just ready to be done. I so wanted to enjoy the cheer zones and the view but I also wanted to finish.

The last 2 miles I had a guy next to me most of the time- I would get ahead, then he would go ahead. Usually this annoys me, but I needed a push. He was great at the finish and kicked it into gear and encouraged me to speed it up with him. Thanks, friendly runner guy.race_886_photo_21903967 race_886_photo_21890478 race_886_photo_21908107
Yes, I’m obviously THRILLED to be done.
Race Results



Garmin ResultsScreen shot 2015-08-25 at 10.12.32 PM Screen shot 2015-08-25 at 10.11.58 PM Screen shot 2015-08-25 at 10.11.17 PM

Post Race:

I grabbed all the water and made my way to the finisher party where the Shipyard beer was, grabbed a slice of gluten free pizza and headed back to the finish line to watch for Kim, Sonya and Zenaida. I didn’t feel well and ended up in the port-o-potties before they finished. I met up with Kim and Sonya and still didn’t feel okay so I headed back towards to house to try and get some food, cool off, and grab a shower.IMG_1792 IMG_1791 IMG_1794

We all got ready, grabbed brunch, did some shopping that afternoon and enjoyed Portland.



  • FREE pictures
  • Saturday race
  • Inexpensive race and optional shirt ($40 and $10 for the shirt)
  • Post race food (GREAT, local beer, local pizza including gluten free, fruit, juices, and more)

-Not So Much:

  • full on sun/gravel course


I like this medal. It really ties in all of Portland- even if you can’t see it in the picture. There is little detail of people in the town, a lobster, and the lanyard is decorated the same. I love that they gave you the option for a shirt (I got one for my future 50 states quilt). IMG_2157 IMG_2158

Final Thoughts: 

I would highly recommend this race for anyone racing the states, anyone wanting to make a trip to the North East for a destination race, or anyone nearby that can easily make the trip in to Portland. Maine was a state that was hard to choose- it seems like they have a ton of good races. I’m very happy that I chose the Old Port 1/2 marathon- and going with friends makes it even more fun. I’ve also learned that all summer races should be for fun- even though I live one of the most humid/hot areas of the country- I don’t love summer racing.

Have you been to Portland? Do the sponsors of a race influence your decision to do them (i.e. Shipyard Brewing)?  What’s the cheapest half marathon you’ve done? 

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  • I’m so excited to read that you’re making a race shirt quilt! I did that with my first year of running shirts and just love it. Yours will be even cooler with your 50 states.

    I did one of that racing groups races in Maine this May (Maine Coast Half), and they do a great job. I got luckier than you with the weather, though.

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