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I had no access to my pictures for the past week until the lovely peeps at the Apple Store fixed my Mac on Sunday. So, back to blogging and catching up. Goodness, let’s go a month back…

Week of July 6th


  • PLAN- 40 mins agility drills
  • ACTUAL- 3.55 miles. 30 mins running, 10 mins drills

I don’t think I’ve done this workout before- and it was nice to focus on the drills. A little change up is always good. I enjoyed the graffiti during the drills. IMG_1725_2Tuesday:

  • PLAN- 30 min skill run. 8×30 second pickups.
  • ACTUAL- 3.66 miles @ 8:18 avg pace

The focus was quick, high turnover and my 30 second pickups ranged from 6:15-7:00 (most right around 6:30ish pace).


  • PLAN- Peak Run 5K at 10K pace
  • ACTUAL- 3.1 @ 6:58 avg pace


  • PLAN- rest day 
  • ACTUAL- rest day/to Maine!

We stopped in Portsmouth for dinner before making it to our Airbnb. It was cheap, but it wasn’t as good as it seemed in the pictures (you just never know, but since we weren’t there to hang in the place we didn’t care).


  • PLAN-20 min shakeout run
  • ACTUAL- 2.2 miles @ 9:05 avg pace

I woke up early and did this before everyone else was up. It was nice to explore a bit in the day light and I quickly realized how hilly it was around our place.

That day was full of touristy things. We had breakfast at an amazing cafe, Portland Pottery Cafe, followed by a little shopping in the Old Port area. We went on a lobster tour with Lucky Catch where we learned all about lobster, how to catch them, and then we ate them. 🙂 IMG_1012 IMG_1022 IMG_1016

We got the lobster from the boat and took it to the restaurant, Portland Lobster Company. It was delicious!!!IMG_1782 IMG_1781That night we grabbed Whole Foods (to keep it simple on the stomach).


  • PLAN- Old Port 1/2 Marathon
  • ACTUAL- 1 mile warmup, 13.1 @ 7:57 avg pace (1:44:21)

This wasn’t a goal race, but it definitely didn’t go as planned. It was HOT. My finish line pic kinda says it all. Recap to come soon.race_886_photo_21908107Post race was definitely more fun. We went to brunch at Bayside American Cafe and I had a lobster omelet (that was amazing). We walked to the Old Port area to do a little shopping again and then had donuts at the Holy Donut. Probably the best donuts I’ve had in a while- and they were made from potatoes! We got 6 and split them into 1/4s to all try them.IMG_1800 IMG_1802That afternoon, we dropped Zenaida off and then hit up a few breweries. We had dinner at … and called it a night pretty early.


  • PLAN- rest day 
  • ACTUAL- rest day/travel day 

We hit the road fairly early so that we could make a stop or two on the way to Boston. We stopped at the Portland Light House, the oldest light house in Portland. We drove to Ogunquit and had lunch and then stopped at the Lululemon outlet in Kittery (very much worth it).IMG_1815 IMG_1817After a delayed flight, I finally made it home.

Total Miles for the Week: 26.61 miles 

Week of July 13th


  • PLAN- 30 min circuit strength training
  • ACTUAL- flybarre

Seriously LOVE this class.


  • PLAN-15 min warmup,  4×400 (1:35-1:37) w/200 easy, 4×200 (:44-:45) w/100 easy, 10 min cool down 
  • ACTUAL- 5.30 miles @ 8:07 avg pace

It’s always funny when I don’t feel like doing something, it seems to go well. 1:42, 1:34, 1:35, 1:34, :45, :43, :44 :45. I nailed it.


  • PLAN- 30 min circuit training 
  • ACTUAL- Pink Barre Class

I will NOT be taking this one again. Tried it with class pass and couldn’t stop looking at my watch. Just too slow for my taste. I need something more upbeat at 6am. Headed to Birmingham for work.IMG_1833Thursday:

  • PLAN- 3×2400 @ 6:56 pace, 800M easy between, 1 mile @ 6:40.
  • ACTUAL- 7 miles @ 7:48 avg pace on treadmill

I woke up early to get this one done only to realize I left my sports bras in Atlanta. So, for the second time in my travel/running/working life I had to buy another sports bra. I managed to grab one and then squeeze this in before working a night event for work. Literally had JUST enough time. Glad it all worked out- it was a TOUGH workout but I felt so accomplished when I finished.IMG_1843Friday-

  • PLAN- 6 mile endurance run, 30 min circuit strength training
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles @ 8:30 avg pace, 30 min strength training

I stayed in a different hotel than I usually do (to take advantage of a points/bonus program) and tried a new route. The hotel was connected to a Westin, so I walked over to get a Run Westin card. It was quite terrible-I had to stop and ask for directions and it just looped a park. Can’t say it was the safest or most exciting place to run in Birmingham, but I got it done.IMG_1855I finished up with a weights workout at the hotel gym, finished my work in Birmingham, and headed back to Atlanta.


  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- 7.37 miles @ 8:08 avg pace 

I changed my workouts on Saturday and Sunday so I can enjoy family time and the I DO BBQ that was thrown in our honor Saturday night.

The run itself was good-nice and hot! We spent the rest of the morning with our families at brunch, shopping a bit, and then the party. We are incredibly lucky to be surrounded by lots of love and amazing friends. IMG_1862 IMG_1865Sunday-

  • PLAN- Progressive Z2/Z3/Z4 30 mins Z2, 15 min Z3, 10 min Z2
  • ACTUAL- rest day 

I was wiped. I think I took 2 naps!?!

Total Miles for the Week: 25.67

A great two weeks- A trip with running friends, a work trip, and then family and friends celebrating our upcoming wedding. I’m still loving the workouts Coach is giving me and have really enjoyed more Classpass time since my running schedule isn’t marathon focused right now.

Have you been to Maine? Barre classes- yay or nay? Have you been to fun, themed showers? 

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