A Runlorette and a Bachelorette Party

Week of July 20th


  • PLAN- 30 min circuit training 
  • ACTUAL- TRX class


  • PLAN- 20 min Zone 2, 8x400m (1:35-1:37) w/200m recovery, 10 min cooldown 
  • ACTUAL- 6.53 miles @8:14 avg pace

1:37, 1:44, 1:37, 1:36, 1:38, 1:39, 2:00, 1:48. Obviously fell apart at the end. Just didn’t have it all in me with the heat.


  • PLAN- Circuit strength training 
  • ACTUAL- Flybarre IMG_1886Thursday:
  • PLAN- 15 min warmup Zone 2, 10x30sec up steep hill w/1:30 rest back down, 10 min easy run cooldown 
  • ACTUAL- 4.42 miles @10:11 avg 

I actually enjoy hill repeats. Am I crazy??


  • PLAN- 6 mile endurance run
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles  @ 8:35 avg pace, yoga chill class

I picked up Corey and Molly from the airport for the runlorette weekend and waited on a few others to get in town before heading to our private yoga class that hurt oh so good! We had dinner at Superica and had an early night since we had to get up so early for the 5K.IMG_1915 IMG_1927 IMG_1921 IMG_1930Saturday:

  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- Back to School 5K, 3.10 in 23:10 (7:28 avg pace)

It’s really fun to win a race, even if your friends let you. 🙂 More on that to come soon…but it was a day I will never forget. We followed the race with brunch, shopping, and then dinner and a “running things” shower, not lingerie.IMG_1944 IMG_1940I received some of the most thoughtful and creative gifts- his/her road ids (even down to the black and white colors for bride and groom), custom coasters, medal engraving for our Maui half medals, custom his/her water bottles, rundies, and my favorite lulu shorts and shorts for chilling on the honeymoon.IMG_1953Sunday:

  • PLAN- Descending intervals 1:20
  • ACTUAL- 1:20 endurance pace. 9.15 miles @ 8:45 avg pac. 

Ditched the planned workout to run with Holly, Corey, Molly, and Jes. It was SO nice having a group to run with again- even in the heat! We followed our run with a trip to Revolution Donuts- they specialize in vegan donuts and they didn’t disappoint!!IMG_1957After grabbing a real breakfast/brunch, it was time to say goodbye.

Total Miles for the Week: 29.2 

Week of July 27th 


  • PLAN- 30 min circuit strength training
  • ACTUAL- Stellar Bodies class

Seriously obsessed with this class- even though I’m sore for a good 3 days after every time I take it.


  • PLAN- 5 min warmup, 800m @ 7:09, 1600m @ 7:30, 3200m @ 8:30, 1600m @ 7:30, 800m @ 7:09. no rest between. 
  • ACTUAL-5.55 miles @ 7:58 avg pace

Did this one on the treadmill. HARD but fun at the same time and then headed to Augusta that night for work.


  • PLAN- 45 min muscle imbalance strength 
  • ACTUAL- 45 min muscle imbalance strength 

I will say it again, the Sheraton probably has one of the best hotel gyms out there. Back to Atlanta after work to get my sister and then drive to Mobile. Yep, it was a REALLY long day.


  • PLAN- Hill sprints. 15 min Z2, 10×30 sec all out uphill sprints, 1:30 rest/walk back to start, 10 min easy Zone 1
  • ACTUAL-4.56 miles @ 9:52 avg pace

I was in Mobile, which isn’t the hilliest, but did what I could in the time that I had. Wasn’t that steep, but that’s okay.


  • PLAN- 30 min circuit strength training
  • ACTUAL- 15 min run Z2, repeat for 4 times: 1 mile Z4, 1 mile Z2. 9.78 miles @ 8:01 avg pace

I  moved Sunday’s workout to Friday. I had strict instructions that this bachelorette weekend was not for running. Unfortunately, even starting a run at 6am in Mobile is too late- I was SO HOT. It was a bit of a struggle to finish, but glad I got it done before heading to the beach. 8:33, 8:20, 8:17, 7:35, 8:38, 7:15, 8:39, 7:10, 8:31, 7:16, 8:17.

I headed to Gulf Shores with my dearest friends from high school for a “regular” bachelorette weekend. We had a great dinner followed by a trip to the Flora-bama which was nothing but entertaining.IMG_1987 IMG_1992 IMG_1991 IMG_1993


  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- rest day 

A nice rest day with laying out, lunch, and then a night in for a lingerie shower, dinner and Cards Against Humanity.IMG_1997 IMG_1999Sunday:

  • PLAN- 15 min run Z2, repeat for 4 times: 1 mile Z4, 1 mile Z2
  • ACTUAL- rest day 

A low key morning and then headed to North Alabama for the work week.

Total Miles for the Week: 19.89 miles 

It seems as though the miles just kept me busy between two pretty amazing weekends with two of my favorite groups of people. I’ve realized so much during this engagement period how lucky we are to have the friends that we do. I’m so thankful for my girlfriends and what all they did for me and for the time I had with everyone between all the crazy planning and work stuff.

It’s so hard to believe the wedding is less than a month away!!! It’s definitely taken up more of my free time than I ever expected, but I’m really excited. Hopefully I will get some free time back in September. 🙂

Have you ever been to a running themed bachelorette weekend? Have you ever won a race? If you have had a bachelorette party- was it wild or low key? 


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