Training, Wedding, and all the Class Pass

Gonna throw two weeks into one post to catch up. After the Vermont trip, I had about 24 hours at home before packing up and heading to Alabama for the week/weekend. I was working and doing wedding stuff- I literally had meetings before and after work and it was pretty exhausting. It was apparently so busy that I managed to only take two relevant pictures all week.

Week of June 8th 


  • PLAN- 45 minutes strength prep
  • ACTUAL- 45 minutes strength prep

3 sets of the following (set 1 20 reps, set 2 15 reps, set 3 10 reps): pushups, shoulder press with dumbells, standard squat with barbell, lat pull down, leg press, seated row, leg extension, hamstring curl, calf raises.


  • PLAN- 6 mile endurance run
  • ACTUAL- 6 mile endurance run 8:33 avg pace

I got up and ran early (6am-ish) before heading to work in Montgomery, AL (gained an hour with CST and was there by 10am) all and then drove 2.5 hours to Mobile (got in at 5pm). Needless to say, it was a LONG day.


  • PLAN- 15 min warmup, 4x200m Zone 5 pace, 200m easy between, 4 x 100 @ Zone 5 pace, 100m easy between, 10 min cool down 
  • ACTUAL- 5 miles @ 8:11 avg pace. 6:40, 6:34, 6:23, 6:21, 6:31. 6:52, 6:16, 6:42, 6:15, 6:44.

Me and Rich hit the park early to get our miles in. I obviously don’t read or follow directions closely and did 5 instead of 4 repeats but I really enjoyed this workout. It goes by so quickly. Interesting how my last 5 were so opposite each time in pace. I’m not very tech savvy but does that have something to do with the garmin or was I really that tired between each one?


  • PLAN- 45 min prep strength 
  • ACTUAL- Barre3 class

I didn’t have access to a gym but I did have a free class to Barre3 so that worked out perfectly for my strength work.


  • PLAN- 5 mile endurance, hilly run
  • ACTUAL- 5 miles @ 8:11 pace

Mobile is the opposite of hilly, and I had a breakfast training for work so this was a get up, get it done early and go kind of run. Rich rode along with me- my dad recently moved (after selling my childhood home) so this was a totally new route for me which was kinda fun.


  • PLAN- Core Strength 
  • ACTUAL- 8 miles easy, long run (8 miles at 8:20 avg pace)

I moved Sunday’s work to Saturday so I could run with my friend John. It was supposed to be slow and easy (9ish pace) but that wasn’t the case this go round- I chased John for a bit of it and ran faster than it said too and I wanted to die in the heat and humidity. First really tough heat run for me where I just felt like a slug.

That morning, my dearest friends hosted a beautiful wedding shower in my honor. I can’t wait to spend more time with them over the next few months. IMG_1580_2Sunday: 

  • PLAN- 8 miles easy, long run
  • ACTUAL- rest day

We went to church with Pops, enjoyed a few treats, and then headed up. After going non-stop for what felt like weeks, I crashed from exhaustion in the car. Rich drove and along the way I took 2 naps. Yes, 2 naps in 4.5 hours. I was obviously exhausted. IMG_1581_2

Total Miles for the Week: 24

Honestly, the workouts were just a check the box for me and a way to get out some tension. When I say I got a lot done, I got a lot done. In addition to the workouts, work, and family time, I finalized invitations, picked china, met with the caterer, had trial makeup done, met with the church, went by party/reception place to see space again, went by rental store and decided on linens, chairs, etc. Yep. All in 4 days. Now you know why I needed 2 naps.

The next week really was the week of getting back to Class Pass. I LOVED it.

Week of June 15th


  • PLAN- 45 minute prep strength
  • ACTUAL- TRX class

I love this class and I’m glad I can bring it back into the rotation! Drove out of town for work. AGAIN.


  • PLAN- 1200m warmup, 10×200 repeats at 200m pace, 1:00 rest between, 1 lap cooldown 
  • ACTUAL- 3.50 miles 10x 200 in 45 sec. (8:06 avg pace), yoga for athletes 

I was stuck in an unfamiliar city so I did this one on the treadmill. I must say, I love the gym at the Sheraton hotels- a great space and motivating. Starwood properties always have great gyms. I made it back to ATL that afternoon in time for Yoga for Athletes- another class I’ve missed in the past few weeks!IMG_1591Wednesday: 

  • PLAN- 6 mile endurance run
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles @8:35 avg pace, private pilates

I had my dress fitting, too!! Obvs no pictures to share, but I’m OBSESSED with it. That night, I had a private pilates session with Laura- another favorite that I haven’t taken since before the marathon.


  • PLAN- 45 min prep strength
  • ACTUAL- Core Fusion Class

This was my first time taking this class at Exhale and I loved another. Another great Class Pass option.


  • PLAN- 45 min force run. 15 min warm up, STEEP hill that take 1-2 minutes to climb 7-10 times with a jog to bottom after each. 
  • ACTUAL- 48 minutes, 5.61 miles, and 10 repeats; Exhale Yoga Chill 

I love when I later read the workout and realize it said 7-10. Well, I did 10 and realized that my hill may have been a bit too long and cut the climb a little shorter on the last 4 of them. The goal was to run in a controlled matter, and I felt good with this one. Because of work time constraints, I chose the hill that I have to climb at the end of almost all of my runs and felt strong. That afternoon, I made it to Yoga Chill at Exhale. Another one of my loves. IMG_1617Saturday:

  • PLAN- (core strength) 10 mile run. 9 endurance, 1 mile at one mile training pace (7:00-7:05). 
  • ACTUAL- 10 miles @ 8:22 avg pace. Last mile at 7:18

Rich joined me at the River bright and early to try and beat the heat. I actually felt pretty good on this run- but the last mile was tough. I’m not surprised with the heat and the workout the day before that it was hard. It was also on a dirt/trail path and I think it’s harder to gain footing on that (just my opinion). I was supposed to just do core work but I like my Sundays for chill days if I can so I switched them.


  • PLAN- (run in the above plan) core strength 
  • ACTUAL- Yoga/Pilates combo class (Roc n’ Restore)

The plan was for 20 minutes but when I saw this class on Class Pass it sounded perfect- core work with stretching from yoga. Honestly, it was probably the first class I really didn’t like from my Class Pass options. I kept staring at the clock waiting for it to be over.

Total Miles for the Week: 25.11 

I told yall I was a Class Pass junkie for the week. It was SO nice to be home (minus the 24 hours for work) and be able to do some of my favorite classes post marathon. I’m excited to keep up the cross training and hopefully try out a few more new studios.

All in all, 2 solid weeks. I somehow managed to get the workouts in- they truly are my sanity and happy place and I refuse to skip them if I can find a way to squeeze it in. Instead, the blog, blog reading, and social media (and apparently taking any pictures) went to the wayside.

What’s the first thing in your schedule to slip if you are really busy? Have you found a class that you love to take as part of your cross training? If you are married- did you have wedding showers? 

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  • Sounds like lots of fun wedding things! Planning a wedding really is so exhausting! I had two showers and one was a complete surprise – I was so shocked it took me a minute to get with it 🙂 The first thing to go when I’m busy is strengthening work or pre-hab stuff….I know I should cut miles and get that in, but it’s always the first to go for me. Yoga classes are my favorite!

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