Bayshore Marathon Week 25- RACE WEEK!

Time to back to track a little bit…but I wanted to make sure and share all the ends and outs of the trip to Traverse City and the final week before the marathon.


  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- rest day 


  • PLAN- 5K at 10K pace
  • ACTUAL- 5K @ 7:11 pace

I ran a bit to warmup and then hit this one pretty comfortably. That afternoon, I had a PT/dry needling session with Lamar. I’d had this one spot on my right side that was bothering me- not at all running-just when I bent it a certain way. He started to press on mucsles that we’ve never questioned- my right abs were one of those spots. Interestingly enough, most of my right side was more tight than my left. So, we needled A LOT of it. I’m not gonna lie, there were lots of F bombs, but it was worth it.IMG_1256_2Wednesday:

  • PLAN- 4 mile endurance run
  • ACTUAL- 4 miles @ 8:36 avg pace and sports massage

Rich rode next to me again and I felt SUPER light on my feet and had to pull back a lot. I got a sports massage that afternoon to finalize all race prep. I was still sore from the dry needling, but Will (massage therapist) helped work around those areas.

We packed that night, and Rich surprised me with a race day shirt. I cried out of exhaustion, happiness, and sadness. I was honestly full of so much emotion. It was so thoughtful, but I was sad to think I won’t use my last name for much longer.IMG_1267Thursday:

  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- rest day

Rich and I left bright and early and landed in Grand Rapids around 10:30 and drove to Traverse City (a little over 2 hours away) and made it in time for lunch. We ate at the Blue Heron 2, which I loved for it’s food sensitive friendly menu. We explored the downtown area, checked into the hotel, and had dinner with Molly, Matt, Holly and Batch at Poppycocks (another great menu). We were in bed by 9.


  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- rest day

No alarm but still up early thanks to my dumb body clock. We were lazy most of the morning but hit the grocery store and had lunch again at the Blue Heron 2 before checking into our AMAZING house that we rented on VRBO. It was much cheaper than a hotel and so nice to have a big house for everyone. IMG_1271_2 IMG_1272 IMG_1273_2 IMG_1274_2It was a nice lazy day full of foam rolling, stretching, and using Normatek legs that Corey brought. We all picked up our race bibs, had dinner, and called it another early night.


  • PLAN- Bayshore Marathon 26.2
  • ACTUAL- 26.2 in 3:28:55!!!!!

An AMAZING day that you can read about here.IMG_1298_2Sunday:

  • PLAN- rest
  • ACTUAL- rest and CELEBRATE!

I attempted to sleep in, but again, my body had none of that so I enjoyed a sunrise and lazy morning until we went to breakfast at …. The group then headed to a wine tasting, a beer tasting/brew pup, and then Moomer’s for our ice cream of choice (that was delicious). We all napped and went back out for a quick dinner at another brewpub that night. IMG_1319_2 IMG_1320_2 IMG_1321_2 IMG_1324_2 IMG_1326_2

Total Miles for the Week: 33.3  

Michigan (state 28) may end up being one of my favorite states for many reasons. I obviously loved the race but getting to spend the weekend with some of your favorite people makes it even better. Also, Traverse City was so clean and nice. I can’t say enough about it. There were TONS of breweries and wineries and the food options were plentiful, too. It really is such a great place to visit.

Have you been on a trip and the location totally surpassed your expectations? Do you prefer rentals or hotels when you travel? Have you been dry needled? Would you try it? 


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  • I just found your blog last week, so a very belated congrats on your engagement!
    My chiropractor dry needles every now and then, I let him, but it makes me so nervous my palms get extremely sweaty!

  • I noticed Rich’s shirt when I saw you afterward – it was so sweet 🙂 It looks like you made the best of your time up here – you definitely did it right by getting a rental and spending a long weekend here, I love the area. I’ve never done any dry needling and don’t even know anything about it. How did you get started with it and how often do you go?

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