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Yall. Seriously, I had to go back and look and the last time I did a Things I’m Lovin was SEPTEMBER. That is not okay. So let’s get to it, because obviously we have A LOT to catch up on.

1. Race Weekend!

I’m heading to Ohio to run the Flying Pig 1/2 Marathon. I originally had plans to run the Indi-Mini on Saturday and the Pig on Sunday but with Bayshore a few weeks out, I had to back out of Indiana. I’m SO excited because I get to spend the weekend with one of my favorite people, Molly! Goals are to follow coaches pace plan which seems to be to hang around a 7:40 pace and then drop pace each mile for the last 5 miles. Again, the focus in Bayshore, not this race.IMG_63482. Motigo

This might be my new favorite app for races. You can get cheers from your loved ones! I felt so deflated at NYCM when I missed Rich and my friends TWICE. There is something to be said about hearing/seeing your loved ones on the race course. And obviously, your family can’t make it to every race you do, so what other way to get them involved than to have them send you a cheer? You can pick what time you want to hear it and it will play over your music. Right now, the first cheer is free and after that it is 1.99 for one or 7.99 for 5. It seems very simple to use- sign up, pick your race, get people to cheer for you and start the app before the race. I’m using it this weekend and will keep yall posted. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna love it and you can bet I will be asking any and everyone to leave me cheers for Bayshore.

3. Honeymoon Planning

After we got engaged, the Honeymoon was big on our planning list. I suggested Hawaii as an option. I decided to sneak a peak at the Hawaii race calendar and realized the Maui 1/2 Marathon will be on the back end of our Honeymoon. Um, YES. It was kind of a no brainer for me. Most people might think we are crazy, but we chose Hawaii and are doing this race. I always said Hawaii would be state 50 but what better way to begin our new life together than THIS!?! It’s how we met, it’s what we love and it’s so very US. And I obviously purchased the perfect racing outfits to wear.IMG_0792_2 IMG_0992Thanks, Oiselle!

4. Wedding Planning

I’m not sure I would’ve said I loved planning any of it, but now that it’s done, I’m SO excited. I never thought I would be the bride to pour over Instagram, Style Me Pretty, Pinterest and bridal magazines but I guess I am that girl. I’ve limited updates on the blog because I’m not sure any one really cares about a play-by-play with this stuff but the day and the events around it are pretty much done except for the small details (sneak peek of party location belo. I’m incredibly type-A (you read my training and see I don’t skip a beat, so would you expect anything less with wedding planning?) and was done at the end of March. All the little details tell a lot about who were are individually and as a couple and I can’t wait to share that with our loved ones.IMG_0551 IMG_05535. Yoga

If you read my training updates, you know yoga has become a staple. Thanks to Jenny, I found Runners Love Yoga on Instagram and then their website. There are a ton of hip opener sequences and stretches that are great. My goal is to do them every single day from now until the marathon. Another great set of videos I found were on the Runner’s World website. There are several different types of videos and these have more instructions than the Yoga for Runners. I still struggle with stretching enough and both of these will help.

5. Articles I’ve been reading:

With the marathon on my mind and my stomach staying calm but carbed enough, this article was helpful. I also loved this one from Training Peaks on the difference between racing and training nutrition.

Since I’m in the skin care industry, I read a lot about things you need/don’t need to be doing. Most dermatologists will tell you your 3 musts for anti-aging and great skin are sunscreen, retinol, antioxidant (Vitamin C).  This article had me very happy– zinc is the first thing on the list. AND, that’s what I sell.

6. Skimm’bassador

I was actually surprised when I got the email to be a Skimm’bassador. The Skimm has my go-to for quickly getting the news in the morning and I read it I don’t sit at a computer during the day and I don’t really have time to watch the news in the morning so this is perfect for me. You should definitely check it out.

7. Road Runner Sports

I’ve had a lot of fun over the past month or so getting to know the peeps at Road Runner Sports and even learned a thing or two about inserts, running shoes and sports bras! I look forward to lots of adventure runs at the local store in my future. They were kind enough to share the love with yall, and are giving away a $50 gift card! (Contest ends NEXT FRIDAY MAY 8TH at MIDNIGHT).IMG_0966Ways to enter: Subscribe/Follow the blog, Like the Running for Bling FB page, Follow me in Instagram, Follow me on Twitter, and leave me a comment below.

And, just in case you don’t win, they are still offering a discount!  Save 10% on your next purchase at your local Road Runner Sports Store + an additional 10% when you join their VIP Family! Show this post to save. Your gift may not be applied to previous purchases or combined with other offers. Select Nike styles and other exclusions apply. In-Store offer code: 7150900089.

Don’t live near a store? Shop online with offer code CX15T338.

8. Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Yall know I’m all about wearing sunscreen, ALL THE TIME. True story-the sun is out Even when it looks cloudy. I did my part and had my skin exam this past week- all clean! No sketchy spots to biopsy. I can’t urge you enough to please make an appointment with a dermatologist for a check. You just never know- no matter how dark or light your skin is, how much you tan, how much time you are inside, etc. I also encourage you to look at your sunscreens- you want to find ZINC (like I said above) in whatever you use. It’s the only ingredient that gives you full UVA/UVB protection.

My company is also hosting a giveaway this month, free sunscreen every day for the month of May and a grand prize of a $1,000 travel voucher. Who doesn’t want to take a racecation!?! You can enter to win every day and the winners are announced in early June.

9. Staple Training Foods/Drinks

It’s like Christmas in my bar/hydration world! The new Picky Bar flavor is here for Picky Club members. I had to up our order to 24 bars a month and I did 9 of those in the new Ah, Fudge Nuts flavor that I’m OBSESSED with.

Nuun just brought Watermelon back so I had to stock up, AND they are letting you mix and match to create your own 4-pack, AND they’ve launched a new carb filled tab, Plus for Nuun, to add to your regular hydration to improve performance. I’ve tried using CarboPro (Rich’s stuff) but it somehow doesn’t settle well with my stomach and I’m SO excited to try the Plus for Nuun. I will learn more about it and get mine next week and can’t wait to fill yall in. Screen shot 2015-05-01 at 10.30.08 AM10. IT’S MARATHON MONTH.


That’s a whole lot of catching up. Hopefully you learned something new!

Answer any of my questions below for an entry to the giveaway and let me know in a separate comment for each of the above ways to earn extra entries.

Do you get an annual skin check? Wear sunscreen everyday? Have you done the Flying Pig race? Do you read the Skimm? Have you heard about Motigo? Is it something you would try on your next race? Tell me something exciting about your month of May! 

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  • I do not get an annual skin check. But I wear make up with sunscreen. I have not ran the Flying Pig Race-but I did just see that Sparkly Soul has a new really cute headband out for the race! It has a Flying pig on it!

    I sent my husband the link fro Motigo-it sounds great! Who doesn’t want to hear from loved ones during a race. This month we are signing up to run the Chicago Marathon (our first) and going to the beach on 30a. Your wedding venue looks beautiful! I LOVE that yall are running a half in Hawaii during your honeymoon. The dress from Oiselle is super cute! What a fun memory to make!

    I follow you on all the social media channels mentioned above.

  • That racing app looks SO cool. Since I always listen to music, that would be so special to get inspiring messages when I’m not expecting it from people I care about. Love it! Your wedding venue is beautiful. Good luck this weekend! I’ll be cheering for you for a fun and smart race. xoxoxo

  • WAIT YOU SELL ELTA? I sell the heck out of Elta! It’s pharmacist recommended! My pharmacy is extremely small and only has two teeny tiny shelves of OTC products – but I sell Elta!

  • Have a blast running the Pig! You’ll definitely be able to pick it up in the later miles because after the hills it’s a nice cruise in. Can’t wait to hear about it! Your venue looks great YAY for Maui and doing the race! That was the Caveman’s 40th birthday trip and HE ran the half! Thing 1 was 3 and I was preggo and not yet a distance runner. My how times have changed!

  • The Skimm is such a handy way to get the news. May is going to be an awesome month. I’m racing the Expedition Everest Challenge at Disney tonight, then next week I’m going to Londong for vacation!

  • Finally, I follow your twitter too!

    I’m planning a wedding right now too, our date is August 30. I never realized how much is involved in the planning until I was in the thick of it! I can see why people have wedding planners, lol!

  • Hope the Pig went well! So much excitement! I can’t believe you are already done with wedding planning. Way to be on top of it. I think it’s great that you are racing on your honeymoon. It totally fits you as a couple. I am super curious to hear what you think of the new NUUN plus. I’ve tried tailwind and really like it (also a liquid carb that I usually mix with NUUN), but would love to have an option in tab form for ultras.

    I could really use another sportsbra and the Road Runner giftcard would be handy. I follow you on twitter, instagram, the blog, and left a comment. 🙂

  • It sounds like the race went well, can’t wait to read your recap! Your reception hall looks like a beautiful setting for a wedding. I love the exposed beams and how simple it is, you’ll really be able to create the look you want. I could definitely be better at wearing sunscreen and getting my skin checked….thanks for the push 🙂 I always listen to music or a book on my iPod and not my phone so I don’t the think app would work for me, but it’s a cool idea. I definitely want to check out the skimm app though, that has me all over it.

    And I follow and like you everywhere – great giveaway!

  • Love this round-up! I saw you had a great time at Flying Pig on Instagram, amazing job. I just got married this weekend and it all goes by in a flash – can’t wait to hear more about yours when the big day arrives.

  • I just had my skin check a few weeks ago and a biopsy on my ear yesterday. It’s probably nothing but it’s important to get it all checked out nonetheless.

    I’ve run Flying Pig full twice. I love the “bling” from there. Wish I had known sooner you and Molly were going to be there. I could have made a day trip down.

  • I’m so happy that you did Pig! Your Honeymoon combined with a race sounds soooo exciting and is an obvious reflection over yall as a couple. Very happy for you. I already follow you on all of your social media channels so here is me leaving a comment 🙂

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