Bayshore Marathon Week 23

I’ve hit my busy season with work…so add that to the marathon taper, post travel and race weekend, and still feeling the cold/sinus issues (which I believe is now allergies)…I can’t say it was the most exciting week. It definitely flew by and I NEEDED a really low key weekend (which I got).


  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- rest day/sports massage

Holy heavens my body needed that sports massage.


  • PLAN- 2x 5K repeats. 10 mins easy, 2x5K repeats @ 1 mile or 10K pace with 800m b/tw each one
  • ACTUAL- 7.7 miles. 7:16, 7:05, 7:09, 7:08, 7:08, 7:13

You can always see where my somewhat uphill miles are. I wasn’t sure how my legs would feel on this one after the race, and while they were tired, I still felt really strong.


  • PLAN- 6 miles at endurance pace
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles at 8:36 avg pace

My last run with Jes. I’m still in a bit of denial over this one. We’ve trained together consistently for almost 2 years now I think, usually on Wednesdays and Saturdays and sometimes a yoga class in between. She’s become one of my dearest friends- it’s hard not to become close when you spend that many hours together. We’ve laughed and cried through who knows how many miles together. I’m currently pretending she’s on a work trip and will be back soon. Oh, and the run was fine- but with tears at the end. It’s hard to say goodbye!IMG_1139Thursday:

  • PLAN- 35 minute Tabata run
  • ACTUAL- 4.56 miles. 5 min warmup, 30 minutes: 30 seconds 800m pace, 30 seconds endurance pace

Rich was kind enough (again) to get up early and ride his bike with me as I ran. I LOVE this workout. It’s kinda hard to judge your Garmin and your pace and I ran a few a bit faster than 800 pace but overall it was good.


  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- rest day

I worked and came home and was in my pajamas by 5pm or so and never got off the couch. It was glorious. I caught up on the last 3 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and still sobbed even though I knew what was going to happen.


  • PLAN- 4 miles endurance pace
  • ACTUAL- 4 miles endurance pace

I had the opportunity to sleep in and run a bit later with such short mileage, but my body doesn’t know how to do that so I was done running by 7:30, leaving me with the entire morning to get a lot done around the house.


  • PLAN- 13.1 miles at MGP
  • ACTUAL- 13.0 miles @ 7:59 pace

It has really warmed up in ATL quickly and I decided to start at 6:45 to try and beat the heat. I drove out to the river for a nice out and back option that was safe and would allow me to run at goal pace without stop lights. I used plus for Nuun for the second time and I think it helped…but honestly, my legs still felt tired and worn out and not quite fresh. I was definitely soaked when I finished but all in all very happy with the run.IMG_1179That morning I watched my two favorite nuggets so my bro-in-law could take Allison out to a child-less brunch for Mother’s Day and then drove to Alabama for a week of work in Birmingham. IMG_1158

Total Miles for the Week: 35.26

Sadly, not a single day with time to take a yoga or pilates class. I did foam roll, stretch (yoga poses at home), and lacrosse ball EVERY DAY. It didn’t quite feel like a cut back week- but I know it will.

Have you had to move from one of your running buddies or has one of your buddies moved away? Do you prefer running alone or with a partner? If you’re a mom, how was your Mother’s Day? 


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  • Love the yawn picture – it’s awesome. Way to go with the 5K repeats, especially on a hilly route! When I first started running, I ran with a friend all the time and a group for long runs and loved it. Then I ran with Brian when we first met, but now all of my runs are alone and I have come to love that….although I would love to find a good running friend again. My mother’s day was great, I got totally spoiled and soaked up the love from the boys 🙂

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