Bayshore Marathon Week 21

Peak Week! I think….I can’t see all of my training yet in my schedule from Coach but I’m going to assume this was my longest run left of the training cycle.


  • PLAN- 25 min core strength, 25 min hip flexor strength
  • ACTUAL- 25 min core strength, 25 min hip flexor strength


  • PLAN- 5 miles. 15 min warmup Z2, 10×30 sec all out uphill sprints. 1:30 rest interval. 10 min cool down
  • ACTUAL- 5 miles @9:54 avg pace. Yoga for Athletes.

I haven’t done hill repeats all season so this was a nice change up. My body was pretty tired but I was still able to get in the mid 6:00 range on the sprints. That afternoon, I made it to the Yoga for Athletes class that I love so much.


  • PLAN- 6 miles endurance pace
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles @ 8:38 avg pace. Private pilates.

I met Jes early to get the miles in and she took me on a new route. It was hilly, but nice to not know what to expect at each turn. I also had a private pilates session with Laura. We focused a lot on stretching and arms.

That night, Rich and I celebrated our one year anniversary! We had a nice date night and we splurged on Jeni’s Ice Cream. I didn’t have to run on Thursday so I was prepared for the stomach issues. It was SO worth every bite- this was my last dessert until the marathon (a month away). And how ironic that we haven’t been in over 4 months to have Jeni’s shut down the next day for fear of listeria outbreak?IMG_1009Thursday:

  • PLAN- 25 min hip extension/IT strength
  • ACTUAL- 25 min hip extension/IT strength

It’s nice when the workout can be done at home! Another change up to the regular strength routine. After I finished, Rich and I walked up to the local coffee shop. It’s where we had our first “official” date a year ago. I call this our real date because he bought me coffee after our run (the first two dates were run dates, too).IMG_1012That night, I met the girls at Road Runner Sports for Ladies Night! Brooks was a sponsor for the so you got an extra raffle ticket for trying on a Moving Comfort sports bra and a pair of Brooks shoes. I was planning on purchasing a new pair of Saucony Kinvaras so I compared the Brooks Launch to them…but my Kinvaras still won out. I did like the Brooks, though!IMG_1027_2 IMG_1025I’m already a big fan of the Juno sports bra, I’m pretty sure I have 6 or 7 of them, but I wanted to get refitted to make sure I was in the right size. Good news- I am. I also learned that you should replace your sports bra every time you get new shoes. Did you know that!? I definitely didn’t. I can tell when I put on an old one vs. a new one, but had no idea they should be replaced that often. I didn’t win anything this go round, but it was good to catch up with the girls. IMG_1026 IMG_1028


  • PLAN- 5 miles. 10 min w/u. 5×30 max effort sprints, 4:30 easy, 10 min cooldown
  • ACTUAL- 5 miles 10 min warmup. 30 seconds @ 5:50, 5:57, 5:46, 5:47, 5:46, 10 min cooldown

Jes joined me for this one. I really enjoy this workout- it goes by quickly when you are constantly checking the time.


  • PLAN- 23 miles endurance pace
  • ACTUAL- rest day

Storms on schedule for the ATL so our group decided to move our run to Sunday. I NEEDED this. I caught Rich’s cold and just felt groggy all day (I think from the cold meds). I spent almost the entire day on the couch- I only left to go to Mass and the grocery store. It was exactly what my body needed.


  • PLAN- 23 miles at endurance pace
  • ACTUAL- 23 miles @ 8:48 avg pace

This was a rough one. I didn’t sleep well (Cold meds mess with my head) at all. I woke up every hour and was definitely NOT well rested when the alarm went off at 5:15. My plan was to do 13 on my own and then 10 with the girls. Rich was insanely kind to ride behind me so I wasn’t alone that early in the morning. I wasn’t feeling it, even after 3-4 miles of loosening up. Somehow the 13 miles went by fairly quick and I met the girls at 8 to do my last 10 miles. IMG_1037The sun was out by now and it was HOT and HUMID. I decided to go on an old route forgetting how hilly it

Screen shot 2015-04-27 at 6.47.38 PM

was…and it was just rough. We had to pit stop at Panera so I could get a salt packet and refill my water (after 2 bottles of nuun). Needless to say, those 23 miles were my hardest of this training cycle. It was not how I wanted to finish out my big week, and I know it’s just one run (thanks to Jes for the pep talk while I moaned and groaned through miles 21-23), but I like to finish strong. Several more weeks before the race, I know.IMG_1043IMG_1045The good news is we all met up back up for brunch after the run and the breakfast pizza was exactly what I deserved. 🙂IMG_1040

Miles for the Week: 39

Not a super high mileage week, but I was definitely feeling it after last weeks mileage/intensity. Again, I know that out of all my runs this training season, to only have one not go the way I really wanted, is really amazing. And, I still hit my pace goals- it just didn’t feel effortless like the 22 did. I can’t begin to describe how excited I am for Bayshore. The count down is definitely on….less than 1 month!

Do you replace your sports bras when you get new shoes? Or keep several in the rotation? Do you cut out anything before big races- sweets, certain foods, caffeine? 


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  • Another great week–you’re getting close! I rotate old sports bras to less bouncy activities like strength training or yoga. That said I’ve got way too many. Happy anniversary! The minute I read you went to Jeni’s I thought of the recall. Yikes!

  • I hope you’ve kicked that cold to the curb. Most of us in my house have either a cold or allergies…something congesting and sneezy. Not fun.

    You’re just kicking butt with your training, woman! It’s always exciting to see how well you’re doing 🙂 I just had a similar thing as you with my last two long workouts (walking my marathon) where the most recent just felt like WORK and the one before didn’t. Same length…21+ miles. But man, the effort it took to complete the most recent was Herculean 🙁

    Here’s hoping it’s like the whole dress rehearsal thing where it’s good luck to have a shitty dress rehearsal and we end up crushing our main event 🙂

  • Have you tried taking a digestive enzyme before you eat something you know will destroy your stomach? I have Garden of Life omega zymes and I noticed a night and day difference if I take one before I eat dairy (pizza for me) and when I don’t. I had too much to drink on Saturday and had 1 slice out (no enzymes with me) I was doubled over the next morning for a few hours before my stomach felt normal again!

    Wow I can’t believe you had a 22 and a 23 in your training cycle, it amazes me how many different ways there are to attack a marathon, you’re going to kill it.

  • You are just killing it with the training. I’m obviously WAY out of the game this year, but I still toy with the idea of doing at least another marathon.

    As for sports bras, I’ll admit to only having a few and definitely not replacing them every time I replace running shoes. I’m pretty small there so I’m not in need of much support.

  • 23 miles – nice job! Great week! I can’t believe how close Bayshore is getting, I’m getting pretty excited. I have heard you should be replacing sports bras pretty frequently….I definitely do not do that! I don’t notice a difference though. And I’m impressed you are cutting all the crap out 4 weeks out! I definitely don’t do it that far ahead…maybe I should. Depending my goals, I tend to get serious about what I’m eating and drinking 1 or 2 weeks before race day. Happy anniversary 🙂

  • Proud of you. I know that long run was tough, but when you can make it through that you know you’re ready to make it through the big show. I have never been more certain or confident about someone being ready for race day. Bayshore will be yours to own. Grateful to have been part of the journey with you. One more last run together next week. Tears. xo

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