Bayshore Marathon Week 20

Another solid week of training with a lot of Boston on my mind. It’s hard to believe the bombings were two years ago. It also made me realize my surgery was 2 years ago. I have had such a great come back and know what works for me. Chiro, sports massage, the occasional dry needling session, lots of yoga and pilates and stretching and foam rolling. I still have some impingement issues, but I spend SO much time in my car for work that I’m not sure that will ever go away. I’m MUCH stronger than I was before the arthroscopy and I’m so thankful I had it done and LISTENED to my doc and PT and took the comeback slowly. I’m not sure I could do what I’m doing now if I hadn’t followed their orders and eased back into things.


  • PLAN- 20 mins core strength, 25 mins hip flexor strength
  • ACTUAL- 20 mins core strength, 25 mins hip flexor strength

Coach changed it up! The core work is the same but we added a hip flexor routine that I really like.


  • PLAN- 2 mile warmup at MGP. 8 of 400m at mile pace, 400m at goal pace. 400 easy cooldown
  • ACTUAL- 6.25 miles @ 7:39 avg. 2 mile warmup, then 6:39/8:00.

This might have been the hardest workout to date. And only when I went to write this recap did I realize it said AT MILE PACE not at 400 pace. No wonder I felt death. I should’ve been running at a 7:05 pace. OOPS. This felt especially tough because I was traveling for work and left my house at 7:00am and didn’t get to my hotel until around 5:30 that night after working and spending a good 5 hours in the car. The highlight of that drive was Boston, GA. I had to stop and get this picture because I had no idea there was such a place (or race). I think it needs to go on the list! IMG_0943Wednesday:

  • PLAN- 8 miles endurance pace
  • ACTUAL- 8 miles @ 8:36 avg pace

I got back to the ATL and met Jes that afternoon for a Honor Boston run together. We somehow just missed a storm (pretty much rained ALL week) and had a great run. IMG_0953Thursday:

  • PLAN- 25 min hamstring/glute strength
  • ACTUAL- 5 min warmup (.61 miles) and hamstring/glute strength and 2.80 miles @ 9:27 pace for the Adventure run

Another change up in the workout and I really liked this one, too. That night, I met Rich and some of our friends at the first Adventure Run of the year at Road Runner Sports. I wanted to take it nice and easy since it was supposed to be a rest day so we only did a few of the stops but had a blast. We earned more tickets for having the adventure run shirt and for trying out the shoe of the night (Hokas) and leg sleeves (Zensahs). IMG_0961 IMG_0966 IMG_0958 IMG_0963 IMG_0962 IMG_0968 IMG_0957

Somehow, we ended up winning a TON of stuff. Everyone there said we needed a lottery ticket. Not kidding- we won a pair of shoes, personal training, 2 race entries,a box of honey stingers, and about 6 restaurant gift cards. Rich is usually pretty lucky but not THAT lucky. It was a great night and I look forward to going back in June (we will miss May for the marathon). If you have a Road Runner Sports near you, I DEFINITELY recommend going!


  • PLAN- 5 mile Skill Run/Cadence Counters. 10 min warmup, 100 steps zone 4/5, 50 steps zone 1. repeat 200/100, 300/150, and 400/200. 10 min cool down.
  • ACTUAL- 5 miles @ 8:03 avg pace. 

I made it through one full round plus 100/50 and 200/100. This is a tough workout mentally and physically. It really is hard to count that fast and run. I enjoyed it though and once again beat out the rain.


  • PLAN- 22 miles @ endurance pace
  • ACTUAL- 22 miles @ 8:41 avg pace

I met my new running friend Lynn bright and early at 6:15 to run 13-14 miles with her. Then, at 8, I met up with my Tricia and Corey for my last 8.5. The run itself was a challenge- I literally did the 8 mile loop plus some additional stuff and then then 8 mile loop again. It’s NOT an easy course and it was pretty humid (could ring out my ponytail several times post run) but I NAILED it. Coach put in 3:10 finish and I finished in 3:10:58. BOOM. I came home and did an ice bath and then went shopping. By the end of the day I was wiped.IMG_0978

BUT, I had to make a stop at the hospital to meet my friend Sally (and Trey) new baby! She’s beautiful! IMG_0984


  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- rest day

Church and a few errands in the morning followed by a nice nap. MUCH needed rest day.

Total Miles for the Week: 44.66

It’s still interesting to me that my mileage is lower than what I’m used to for marathon training…but it’s definitely more purposeful. Coach had said we would use a version of the Hanson Method and it seems to be exactly what works for me. I’m really excited to see how things will shake out in Bayshore next month.

Have you been to an Adventure Run? Do you run in Hokas? When training for a marathon, are you a less is more or a heavy mileage person? 


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  • it thrills me that you have had the success you have with your hip esp post surgery. it gives me hope that I will have similar success. i just got my first cortisone injection on monday for mine and all i am currently dealing with is slight discomfort (the impingement that I fear will never be gone) but being able to sleep without pain is amazing. i hope that by being patient and taking it slow i will be able to hit prs again soon!! thank you for being open and sharing your story w/your hip!!

  • I feel like the last person on earth who hasn’t tried Hokas. Funny story about a RRS night: I went into the city for a “blogger night” and there was supposed to be all sorts of raffles but at the end of the night they told us they weren’t doing them because we “didn’t buy enough”. Yikes.
    I am all about running less with more purpose. I think I’d be injured on high mileage.
    Yay for the awesome haul of winnings!

  • Sounds like a really strong week, and nice job on that Tuesday workout – sounds tough but you got it done despite the 400s being at a much faster pace!

    Great haul from RRS! I’m really excited for the May Adventure Run now 😉

  • I can’t believe all the stuff you got at the adventure run! I need to recruit someone my pace to go to it with me next month!! I can’t wait to see how your race goes next month, you’re killing training!

  • You are my running-after-hip-surgery muse! LOL! It’s so heartening to see you doing so well. This week was my “turn the corner” week with the second hip, where I really started to feel strong and comfortable again, and I’m trying to avoid letting that make me complacent about strengthening. One thing that has made a big difference for me is Coach Jay’s post-run routines. They’re super fast, but super effective! I could tell my hips were stronger after just a few days.

  • No one can hold a candle to your post-surgery diligence and mindfulness. I am so excited for you for all the things you have going on right now. It’s a wonderful life 🙂

  • You’re going to get yourself in trouble holding all these cute little newborn babies 🙂 You’ve come a long way in 2 years and should be proud! It’s hard to commit to the downtime, recovery, and rehab and you’ve done an amazing job. The adventure run sounds like a lot of fun…and way to go with all the free stuff! My dad and Brian are both obsessed with Hoka’s. I’ve never even tried them on (I love my Sauconys too much), but they won’t run in anything else.

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