Bayshore Marathon Week 18

A week at home in ATL but a full week of family. Based on this weeks post, you might think that I was the one with the kid! 🙂


  • PLAN- 2o min core work
  • ACTUAL- 20 min core work


  • PLAN- 1 mile endurance, 2 x 2400m/800m/400m superset 
  • ACTUAL- 6.5 miles @ 7:54 avg pace. 2 x 2400m/800m/400m superset and Yoga for Athletes

This was the same workout as the other week. It didn’t feel as hard this go round- not sure why- but it wasn’t bad at all. 2400m @ 7:08, 800m @ 6:53, 400m @ 6:35 all at once. It was a good workout. That afternoon I went to my favorite Yoga for Athletes class at Infinity Yoga.IMG_0793Wednesday:

  • PLAN- 8 mile endurance run
  • ACTUAL- 8 miles @ 8:43 avg pace

Jes was kind enough to come over on her birthday and join me on my 8 mile run. We had a TON to catch up on- I swear it had been almost a month since we had a run together! IMG_0798

That afternoon, I picked up A’s car seat to be prepared to help out before the new baby arrived…at first, I thought it would a hilarious April Fools joke and then I decided not so much. IMG_0802That night, I made a recipe that Jes shared on her blog for Hawaiian chicken burgers (minus the bun and garlic). They were DELICIOUS! IMG_0806_2Thursday:

  • PLAN- 1 mile warmup @ 10k pace, 45 min muscle imbalance strength
  • ACTUAL- 1 mile @ 7:13 and 45 min muscle imbalance strength 

Ooh, getting this done was TOUGH. My sister was admitted on Wednesday night to be induced on Thursday morning. My plan was to get up at 5 to get this done and then just head to the hospital. BUT, that didn’t happen. My phone rang around 2:30am and Allison thought she would be getting the epidural soon so we needed to get up there. We relieved my mom at my sisters house (she was watching A). Rich stayed and got her ready for school and I took mom to the hospital. Needless to say, the doc didn’t get there till almost 8 for the pitocin, so I definitely could’ve slept longer.

Allison had a super easy delivery and around 9:30 the newest addition to our family made her debut! I’m so excited it’s another girl!!IMG_0822_2We ended up picking A up from school and I ended up falling asleep for about an hour and THEN made my way to the gym to get the imbalance work done.

That night, Rich and I went to Road Runner Sports to get purchase our Adventure Run shirts for 2015. The Buckhead store had their Adventure Run shirt launch party and we wanted to make sure we had ours for the first run. I also ended up upgrading my membership to the new Rewards Plus option where you earn a percentage back on what you purchase. You get 10% back on all R-gear apparel and 4% back on everything else. It only cost me $13 and I got a $10 welcome gift. So really, $3. It was a no-brainer. IMG_0826_2Friday:

  • PLAN- 40 mins skill run cadence counters 
  • ACTUAL- 4.87 miles @ 8:13 avg pace and Exhale Chill Yoga 

This was a really interesting workout. I had a 10 minute warmup and then did 20 minutes at 4/5 intensity of the following (repeated): 100 steps per leg/50 steps per leg zone 1, 200/100, 300/150 and 400/200. I made it through once and then the 100 and 200 before it was time to cool down for 10 minutes. It was hard to run that fast and keep count! But I really enjoyed it.

At lunch I went to Exhale Chill yoga. I love this class because it really is a relaxation class that focuses on stretching and lengthening. I was so exhausted from the lack of sleep the night before that I was legit OUT during the last 5 minutes of relaxation and the only reason i woke up is because the class starting chanting. Yep, exhausted.


  • PLAN- 19 miles. 14 @ endurance pace, 5 at MGP
  • ACTUAL- 19 miles @ 8:29 avg pace. Last 5 @ 7:44, 7:55, 7:48, 7:52, 7:50

I DID NOT want to get up. I needed sleep so badly and I for some reason woke up at every hour that night. I knew it could effect my run and I wasn’t looking forward to it. BUT, we had a long day full of fun planned and I HAD to start at 6:15. My plan was to run to Jesica’s house for 4 miles, do 10 with her and then run the 5 back. We both live in the city, and it’s not the safest place to run alone- especially in the dark. Rich was the NICEST and rode in the car next to me for the 4 miles. Yes, I’m not making that up. He even snapped a pretty bad ass pic of me in the Krog Street Tunnel that I am now obsessed with.IMG_0837_2I told Jes on the run, I wasn’t in the mood. I was just tired and didn’t have it in me- but somewhere along the way I started to feel better and the miles started to go by a bit faster. We ended up having to start my MGP near her house so she did .5 with me at that pace, I refilled my water bottle and ran home for the last 4.5. Honestly, running faster was easier for me! I felt GOOD!! Another strong training run.

Like I said- Rich and I had a packed day. We took A to a birthday party at 11 at an airplane park- which she loved! We both squeezed in a nap before heading to another birthday party (this time a surprise for a friend of ours) at a bowling alley, and then went to dinner with our friends Rob and Chris. Packed day but SO fun.IMG_0841 IMG_0859_2 IMG_0864Sunday: 

  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- rest day

Oh I did not want the alarm on Sunday. BUT, Easter Mass can’t be missed. I exchanged Easter baskets with Rich and love that we both got each other the chocolate running bunny. Rich stocked me up on Huma Gel and bought me a new Moving Comfort Juno sports bra (my fav). IMG_0867_2We had brunch at my sisters with the fam and then crashed again that afternoon for a nice lazy day. I definitely over indulged in the chocolate like I always do on Easter after 40 days of Lent, but that was my one day. I’m going to stay focused on clean eating until the marathon. IMG_0873_2 IMG_0879_2

Total Miles for the Week: 39.37 

Ooh, once again. Just shy of 40. Each run is going, dare I say it, perfectly. I’m able to hit every goal that is given to me and that is an AMAZING feeling. I seriously can’t say enough positive things about my coach and his training plan!!

I loved getting to spend so much time with my family and somehow even finding some down time for naps this weekend (a rarity for me).

Did the Easter Bunny come and see you? If so, what did he bring? Did you pull off an April Fools joke? 

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  • Congrats on the new addition! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first nephew any minute now (trying to be patient). What a wonderful week both in running and life! Your training for Bayshores has been on spot and I am excited to see you crush it. Love the running themed Easter baskets.

  • Awww, cute baby! Girls are so much fun – I have 7 nieces under 7 and one very new nephew thanks to my husband’s family. 🙂

    You and Rich are adorable!!!! I didn’t get chocolate or an Easter basket, but I’m pretty okay with that. You, however, got spoiled.

  • You are killing it! Way to go, your workouts are awesome. Congratulations on your new little niece – so precious. Your sister is lucky to have all of your help. And Rich is just the best – getting A ready for school all on his own, following you in the car for 4 miles, and getting you a sweet Easter basket – you’ve definitely got a good one. I don’t do April fools…I can’t pull things like that off. But I had a friend whose brother told the family he and his wife were pregnant and nobody believed him and thought it was an April fool’s joke and it wasn’t – oops. Lots of chocolate for my Easter – no complaints.

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