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What you may not know about me is that I’m a class junkie. If I’m not running, I prefer to be taking a class. When I first started running, I lived and breathed Les Mills style classes. I left that gym and found yoga, then TRX, then Pure Barre, then pilates, Flywheel and Barre3. There is just something about a class that holds you accountable.  And for me, when it comes to strength training type exercises and cross training, I need that accountability. 

So way back in January, I had the opportunity to try out Class Pass for an entire month for free. I had seen other people posting about it on Instagram in their respective cities and I was SUPER excited to get to try it when it opened in Atlanta. 

What exactly is Class Pass? I will let Class Pass tell you in their words:

ClassPass is a monthly membership to the best boutique fitness classes in your city. There are thousands of classes available to ClassPass members, including cycling, pilates, yoga, strength training, dance, martial arts, and more.

For $79 – $99 a month (price varies by city), ClassPass members get unlimited classes to studios in the ClassPass network. While members can take as many classes per month as they’d like, they can visit the same studio up to 3 times per monthly membership cycle.

My first month was AWESOME. I made it to 7 different classes at 7 different studios. I rediscovered my love for yoga at multiple studios (including restorative, yin, and aerial), tried a new weights class at Fit: To Be, and another cycle class at a local studio, Torq Cycle. It was FUN. I was able to schedule multiple classes with Jes and somehow didn’t even repeat the same studio.classpassSo do you need Class Pass (if you live in one of the cities it’s offered in)? I will give you my pro’s and cons.


  • Multiple studios at a cheaper price. If you love classes and want to try multiple studios- this is for you. You can only go 3 times a month to a specific studio- but there are SO many options that there is no way you can run out of a pilates, or yoga, or strength type class within a month. There is always something to do. AND, one fee of $79 is cheaper than multiple memberships at different studios.
  • It’s all over the city. For me, I work all over the place. It’s nice to be able to take a class where it’s convenient for my schedule. Sometimes it’s near my house, sometimes it’s near a client. Either way, I have options.
  • Changing it Up. It’s a great way to change up your regular routine-especially if you are in a workout rut and want to try new things.
  • There are classes ALL THE TIME. One thing that has been hard for me is that some studios only offer a specific type of class 1 day a week. Now, I can search for a specific style class I enjoy and try it at different studios (i.e. ashtanga yoga, trx, restorative yoga).


  • Work Travel. For me, I miss out when I’m traveling. Class Pass hasn’t made it to Alabama or South Georgia yet, and it will probably be a while, so I can only take classes when I’m home. As work has picked up for me- this is hard. I’m usually only home every other week and each trip is different (some weeks it’s 1 night, some weeks it’s 3 and I just can’t predict how long I will be gone).
  • Marathon Training. My classes have definitely slowed down as my marathon training has become more intense. I’ve had to cut out most of my strength and spin classes to focus on the marathon, but I know I will pick them back up once it’s over. So, if you have a big goal race (particularly a marathon) you may not have time to take advantage of the many classes offered.
  • Schedule Early. At first, a lot of the classes would fill up before I could get in. It doesn’t seem to be that bad right now, but it was an issue. Usually a studio offers a certain amount of CP reservations and when those are full, they can’t add you (even if they have room outside of the CP reservations). I still try and book as soon as I know my work and marathon training schedule.

In reality, most of my cons are personal, but if you travel a lot or are training seriously for a race of a long distance, it will be an issue for you too. I have kept my membership and plan to do so- I just mainly take yoga classes right now (and I love them).IMG_0028A few other things to note- the membership is monthly. There is an awesome app to book your classes and you have 12 hours to cancel a class before being charged if you miss ($20- which is pretty standard for any missed boutique studio class). They offer a one week trial, options to put your membership on hold if you need to (for $19 a month) and you don’t get charged if you have to cancel (but you do have to pay a $79 reactivation fee).

So, would I recommend it? Absolutely!! I obviously love it if my free membership ran out in January and I’ve paid for it and will continue to do so.

Have you heard of Class Pass? Do you like classes or prefer to work out on your own? If you do like classes- what do you enjoy? 

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  • That deal seems almost too good to be true! And in theory I’d love it – I really do need to try more things, change up my routine, and get in cross-training. But my very rigid schedule would make it hard to get my money’s worth.

  • This looks so great, but I agree when I marathon train, there’s little time for too much else. I’m so far out in the boonies, getting to Chicago for all the classes just isn’t happening.

  • Great review of ClassPass. I think it works well depending on what you’re looking for and depending on if CP is the only thing you do. I also found that when training for a race, it was hard to really “make the most” out of CP, and I agree that if your travel schedule is heavy, it’s hard to take advantage of class times. However, I loved that I could try out some of the really pricey boutique studios for much less, and I found some cool new fitness excursions. What I didn’t like is driving all over creation to get to classes – that ended up taking up a lot of time/energy on weekdays especially. I thought about signing up for CP again now that I moved to the Bay Area but I decided that with the horrendous traffic here and the decision fatigue that comes along with selecting classes, I would just sign up for a gym with tons of options.

  • I have been wanting to try it, but sadly is it such a “city” thing that I won’t work for me in the burbs – not enough options. The most appealing thing is the price because, you’re right, it is a more cost effective way to do the boutique studio workouts & I love my Pure Barre and Flywheel. Like Jess {above} I feel like I would be driving all over the city for a class, when let’s be honest, if I don’t have to venture out of the ‘burbs then I am a happy camper! =D

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