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Last week, I had the opportunity to get fitted for new shoes. It’s something that’s been on my to-do list for a while since my last fitting was right after I could run again post surgery, probably around August of 2013. My body was in a rebuilding phase at that point with weak glutes and hips and I was put in a moderate stability shoe, the Saucony Guide (I will do speed work in my Saucony Kinvaras, too). I’ve worked really hard the past year and half or so strengthening the weak muscles and I have been really curious to see how my running form has changed.

So, when Road Runner Sports asked if I would come in for a customized shoe fitting using their Shoe Dog running analysis center, I was all over it.

I met with Suzie, the store manager and she was SUPER friendly and helpful. We started out at the Shoe Dog computer filling out a few basic questions about myself.IMG_0602Then, we stepped on a machine that showed my arches. I wasn’t surprised to see that I still put more weight on my left heel, I think it’s still habit post surgery. I also learned that I have high arches. Suzie also double checked my shoe size to make sure I was wearing the right one.  IMG_0603 IMG_0604IMG_0605Next, I ran on the treadmill and she captured a short video to see how I landed on my feet and if I had any pronation/supination. IMG_0606 IMG_0607 IMG_0609Hooray! I’ve gotten stronger! The only thing we noticed was my left ankle tends to land at an angle, but I honestly already knew that too thanks to spraining that ankle twice. Either way, I’m out of a stability shoe and it goes to show that all that glute and hip work is paying off. Next up, Suzie made my custom inserts for my shoes. THIS was really cool to see.

IMG_0611 IMG_0612And finally, time to try on shoes! Coach Chris had just sent an email about racing flats and I really wanted to try those, but they were currently out of the Saucony A6 (new model coming out this month). My next choice was a light weight shoe that was out of the stability category.

Suzie let me pick out my socks (I went with the RRS thinnest drymax) and then brought out the Nike Lunar, Adidas Boost and Ultra Boost and she had one pair of Saucony Zealots. I ran in each pair on the treadmill and I used the old advice that the shoe shouldn’t feel like it’s intruding. The Nike Lunar was too tight in the toe box (not surprised, I’ve never been able to wear Nike shoes). Next up were the Adidas. I hated the color, but the shoe really felt nice. I tried both the Ultra Boost and Boost and really liked the Ultra Boost. Last, I tried the Saucony. They were a size 10, but were surprisingly the right size (usually a 9.5). They also felt really good. Both the Adidas and the Saucony were light weight and roomy in the toe box. I tried on one of each and immediately knew that the Saucony was the right shoe (not surprised considering I already run in their shoes and they fit me well).IMG_0618I was REALLY impressed with Suzie’s customer service and attention to detail. She even told me she would call me as soon as they received the new racing flats. I will be honest and say I wasn’t a member of the Road Runner Sports VIP program, but after leaving the store I decided to look into it a bit more online and found a great deal for $1.99 for the first year (regularly $24.99). It’s 10% off your purchases for the entire year in stores and online (family deal- so includes Rich) and includes invites to special sales and events. IMG_0617And the events are part of what intrigued me to join, too. Rich has always said how much fun he’s had at the adventure runs.  It’s a scavenger hunt/fun run with tons of prizes each month and usually features a charity. All a win-win in my book. The first Buckhead Atlanta run is April 16th with the new 2015 shirt launch on April 2nd. I learned from Rich that if you buy the RRS shirt, you get extra raffle tickets at each monthly adventure run, too (he did all of this year and won several things).

I’m excited to try out my new shoes this week and will keep you posted on how they feel after a few runs. The great thing about RRS is you get 90 days to test out your shoes. BUT, I expect it to go well and hope this can become my new regular go-to for my endurance runs. And even though I love getting my group runs with my girls each weekend, I miss doing weekday runs at some of the local running stores. The monthly thursday adventure run is definitely on my to-do list for 2015.

You can check and see where the closest Road Runner Sports is to you and check them out online at roadrunnersports.com

 Is there is RRS near you?? Have you ever been to their adventure runs? How often do you get fitted for new shoes? Is there a brand of shoes that you just know works for you? 

I was given a pair of shoes, socks and inserts in exchange for a review and my time with the store. All of the opinions are my own. 

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  • Yay you got the Zealots! You’ll love them 🙂 I don’t have an RRS near me, but I’m a member it’s where I usually get my shoes because of their return policy and I can get a good price. I haven’t been fitted for new shoes in awhile, mainly because I’ve been so happy with the Kinvaras. And I’m a Saucony girl all the way. I went through a phase where I would try other shoes I that people raved about and I always come back to Saucony 🙂 And never been on an adventure run, but it sounds fun.

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