Bayshore Marathon Week 17


  • PLAN- 20 min Core Strength 
  • ACTUAL- 20 min Core Strength 

I drove to Birmingham for work and was able to get my core work done when I checked into the hotel.


  • PLAN- 10 min warmup, 7×1 mile repeats @ 1 mile pace, 400 recovery btw
  • ACTUAL- 9.75 miles. 10 min warmup, 7×1 mile repeats @ 7:08 pace 

I had wanted to drive up to the park to do this one, but wasn’t sure I would have enough time to get to my first appointment so I ended up just doing it on the treadmill. I actually felt pretty good- except that the setting on the treadmill must’ve been to shut off at an hour and I kept having to adjust on the last mile or so to let me keep going.IMG_0698 Wednesday:

  • PLAN- 8 miles endurance pace
  • ACTUAL- 8 miles @ 8:34 pace

Another really early morning led to an afternoon run. I was SO glad. It was gorgeous out and the path was packed. I had a great second run in my Sauncony Zealots and I’m really loving my inserts that were custom fit for me at Road Runner Sports. The run went well and I tried to hold back and not work too hard. I went to Whole Foods for dinner to get a salad- being on the road can be tough to get veggies in so I figured this would be great- except I apparently make really expensive salads at a whopping $13!! It was delicious though. IMG_0729_2 IMG_0726Thursday:

  • PLAN- 45 min muscle imbalance work
  • ACTUAL- 45 min muscle imbalance work 

I worked in Birmingham that morning, drove back to Atlanta and hit the gym that night to get the imbalance work in. THIS is not a workout I want to skip. I was greeted by awesome new planters that Rich (and his mom) did while I was away. It was SO good to get home. March has been a crazy travel month for me and they’ve been long trips away (not just a night or two).IMG_9640Friday:

  • PLAN- 3o minute Tabata run. 5 min warmup, 30 seconds @ 800 pace, 30 seconds @ endurance pace
  • ACTUAL- 4.78 miles @ 7:44 avg pace. 37 mins and Exhale Yoga Chill 

Well, not sure how to take this one. I felt like I was killing it, but when I pulled up the data, it was all over the place. Some were way under pace, some way over. I LOVED the workout though. It went by really fast in 30 second increments.

I needed that yoga class at Exhale. It was nothing but stretching for an hour. It was heaven and I finally felt relaxed for the first time in weeks (probably didn’t hurt that I finally hit my quarterly sales goal this day, too). IMG_0737_2Saturday:

  • PLAN- 17 miles. 12 @ endurance pace, 5 @ MGP pace
  • ACTUAL- 17 miles @ 8:21 avg pace. Last 5 @ 7:53, 7:51, 7:52, 8:01, 7:54

All of my running buddies were busy and I was a little nervous to do this run by myself. The last time I did MGP at the end of a long run, it didn’t go so well. Actually, I’m pretty sure it ended in tears the last training cycle.

At the last minute, I decided to head up to Big Peach in Midtown to try and find a running partner for some of the miles (they had listed a 16 mile route option, too) and I figured it would be a nice change from running my same routes.

I ended up meeting Lynn, who had just moved to ATL 10 days prior- so it was nice to meet someone totally new to the area. She was not loving the hills and I don’t blame her- I’m just used to them. AND, it was a hilly route. She ran 8 with me and I did the rest on my own. They seemed to fly by. Once again, I felt good- I used Nuun and my Huma Gel and no stomach issues.

I knew that half of my last 5 miles would involve inclines but I needed it- it’s where I fell apart in NYC. Somehow this run was AMAZING. I nailed it- even with the hills. I needed this. I was thrilled!IMG_0747 IMG_0746_2Sunday: 

  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- rest day

My mom came in town on Saturday (in prep for my niece/nephew arriving this week) and we all had breakfast on Sunday morning and then a full family day including shopping and dinner later that night. It was a nice, relaxing weekend. IMG_0759_2

Total Miles for the Week: 39.53

Yall know that .53 is driving me nuts. Oh well. LEARN to adapt and adjust, right? It was an exhausting work week (and month to be honest) and having a solid long run with some MGP miles and ending my weekend with my loved ones was just what I needed.

How much does your work stress effect your workouts? Ever think you nailed a workout only to update the data and find something completely different? Tell me something that you’re looking forward to in April. 

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  • Great week! One of these weeks we will run together again! I did see Rich out there cheering during Publix.

    In April, I am most looking forward to becoming an aunt! My nephew is due anytime now. Not that I am impatient.

  • Fast finish long runs always scare the crap out of me in the week leading up to them…but there is very little I love more than nailing one – it’s such a good feeling. And you really did nail it, woot woot! I think 30 seconds on and off would drive me nuts….I am not surprised you were all over the place 🙂 Hopefully April will be a little calmer for you, it’s hard to keep work/life stress from affecting your training. In April I’m looking forward to warmer weather and a half next weekend.

  • Amazing week of awesome workouts! I have been SO impressed with your ability to completely nail your workouts the past few weeks, even alone on the long days. I am 110% confident you are going to kill your goal! I really hope at some point we can actually race together and not just train together. xoxo

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