Bayshore Marathon Week 16

All the smiley faces for a step-back week!! My body definitely needed some lower mileage and this was the perfect week for it since I was traveling during the weekend and Rich had his surgery on Wednesday.


  • PLAN- 20 minute core work 
  • ACTUAL- 2o minute core work, Yin Yoga @ Vista Yoga

I was very thankful to only have 20 minutes of core work on Monday! I also decided on Sunday that I needed a massage and had an amazing sports massage that night followed by yin yoga with Jesica. Both of our schedules have been insane and we haven’t really gotten our workouts in together this month so it was good to catch up after class.


  • PLAN- 10 miles. 1 mile endurance, 8 @ goal pace, 1 mile endurance
  • ACTUAL- 10 miles @ 8:07 avg pace. Yoga for Athletes @ Infinity Yoga

Nailed it. I had to get up pretty early to get this in and was stuck running the same route over and over again in order to feel safe but for some reason that part didn’t bother me. I felt really strong and confident on the pace which was nice considering the 22 miler was only 2 days before.

And, I have to tell you a sweet story. Years ago, I worked at Enterprise Rent a Car. I worked with a man, Tom, who reminded me a TON of my grandfather. We spoke once years ago after I left but I hadn’t heard from him since and I no longer had his number. I’ve always wondered how he was, and I was able to find out on Tuesday. He randomly found my old card in his files (he’s still with ERAC 12 years later!) and decided to call and see if it was still my number. I was going to be in his area on Tuesday and I met him and his wife for coffee to catch up. It seriously made my week.IMG_0653That night, I went to Yoga for Athletes again. I can’t get enough of the foam rolling in the middle of a yoga class. It’s seriously the best class for athletes (as it obviously says in the title).


  • PLAN- 6 mile endurance run 
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles @ 8:29 avg pace. Private pilates. 

Rich’s surgery day! I was really thankful to have his mom in town so I could still work and she was sweet enough to not mind if I went and got my workouts in (don’t worry- he slept almost the entire day). I ran after work and felt really good. I couldn’t quite hold back enough to stay at endurance pace. I also ran in my Saucony Zealots that Road Runner Sports gave me. I LOVE this shoe. I can’t wait to get a few more miles in them to be able to give a full report back.IMG_0662_2Update on Rich: the doc removed the plate and scoped his rotator cuff. Why? Well, something was causing pain and impingement and Rich hasn’t been able to move his arm very much without being in pain. He hasn’t been able to swim or bike and he can’t even raise his hand. We knew something was wrong and back at Rich’s follow up a few months back the doc said the plate needed to come out at the 6 month mark.IMG_0697So, it did. Rich did great and is in a much better place than he was after the crash in September. I think this recovery will be faster (he’s already gotten a great report from PT and is able to move his arm more now than he was when the plate was still in).

He’s said he will be faster than me before I know it…we will just have to see about that 🙂


  • PLAN- 1 mile warmup at 10k pace muscle imbalance work
  • ACTUAL- 1 mile warmup at 10k pace and muscle imbalance work

Gracie asked if I would share the workout…I’m happy to do so!IMG_0696Friday:

  • PLAN- 6.5 miles. 1 mile endurance, 2x 2400m/800m/400m superset 
  • ACTUAL- 6.5 miles @ 7:54 avg pace. superset completed as described below.

As hard as they are, I love the superset challenges. This time it was harder than the one a few weeks ago. 2.25 miles of WORK. 2400m @ mile pace (7:08), 800m @ 1200 pace (6:53), and then 400m @ 400 pace (6:36) all in a row without a break and then once complete an 800m easy pace recovery. This workout went by really fast since it was a lot of adjusting the pace on the treadmill.IMG_0664That afternoon, I drove home to Mobile for one of my best friends, Ann Marie, baby shower.


  • PLAN- 8 mile goal pace run
  • ACTUAL- 8 miles @ 8:01 avg pace.

I woke up early to meet John and his running group again. This time, I could actually keep up. They had plans to do a 5 mile loop a few times so I ran with John for 5 miles and then did 3 more on my own. I couldn’t get over how humid it already was in Mobile. I was drenched and could definitely feel the change in effort due to the heat but I still felt good. There was a gorgeous sunrise over the Springhill College campus.IMG_0632That day, we celebrated baby J! I had SUCH a great weekend with my high school girlfriends. You know it’s a true friendship when you don’t see each other for over a year and it’s like you just saw the person yesterday. That is this group of girls for me. The last time we were ALL together was four years ago.IMG_0942Sunday:

  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- rest day

I tried to sleep in, but I’m not very good at that. I still had a bit of a lazy day working on some things for the wedding and visiting family.

Total Miles for the Week: 31.5 

Such a good week overall. I’m just feeling really lucky these days.

Have you ever had a fun visit from your past? Do you enjoy doing strength training work? Tell me something fun and exciting that happened over your weekend! 

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  • Thanks for sharing the workout! I imagine those 60-second holds are challenging. I will copy this next time I’m at my gym (no Bosu at home, but my gym has them).

  • Looks like you had a great week! Squats on the bosu are so hard! I had to do a ton of them in PT after surgery and I swear they are worse than running a marathon.

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