Bayshore Marathon Week 14

I spent most of the week in Alabama which always makes for some adjustments and trying to find places and ways to squeeze in my workouts.


  • PLAN- 20 minute core work
  • ACTUAL- 1 hour private pilates 

It was nice to get back to my pilates session. We focused a lot on arms, core and stretching out my legs post race. Just what I needed.


  • PLAN- 7 miles. 3×2400 at mile pace, 800m recovery, 1 mile at 1200 pace.
  • ACTUAL-7 miles @ 8:03 pace, 3x 2400 @ 7:08, 1 mile @ 6:53 

Rainy day, treadmill day. This felt tough and I’m assuming it was because I wasn’t quite recovered from Sunday’s race. I worked in Auburn and then Montgomery and was able to stay and have dinner with two of my best friends from high school. IMG_0520 IMG_0528Wednesday:

  • PLAN- 9 mile endurance run, 45 minute muscle imbalance
  • ACTUAL- 9 miles @ 8:41 avg pace, 30 minute muscle imbalance

I was up really early with the time change and decided instead of running around an outdoor mall area, I would just go ahead and drive south and work early so that I could run along the water in the afternoon. Hmm. Big mistake. It was HOT. I don’t know how it can go from freezing to almost 80 and humid (and the next day cold again) but it did. And, I wanted to quit. It was the same route I ran with Rich over the summer on an 18 miler that I hated, so lesson learned. NEVER run this route again. IMG_0534The muscle imbalance work requires a bosu ball and bands…and I had neither of those so I just did what I could on flat surface. It was better than nothing, right?


  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- rest day

Work and wedding planning!


  • PLAN- 6 miles. 10 min warmup, 3×1 repeats at 1200m pace, 800m recovery b/tw
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles @ 8:40 avg pace. 3 x 1 @ 6:53 pace

I hit up a local gym and used their treadmill to get this one done. I’m getting REALLY bored on the treadmill lately and must find something to entertain me. Worked and did more wedding stuff the rest of the day. IMG_0544Saturday:

  • PLAN- 20 miles easy run
  • ACTUAL- 20 miles @ 8:53 pace

I met the local running group that my friend John runs with nice and early at 6am. Gotta love EST where the sun is up at that hour. I love this group, they are super nice, but all seem to run their long runs at WAY too fast of a pace for me. They had 11 miles planned. I ran as slow as I could for the group and was in the back and I swear to you, it was in the mid to low 8:00 range (sorry Coach, I slowed down A LOT once I left them) and some of them had to be running 7:40ish range. I wanted to scream at all of them that long runs are supposed to be slower but kept my mouth shut. Oh what you learn from a coach. Once we got to a road where I knew where I was and that was safe, I left them and finished the last 12 or so on my own (since it was supposed to be easy).

I ran through the University of South Alabama’s campus which I really enjoy and then ran around the Springhill are and Springhill college to finish up. Nothing quite like having your 20 miler done before 9am.IMG_0561I spent the rest of the day wedding planning. Now complete: party venue, invitation person, cake person, food person, and registered at 4 different local stores (yes, I did cake testing- my cheat for lent since it had to be done). All of the go, go, go left me sick. I had been fighting a cold for a good week and it caught up with me Saturday afternoon. I was asleep by 8pm and slept 10 hours.IMG_0556Sunday:

  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- rest day

It was a bit bittersweet leaving Mobile. My dad has decided to downsize and sell the house I grew up in and it is HARD to let go. I have to go home again in a few weeks and hope they will still be there, but seeing this sign in the yard made it all more real.It will be odd not having a “home” to go to.IMG_0563I made the boring drive home and went straight to the couch for more resting and down time. It was nice to get home to Rich and Olive!

Total Miles for the Week: 42

Another solid week of training. It was nice to get back to Alabama and see so many family and friends and to get so much done for the wedding. I truly love that my home state is part of my territory.

Is your family still in your childhood home? Do you like wedding cake? Traditional flavor or something different? Do you have a favorite podcast(I must try something new on the treadmill since I no longer have an Ipad)?  

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  • Yep, my parents have lived in the same house since 1984. I think I’d be ok if they wanted to move though.

    Wedding Cake: Do what’s best for you. We went with Costco cake because it’s delicious and inexpensive. My best friend did cheesecake, because she really loves it. Other friends had a pie bar. Yet another did gourmet cupcakes.

    Podcasts: This American Life, Invisibalia, Radiolab, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me,

  • OMG cake testing is probably my favorite part of wedding planning! We had the BEST cake and I got none of it because my crazy MIL decided she’d make a freaking unplanned speech for an hour (no lie) at the reception. Can you tell I’m still ticked almost 17 years later? Haha!
    Great week! Cannot believe you’re seeing almost 80 already. It hit 40 here and I’m dancing in the street!

  • I suddenly running in 80 degree humidity would throw me for a loop too. I seriously don’t know how you are doing these treadmill runs without anything to watch. Can you prop your laptop up? I’ve don’e that before for some reason on the one we have. If you haven’t listened to Serial yet, you have to get on that. In general, I don’t get into Podcasts, but I listen to audiobooks a lot on my runs. That’s sad about your dad’s home. My parents still have the house I grew up in, but are likely selling it in the next two years.

  • I grew up in a military household so I have never had that sense of a house being “home”… But it is definitely the people that make it feel like home!

    For podcasts, you MUST check out Serial!

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