The Best Bling Yet

A little over 10 months ago, I had plans to run Ragnar Trail relay for Nuun with several of my girlfriends. A few days before the race I started chatting with a guy on twitter about race weather. Within a few minutes, he had added me as a friend on Facebook and Instagram.

Funny enough, I knew exactly who Rich was. We actually are both Team in Training alums and in Atlanta and you get to “know” people through Facebook, even when you really don’t know them (tagged in mutual friends pictures aka stalking). I had also asked my girlfriend Kelsey about a year prior to all of this who he was and what was his deal (he was dating someone, so I left it at that).

So, I was pretty excited when we both said we would look for each other at Ragnar (he was running with some Team in Training friends). I filled the girls on my team in on my interest and we were on the lookout. He walked up to the Nuun tent in MANDALS. Legit, had on socks with Adidas flip flops but I was able to overlook it (it was a trail race afterall). Jesica kind of knew who he was from her triathlon team (they were both on Team Podium) and they snapped a pic. We saw him a few times again throughout the weekend and that was that.1546204_10152065235464849_5360480560035261082_n IMG_9379Several days later, he messaged me on Facebook asking when we were going to go on a run together. Was this a RUNDATE!?!?! I fired off a few texts to my girlfriends in excitement and couldn’t believe I agreed to get up and meet him at 5:30 (I was not a morning runner at the time). I was super pissed when a cold front came through and I had to bundle up and not wear something cute, but he didn’t seem to care. We chatted the entire run and around mile 8 of our 11 mile goal he filled me in that he was only supposed to run 2o minutes.IMG_6537I felt like I learned so much about him and that we had so much in common. We went running again at a group run for Boston and then a few days later for what I call our official first date, since we grabbed coffee after.IMG_6643Kim and Corey both got to hear so much about the beginnings of the relationship and what we were or weren’t, and the dates and the texts and all of the things you go through in the first phases of getting to know someone. I swear, I spent the race weekend in Kansas and then in Wisconsin/Chicago trying to figure him out. A few dates and weeks later, we went to dinner and we made it official: no more seeing other people, it was just going to be us.

Fast forward through some pretty amazing months of travel, racing, family, fun, etc. I’ve known for a while I would spend the rest of my life with this man….I just didn’t know when it would happen. Anyone who knows me and has seen us together would tell you how well we compliment each other, how funny he is, how kind hearted he is, and how much he cares about me. 10446084_10152082797677757_4438435044540354702_o IMG_7908 IMG_8048 10477141_10152668590515782_3732698332738286408_n IMG_8906 IMG_9612 IMG_9922 IMG_9928I spent most of last week out of town for work in Birmingham and had plans to come home on Friday. Rich always asks me to let him know when I’m leaving and plan to be home so I told him lunch time-ish depending on how long I was at my last call. When I made it home and walked in the door, I found this.IMG_0258To be honest, flowers and what I call “a happy” is not out of the norm for Rich. So, I snapped a pic to send to him at work and say thanks. As I looked closer, the package had instructions. I opened the gift and found…IMG_0261Followed by instructions to open the gift on the bed. I went to the bedroom and found the sweetest card and these.IMG_0262I started to wonder if this was really happening. “H’s” are a no-no until it’s official. So, I went to the third clue, the mailbox. Inside the mailbox, I found this…IMG_0263BUT, no Rich.

I heard the door open and when I turned around he was on one knee proposing. I was in absolute shock and tears and smiles and all the emotions. I spent the next few hours on the phone with loved ones and sipping on celebratory champagne.IMG_0267 IMG_0260 IMG_0271Rich had originally told me we had dinner plans to grab sushi and I tried to get out of it to have a lazy night but figured we should go out and celebrate. To my surprise, not only had he planned the sweetest proposal, he planned a post-proposal/engagement party with some of my closest friends.IMG_0290 IMG_0292It was a perfect way to end the day with loved ones. I’m pretty sure I’ve spent the weekend on cloud nine, constantly looking down at my hand in shock, and trying to sort through some wedding planning.IMG_0285For all the bling that hangs on my walls that I love, this new piece is definitely my favorite. Who would’ve thought that the random guy from a trail race would end up being my love, my partner, my rock, and my FIANCE!!! I can’t wait to marry this man.

A special thanks to Nuun Hydration for giving me that Ragnar team last year, to Ragnar, to Team in Training, and social media. Had it not been for those three things, we never would’ve met. (If you made it this far, thank you for putting up with my mushy post and don’t worry- this blog WILL NOT become an ode to my wedding planning)

If you are in a relationship, how did you meet your significant other? If you are married- did you have a big or small wedding? Love or hate the planning? 



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  • Awww…I love this so much! Congrats to you both. Sounds like such a perfect match. Enjoy all the planning and getting ready for your big day. You’re going to be a beautiful bride!

  • Aw congratulations! I love the story – it’s so sweet and thoughtful 🙂 And I love “the best is yet to come.” You are glowing, I hope you had a great weekend celebrating. One of my first dates with Brian was a run date too….and he fell in the middle of the run – he was mortified. We had a relatively small wedding and it was perfect for what we wanted. The planning is a lot of work, but every bit of it was worth it!

  • Congratulations!! This post is super cute. And who would have thought you would meet your future husband through Nuun and Ragnar? Crazy!

    I met my fiance online; I had just moved to Columbus and he had just gotten out of a relationship a couple of months ago. (Gosh, that was FIVE YEARS AGO.) Anyway, one of our first dates together was also a run – 10 miles. Turns out he hadn’t run more than 4 miles in years. Whoops.

    We’re getting married in May in NYC (one of our favorite cities and our very first trip together). Honestly…we’re kind of wondering why we didn’t just elope. Our families are starting to get antsy by the fact that we’re not doing it the traditional way. (We’re getting married at City Hall on a Friday and Saturday is just a big dinner party at one of our favorite restaurants.) But I think wedding planning is different for everyone and it really depends on what your expectations are! Enjoy the process! Congrats again 🙂

  • Omg this gave me goose bumps! What a special and perfect proposal! I hated the planning, everybody said, it’s your choice, it’s your wedding BUT … So we decided on a wedding moon in Jamaica and it could not have been more perfect!

  • So happy for yall! Sounds like such a sweet proposal!

    My husband and I met through running, he proposed to me on a morning run, and we had a short engagement; less than 100 days! We had about 250 at the wedding. I loved planning, but when minimal.

    I say if you have the man, just get married!

    Excited for yall!

  • Congratulations! My wife and I met when she was teaching at the Governor’s Honors program in Valdosta. I was visiting friends who taught there, and we got to talking. Later, I sat down at the computer she had been using when we were introduced, and her Facebook was still open on it. That gave me an opening to add her as a friend. So, social media helped us, too! Didn’t set out to have a big wedding, but it got large. The planning is hard; it’s hard to decide how to spend your budget. We had a wedding that was very much “us”–some conventional things and some unconventional things–and I think that that is most important.

  • Congrats! It was so amazing to have a front row seat to this relationship–from that relay (if I hadn’t had my marathon the weekend before, I could’ve been there to witness the meeting first hand) to your first run together, to the coffee date, tomaking it official, to knowing he is THE ONE. I am so, so happy for y’all. Hooray for TNT and social media! Love you both!

  • Just popping in to say CONGRATS and you look amazing in all of your pictures. You are going to be a gorgeous bride. Enjoy your wedding planning and congrats on your BQ!!!!

  • Congratulations!! How exciting!!

    We had a medium sized wedding. Honestly if I could go back I would have kept it smaller. We paid for it ourselves and it was costly! The planning itself I thought was fun…sometimes stressful…but mostly fun!

  • I love this!!!! I am so stoked you and Rich found each other, he is definitely one of the nicest and funniest guys I’ve met since moving to Atlanta. It’s always great to see you guys out and about on races, I’m still hoping at some point he can talk you into Triathlon! Congrats again you guys! I still remember your face when I offered you my dorothy costume at that TNT benefit last spring, haha. Love a fellow costume runner!

  • That is just an adorable proposal. Congratulations. I’ve enjoyed watching your love story unfold on the interwebs. I met my husband when I wasn’t looking. We had a small destination wedding that couldn’t have been more perfect.

  • Yay i’ve been waiting to see how he did it, adorable. Sooo sooo sooo excited for you. I knew with all the crap you dealt with the year before something amazing was going to happen… and it just so happens his name was Rich. Congrats again E. Your story gives me hope 🙂

  • I’m so glad you blogged about the proposal since I missed the run/storytime on Saturday! I loved the way you told the story – you two are obviously so in sync. So excited for you! Congratulations!

  • Absolutely Wonderful!
    I’m so happy and pleased for the both of you.
    Allow Connie and I with much joy and love to welcome you to the family.
    We are all thrilled for the both of you.
    We new when we met you that you wee a special lady, and couldn’t help but hope that you were “The One!”
    Your story was very sweet and heart warming, thank you for you beautiful post.
    Love you both!!

  • I don’t comment on blogs and I’m so not a sucker for engagements, but that ring is gorgeous and I had to set aside my grinchy-ness to say so! Congrats!

  • This all makes me so, so happy. I am thrilled for you and grateful that I got to be there that first day when the wheels started turning in motion. What beautiful pictures you guys have captured during your first year together. Rich is right that the best is yet to come. Wishing you a wonderful engagement, wedding and life full of many amazing miles together. Love you!

  • Oh my gosh, I’m so happy for you! That is so sweet how he planned everything- it seems just perfect! I had a small wedding, maybe 30 people. (It was the 2nd for both of us) I know a lot of brides to be get stressed and become bridezillas, but I absolutely loved the planning. I loved every second of it. Congrats!

  • Congratulations! That ring is beautiful and his proposal was so sweet! I got married in 2012 and we had 150 guests. I loved wedding planning. The time goes by so fast, so try to enjoy even the parts that aren’t all that pleasant, haha.

  • Such a sweet story! Congrats to ya’ll 🙂 I got married this past October, it was beautiful and stressful so my advice is to TRY and keep it simple!

  • Ah, I love this post! You all are too cute and I am so excited for you! Great job Rich on making it a surprise and picking out a stunning ring!

    Let’s see, Bryan and I met at work, but I turned him down and said no when a coworker tried to set us up before we ever went out. 3rd times the charm! 🙂
    Wedding planning is so intimidating to me! I’m not girly enough to pull it off and maybe that’s why we are dragging our heels!

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