Bayshore Marathon Week 9


  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- sports massage and yin yoga

I decided over the weekend that I needed to relax. I scheduled a massage and went to another yin yoga class through Class Pass with Jes that night. There really is nothing better than decompressing with a stretch style yoga class.IMG_0235Tuesday:

  • PLAN- 8 miles. 1 mile endurance pace, 6 miles goal pace, 1 mile endurance pace 
  • ACTUAL- 8 miles 8:12 avg pace

I drove to Birmingham early and was able to get my run in that afternoon right as it was getting dark. I felt GOOD. It took some holding back to stay within goal.IMG_0244In order to travel for work and eat on the FODMAP diet, I have to do a LOT of food prep. This what all I took to Birmingham and still had to have a few meals out. IMG_0237Wednesday:

  • PLAN- 8 mile endurance run
  • ACTUAL- 8 miles 8:59 avg pace

All of last fall, I missed the group runs at Trak Shak in Birmingham on Wednesday nights because my speed work was always on Wednesdays. This was my first time in town with a regular run on a Wednesday and I decided to try and meet a few new people to run with. I’m SO glad I did. I ended up running with a group of men and one of the guys went to my high school (about 10 years older) so we had a lot to talk about during our run.

I left early to have dinner with my sorority sisters, but the running store has a keg and everyone hangs out after their runs. Pretty awesome deal that I plan on taking part of each time I go to Birmingham now.


  • PLAN- 2o min core work
  • ACTUAL- 20 min core work.

I got up early to get my core work in and then put in another full day of work on my feet all over town. 3 days of non-stop left me exhausted. I went to bed at 8 and was asleep by 9. It was amazing!!


  • PLAN- 7.5 miles. 1 mile endurance, 6×800 w/400m easy btw, 800 easy, 4×400 with 200m easy/btw
  • ACTUAL- 7.5 miles 8:45 avg pace. 6×800 at 3:22, 4×400 at 1:36

I felt so refreshed after all of my sleep and NAILED this workout. I loved it!! It was a fun one to do and I had the hotel gym all to myself. I drove back to Atlanta that morning and came home to a the most amazing lunchtime surprise proposal from Rich leading to a whirlwind of a day and night (and truthfully rest of the weekend!).  IMG_0271Saturday:

  • PLAN- 12 mile endurance run 
  • ACTUAL- 12 miles 8:57 avg pace

I met Jes, Amy and Tricia for our long run at West Stride. After little sleep (way too much adrenaline), this run wasn’t my favorite. The course was boring, hilly, and overall I wasn’t thrilled to be doing it. As usual, it felt good to get it done.

Rich and I met Augusta and her husband for lunch and to pick up my latest piece of her art. OLIVE!! I’m obsessed with it and it will eventually go on my gallery wall once I get a few more things framed.IMG_0280I never thought I would be a bridal magazine person, but I’m not gonna lie, it was fun buying several and starting to look at stuff for our day. IMG_0285I also entered in polyols into my diet for food trial number 3. I had avocado, cauliflower, and mushrooms. It wasn’t a terrible reaction to this group- actually the best so far- but still not great.



  • PLAN- rest 
  • ACTUAL- rest

I volunteer on my sorority alum board so I took a day trip to Auburn and was back in time for the Super Bowl. I definitely needed a full (including yoga) day off.

Total Miles for the Week: 35.5

Gonna put this one down as one of the best weeks, ever. Really, that’s just because of Friday because otherwise I was a ball of stress. Running is still going well- quite perfect actually. I’m loving the balance I’ve found in yoga, too. I’m ready for the FODMAP thing to be over and I’m a little nervous I will have to do this type of diet for the rest of my life based on my symptoms thus far. But again, all in all, a pretty fabulous week!

When you travel, do you bring your own food/snacks? And, do you try to find groups to work out with in the town you are visiting? Art of your pet: yay or nay? 


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  • If you need a race on March 7th, Auburn Opelika Running Track Assoc (AORTA) is hosting the Auburn Classic half marathon/10k. Would love to have you run with us!

  • Sounds like a great week! Congrats again on your engagement 🙂 I feel like work has been pretty hectic for everyone I’ve talked to or read about lately, hopefully the dust settles soon.

    I don’t tend to find groups to run or work out with when I’m out of town, but I do try to run or work out at the hotel gym when I’m away.

  • Yes, congrats again on the marriage proposal. Finding someone to spend the rest of your life with is pretty awesome! I will pack snacks when I travel but not whole meals. I’m not a big group run person in general but I love to get out and explore new places on my feet!

  • I love that picture of your pup! So sweet 🙂 And it really sounds like you had the perfect week to counter all the stress. Way to go with that speed workout, you really did nail it. I’m going to be in Pelham, AL next month for about a week and you are making me think maybe I should check this Birmingham group out!!!

    I’m also really impressed with all of your food prep. I do a lot of prep for us when we are here and we don’t eat out regularly, but I don’t do a lot of prep to take on the road with me. I know it’s not easy, but I’m impressed with how you are handling it.

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