Bayshore Marathon Week 10


  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL-rest day

Honestly, after all the excitement of the weekend and a very long work day, I was way too tired to work out when I got home. I rarely take two full rest days, but I needed it.


  • PLAN- 9 miles. 10 min Z2, 6×1 mile repeats, 400m walk/jog between, 400m near full pace
  • ACTUAL- 9 miles @ 8:18 avg pace. 1 mile repeats all at 7:08 and yoga stretch class

I needed this workout. It felt good to get some energy and stress out and I watched House of Cards (only 1 or 2 more left before I’m finally caught up!). That night, I met Jes for a another restorative yoga stretch type class.


  • PLAN- 9 miles endurance pace
  • ACTUAL- 9 miles 8:47 avg pace

Jes and I haven’t had an early morning weekday run in a while, and it was great to have someone to run my weekday longer mileage with. The sunrise wasn’t so bad, either.IMG_0301Thursday:

  • PLAN- 20 mins core work
  • ACTUAL- 15 mins core work plus private pilates

I worked my way through my core workout before Laura was ready for my pilates session and almost finished. I wasn’t that worried about it since pilates is a whole body, core focused, strength workout.


  • PLAN- 7 miles. 10 min Z2 warmup, 8×800, 400 m recovery
  • ACTUAL- 7.15 miles 8×800 at 3:22, restorative yoga

Another early morning treadmill run before work, more house of cards, and more yoga with Jes. We went to Exhale during lunch (yay Class Pass!) and I swear, it was the best class I’ve ever taken and it helped SO much with my hip. It’s not that I have pain anymore, it’s more of an impingement issue, and this really made me feel better.


  • PLAN- 15 mile easy/recovery run
  • ACTUAL- 15 miles 9:14 avg pace

I had a meeting for my condo so I missed the girls run and had to get up early to get this one in. Rich and I ran 7 together and then I went back for 8 on my own. I’ve definitely gotten used to the girl talk on Saturdays….the last part of my run was pretty lonely!

That night, we went to see The Theory of Everything. Highly recommend!!


  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- restorative yoga 

My third yoga class of the week! This is the class that we hold the poses for 15-20 minutes and I actually feel asleep during one of them. It was SO relaxing. That afternoon, I found MY DRESS!!! After 4 stores and ready to call it a day, the consultant talked me into 1 more that she thought I would love. Turns out, she is good at her job. I feel in love with it and so did Allison, Abby and Sally and that was it.IMG_0329Total Miles for the Week: 40.15

My body didn’t feel like it ran 40 miles for the week, and that’s a good thing. I think the 4 days of running really works well for me. Last training cycle, 40 miles seemed like a lot and this go round, it just doesn’t. I also feel like finding time for restorative yoga continues to be my perfect balance (a nice addition to pilates). The week itself was a bit stressful trying to nail down some things for the wedding, but I got a lot done in that department. September 12th is the big day. Church was booked, photog was booked, dress was purchased and I’m working on the party venue next. I’ve decided training for a marathon is much easier than planning a wedding.

Do you follow a strict training schedule? How many days a week do you prefer to run? Do you have a new show to suggest for me to watch on Netflix? 

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  • Hurray for finding the dress! I absolutely did not want to go dress shopping when I got engaged, but I snuck into a store alone one afternoon. I saw a dress I liked immediately …. and it was $5,000. So I went home, copied it, improved it,and made my own dress. That was the extent of my shopping.

  • Sounds like a great week of training, and yay for getting a lot of wedding stuff done! You got a lot of the big items out of the way, and that helps. Getting married during college football season though, that can be tough! 😉 (That was automatically a no go in our household.)

    Hearing about everyone’s social runs is making me think I need to find some running buddies soon. Training for a half marathon on your own isn’t too bad, but I’d like to tackle the marathon distance in the next 9-12 months, and I can imagine running solo for the entire training cycle will get VERY old.

  • Whoa! You are on top of things! A dress, a date, and a photog already? It took us a couple of months to pull ourselves together before getting those items sorted out.

    We saw Theory of Everything during our Christmas Vacation and loved it, but we are such nerds. Husband is currently reading Stephen Hawking’s book and had me request the ex-wife’s memoir from the library. That actor deserves SO many awards.

    I would suggest Netflix shows to you, but I have a feeling that you’ve probably already watched everything that I have. I guess I’d say watch Drop Dead Diva (love this show- secret guilty pleasure) or Damages (just started this one and even my husband likes it).

  • Yay for finding a dress – how exciting! Also very exciting that you already have so much taken care of We had a relatively short engagement also and I liked that.

    I’m so impressed with your 2 hard core speed workouts a week. I love having a schedule that I follow and I like running 5 or 6 days a week. As for Netflix shows….you heard my thoughts on The Following – it will make the miles fly by, but you’ll have to grab the side bars a few times because it’s scary 🙂 I would definitely recommend Scandal if you don’t watch that yet and I got hooked on Gossip Girl a couple of years ago….it took a few episodes to get into it, but then I didn’t want it to end.

  • You are SO on the ball- I’m impressed (though not at all surprised)! Love that you found THE dress and have the other big things booked/reserved.

    You’re running is going so well (again, not that I’m surprised) – gets me excited to get into my training plan. I do follow a plan when I’m marathon training, but this time around I’m giving myself some flexibility to really listen to my body. I’m continuing to cycle and swim (and lift), so I know if I miss a shorter/recovery run I won’t be hurting myself fitness-wise. Right now, I’ve got 5 days/week of running but I’m considering dropping it to 4 days. We’ll see. As usual, a work in progress.

    I’m about to hit the treadmill and it will be to catch up on Scandal. 🙂

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