Bayshore Marathon Week 8

A good week of balance. Work is already starting off quite nicely this year, I was able to cross train a good bit, runs went well and I was able to catch up with a few friends.


  • PLAN- 45 minutes muscle imbalance strength work, 1 mile at 10K pace
  • ACTUAL- flywheel and 45 minutes muscle imbalance work, 1 mile at 7:13

Decided to do both workouts. The imbalance work was especially tough after a good spin class, but I’ve missed flywheel over the past few weeks and decided to go with my Class Pass membership.

A random note, my baby girl had to have dental work done. If you didn’t know that there was such a thing as a doggie dentist, hope you never have to. She had 8 teeth pulled, leaving her with about 22 overall now. She lost one of her signature canines, but she still looks adorable and her tongue sticks out a bit more than it did. Apparently, small yorkie type breeds have bad teeth. I love her, but dang she is stealing from my race budget. I don’t even want to tell you how much those teeth cost.IMG_0157Tuesday:

  • PLAN- 9 miles: 10 min w/u zone 2 w/5×15 sec pickups, 5×1 mile repeats, 800m easy between, 5 min cool down
  • ACTUAL- 9 miles at 8:23 avg pace. Treadmill with 7:08 first half of mile and 7:03 second half of mile and private pilates session


  • PLAN- 8 mile endurance run
  • ACTUAL- 8 miles 8:37 avg pace and Yin Yoga Class

An early work morning meant an afternoon run. It was GORGEOUS out- around 60 degrees- and it felt great to be outside.IMG_0174That afternoon, I met with Jenny, to go over my 2 weeks of elimination of FODMAP. The next phase was set out for me. Over the next 25 days, each food group will be re-entered individually. The goal is to see if symptoms occur.IMG_0192That night, I went to my first Yin Yoga class by candlelight. I. LOVED. IT. Another nice relaxing and stretching type class with meditation. It was nice to take the class with Jes and Sarah and we all agreed we would be back at Fit2B again (thank you, Class Pass)!IMG_0178 IMG_0177Thursday:

  • PLAN- 20 min core strength
  • ACTUAL- 20 min core strength

Lunch workout! I tried my first food group- oligosaccharides. I had to choose a few foods to try from the list. I went with raisins, onions, and beets. Obviously, not all at once. 🙂 I added raisins to my oatmeal, onions to my salad at lunch and onions and beets at dinner. Most of the day my stomach cramped, I felt bloated and was gassy (sorry, TMI but here to inform how the process works and the results). I emailed Jenny, all of those things are symptoms which means this food group is an issue. If I hadn’t seen symptoms, I would’ve added more of this group on day 2 and then had 3 days back of elimination to reset my body before trying the next group. But, since I had symptoms, I didn’t have to do a second day.


  • PLAN- 8 miles. 15 min Z2 warmup, 7x800s, 400m recovery, 10 minute Z1 cooldown
  • ACTUAL- 8 miles at 8:48 pace. 7x800s at 3:22 on treadmill

I finally had a chance to go to a track and it was raining. So, back to the mill. I’m quickly catching up on House of Cards. For some reason, these were harder than usual- it was really hot in the gym and I just couldn’t cool off (no fans). I’m also wondering if the food the day before had something to do with it?IMG_0193That night, Rich and I saw Selma. Another Oscar nom to our list!


  • PLAN- 13 miles easy/recovery 
  • ACTUAL- 13 miles 9:16 avg pace

Katie met me early to run 3 miles before we ran 10 more with the rest of the girls. I’m loving our weekend group runs. We are changing up the neighborhoods each week and it keeps it interesting and try to grab breakfast after. It’s such a great way to start my Saturday.IMG_0197 IMG_0198Sunday:

  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- Aerial yoga at Sky Gym

I’ve been wanting to try this all month and was really excited I could convince Sarah to come with me. It was such a fun, playful way to stretch. It’s obviously very different than a flow or restorative type class. The silks really help deepen the stretch and allow you to also play with your strengths. Another Class Pass win! IMG_0214 IMG_0208 IMG_0210

I spent the rest of the day doing food prep. This is the hardest part of this FODMAP stuff. I feel like I spend most of my Sunday in the kitchen working on meals for the week. I will admit, I actually love that I have less to do during the week for lunch and dinner but I feel like all the time in the kitchen sucks the relaxation out of my Sunday. I think I hit 4 different grocery stores in 24 hours looking for specific foods. I know it will all be worth it in the end.

Total Miles for the Week: 39

How was your week? Have you ever tried a Yin Yoga or Aerial Yoga class? Do you have a group of friends you can regularly count on to train with?

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  • Awesome job on a great week of training! Great runs and nice job with your two speed days! I’m glad I got to see you twice and I’m loving our Saturdays! You now have me really wanting to go to aerial yoga. We need to go! 🙂

  • Three cheers for ClassPass. We recently got it here in Columbus as well, and I’m obsessed. I went to a restorative yin class this week (as you know, from Instagram) and loved it. I’m used to doing more power/vinyasa/Ashtanga, and I always thought restorative was kind of…lame. But it’s so nice to stretch out and calm the mind, and I’ve totally changed my tune on them.

    I had a decent week of training overall though I’m fighting off some calf pain. I run solo 97% of the time (other 3% is when I’m traveling and I run with my fiancé). I’m actually one of Jesica’s coaching clients and it’s great checking in with her and getting her feedback. I’m hoping to find some other runners nearby who run at about my pace though – I think some social time and real-time accountability would be a nice change-up! I’m weird in that I like to do long runs by myself (and with no music) though. I consider it my running meditation time.

    Good luck with FODMAP re-integration! I can’t imagine life without garlic and onions but a) you gotta do what you gotta do to be healthy/happy/not gassy, and b) I heard that garlic-infused olive oil is A-OK on a low FODMAP diet.

  • I love how much variety you fit into your workout weeks! I hope poor Olive is recovering well from her tooth trauma. My dogs are turning 15 soon and their dental health leaves something to be desired. But even anesthesia is a huge risk for them at this age. 🙁
    I’d love to hear more about your food prep. I need to do this but I never have.

  • While I was pregnant my stomach was just fine and I thought with quitting my job and therefore a big stressor gone that this was my stomach issue. Well, the last few months, my stomach acts up again… I think I should try to elimination diet, but don’t think I’m strong enough to do it. You mentioned you work with somebody. Is this service also possible over phone/email/online?

  • I’m wondering if there is a different in the amount of inulin in certain onions— so far I noticed that sweet onions are a big no no for me (especially cooked), but red onions are okay (unless cooked) So strange and so much to learn.

    So glad you liked aerial yoga, love it but for me can be challenging if the silk height isn’t a bit higher for me so I don’t hit my head. I’ll be interested if you ever explore aerial silks class with all the climbing– that is quite the challenge.

  • Your poor pup! It would break my heart to see my dog go through something like that. I can only imagine what the bill was….yikes.

    I used to have a group that I ran with and I loved it! Right now I don’t have one, but I’m going to be leading up a long run for a local marathon on Sat mornings, so I hope we get a good group of regulars. And I’ve never tried aerial yoga, but I really want to! There is a studio near me that offers it, but I haven’t been able to make the times work yet. Way to go on two days with intervals!

  • Sounds like you were smart with food elimination – right away you’re finding out what irritates you. I do wonder, though, if there is a link to normal flora. I have this theory that your normal flora reflects what you eat – if you eat a lot of beans, for example, over time you will have fewer and fewer GI ailments because your normal flora shifts to mostly bacteria that assists in digesting legumes. The catch, however, is that if you stop eating beans, your normal flora shifts again. Then, when you reintroduce, you experience stomach upset and bloating because you no longer have the necessary bacteria in your gut. Now, that is entirely a made-up theory by moi, but I have been thinking along these lines because so many people I know are doing some sort of elimination diet. Even just things like Whole 30 – when they go back to normal diet, they say, “Oh, my body misses whole, healthy foods! As soon as I ate dairy, I felt sick!” but I suspect it’s just a change in their gut bacteria.
    And I just wrote a book. Do with that comment what you wish 😉

  • Pretty good week for me in training but better with some of that fun yoga. So cool, that aerial yoga looks legit! Never tired it! Nice. Awesome stretching. Have a great weekend.

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