Bayshore Marathon Week 3 & 4

Holidays, holidays, holidays. It’s been a fun, very full, 2 weeks. Training is going well- it’s been a nice slow increase in mileage and workouts- good base building.

WEEK 3 (December 15)


  • PLAN- 6 mile endurance run 
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles 8:39 avg pace

A rare after-work run. It was gorgeous out. I love running during the holidays when houses are decorated.IMG_9768That night, I hosted the 2nd annual Atl Lady Running Bloggers Christmas party. There were several new faces this year, and I loved getting to meet them as well as catch up with my old friends (see instagram for tags). The dirty santa running gift exchange was a success! I had to 2 different Believe I Am journals stolen from me but got Momentum Jewelry Foot Notes instead. I love them and would love a set for each of my shoes.IMG_9771IMG_9769Tuesday:

  • PLAN- flywheel, hip extension/IT strength
  • ACTUAL- flywheel, private pilates 

It had been several weeks since I’d seen Laura, so it was great to get in a pilates session!


  • PLAN- 6 miles endurance pace 
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles 8:52 avg pace

Early morning 4 with Rich, 2 on my own.

Took A to ride the Atl holiday Tradtion, the Pink Pig! She loved it. IMG_9793Thursday:

  • PLAN- rest day 
  • ACTUAL- rest day 


  • PLAN- 15 min. Zone 2 warm up, 6x800s with 400 recovery, 5 min Zone 1; 20 min core strength
  • ACTUAL- 6.5 miles, 15 min warmup, 3:29, 3:25, 3:22, 3:26, 3:26, 3:25, 5 min easy, 20 min core strength 

Another rough one on the active oval. Grrr. Must.Find.A.Track.In.ATL. I was really glad to get these done and had a few coughing fits that led to dry heaving. Guess I worked hard?? I came home and finished up the core work, too.IMG_9810That night, Rich and I had date night with one of my good friends, Katie and her husband, Ryan.


  • PLAN- 8 miles easy recovery pace
  • ACTUAL- 8 miles 9:18 recovery pace

Rich and I ran 5 miles together and I went back out for 3 on my own. We changed up the route a bit which was nice. We spent the day running errands and then had an early dinner at Krog Street Market at Fred’s Meat and Bread.IMG_9815Sunday:

  • PLAN- rest day 
  • ACTUAL- rest day 

I drove Allison, baby A and myself down to Mobile for the holiday.

Total Miles for the Week: 26.5

WEEK 4 (December 22)


  • PLAN- 6 mile tempo run (1 mile Zone 2, 5 at tempo
  • ACTUAL- 8:32, 7:34, 7:33, 7:31, 7:33, 7:37

First tempo run of the training cycle! I went up to Cottage Hill Park and ran several loops- it took me a bit to get a groove but I felt strong.


  • PLAN- flywheel, 20 mins lower body strength 
  • ACTUAL- barre3 class 

Finding spin class in Mobile is pretty impossible. The only one offered was at 6pm and Rich and Chris were getting in town so I decided to skip that idea. Luckily, Barre3 is in Mobile and they had a new instructor training and the class was free. It was TOUGH.IMG_9831I spent the afternoon making lebanese meat pies with Allison and my Aunt Joann. IMG_9837 IMG_9839That night, Rich,Chris, Allison and myself went to the Holiday lights show at the Baybears Stadium. The lights were synced to music (turned to a specific radio station) and we drove through 1.5 miles of entertainment.IMG_9841 IMG_9847 IMG_9873At the end, Rich and I had our picture taken with the creepiest Santa (who bounced me on his knee!!).10881544_10152901476670782_5240264416134206335_nWednesday:

  • PLAN- 7 mile endurance Zone 2 run 
  • ACTUAL- 7 miles 8:24 avg pace

I ran 5 miles on my own through Springhill and then met up with Rich, Allison, and our friends Jennifer and Courtney to do the Annual Santa Fun Run. It’s 2 miles- no chip, no timer. Perfect for maintaining an easy pace. Rich and I ran together.IMG_9912 IMG_9895 IMG_9905Thursday:

  • PLAN- rest day 
  • ACTUAL- rest day CHRISTMAS! 

Santa was super good to me this year. I don’t think I got a single running related gift (my family is over it and they know I will buy what I want myself) and ended up with a lot of nice new accessories and “regular” clothes. We had a great time with my mom in the morning and then my dads side of the family that afternoon.IMG_9922Friday:

  • PLAN- 15 min Zone 2 warmup, 6x800s, 400 recovery, 5 min Zone 1 recovery, 2o min core work
  • ACTUAL- 6.5 miles 15 min warmup, 3:23, 3:24, 3:25, 3:26, 3:26, 3:23, 5 min Zone 1 recovery, 2o min core work

Rich and I headed up to my high school track. SUCH A DIFFERENCE running on a nice flat, regular track. I definitely think it made a difference in my times. It’s funny, I was never a track person in high school so this part of the school holds 0 memories for me- I’ve been on it more in the past 2-3 years than I was in high school.  IMG_9926I think I took 2 naps on Friday and then Rich and I went to see Unbroken. SO GOOD! I definitely recommend seeing it. Favorite quote: If you can take it, you can make it.

I also learned that I was famous on Friday. They used a pic taken at the Santa Run on their website,facebook, instagram and twitter looking for the most heinous, tackiest, sweaters….ha! Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 10.35.05 PMSaturday:

  • PLAN- 9 miles recovery run 
  • ACTUAL- 9 miles 9:17 avg pace

Light mist, perfect running weather. It’s funny how the long, recovery run is just what I need after speed work. It really makes me realize how important an actual recovery run is during training.

After losing at the casinos over Thanksgiving, I decided to have my Nanny’s birthday in town (casinos are in MS 45 minutes away) this year without gambling (her fav-and we’ve gone the past 2 birthdays). I took her shopping, we went to lunch, and then came back to my dads to have birthday champagne and (sugar free) cake. I think she enjoyed her 88th celebration.IMG_9936 IMG_9945Sunday:

  • PLAN- rest day 
  • ACTUAL- rest day 

Lazy day at Dauphin Island. Went for a beach-cruiser bike ride and spent the day chilling with my favorite little one. That night, we had dinner with my high school girlfriends and their significant others. Only four of us were in town, and I’m so glad we got together. IMG_9950IMG_9947IMG_9952

Total Miles for the Week: 28.5 

Yes, the last two weeks have been very FULL. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m thankful to be surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones. Even with everything I’ve done in the past 2 weeks, I surprisingly have had more down time (since I’ve been in AL) than I’ve had in a long time and I’m actually listening to my body and sleeping when I want to.

What was your favorite thing Santa brought you this year? Did you do a holiday run? Do you have a favorite holiday tradition? If so, what is it? Do you ever meet up with other bloggers in your area? 

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  • I love holiday running, too – in fact, it’s a tradition for us (my husband and I) to go for an early Christmas morning run. People still have lights up, the roads are hushed and silent, but every so often you can hear sounds of Christmas from inside the houses: caroling, kids squealing with joy, electronic toys. It’s so fun.

  • Looks like a great 2 weeks! The holidays are always crazy, but in a fun-filled way 🙂 We just got back home last night and I feel like I can hit reset now. I didn’t do a holiday race this year, but I’ve done one before that’s untimed also and everyone ties jingle bells on their shoelaces and it’s at night so you see all the lights up around town – it’s so much fun!

  • Your photo of the oval really captures all of its awfulness! Please let me know if you find a track. I’m on the hunt myself; so tired of the gravel and/or the 2% incline on the beltline.

    I love your sweater-photo-fame! I never run on Christmas or Thanksgiving itself, my family is certifiably nuts so drinking commences early on in the day. I’m the lone non-Auburn-grad so everyone knows how to have a good time 🙂

    I think I’m going to flywheel next Tuesday – hope to see you there!

  • What a busy few weeks you have had! So glad you had a wonderful holiday and got in some awesome running! By the way, I adore that yellow vest! Definitely your color!!

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