And So It Begins…

Two weeks ago, I was poised at my computer waiting for the Bayshore Marathon to open so I could sign up. That same day, I started my official marathon training. Let me back up a bit…

Even though I had a good race at NYC and BQ’d, I knew I was capable of more. Within a few days post marathon, I was contemplating a redemption race (and one with a bit more friendly course).  At first I considered finding another race in 2014 to try again, but my heart wasn’t in it. My body was tired. I wanted to start over so I started thinking about a good spring option for 2015. I debated on Grandma’s Marathon or Bayshore Marathon…and after checking my work schedule and then confirming that Molly, Corey, and several other running friends would be there, Bayshore it would be.758579-1086-0001sIn addition to a marathon choice, I started training with a new coach. Coach Chris runs Rotelli Performance Racing and is also Rich’s tri coach. He was looking to add a few runners to his triathlete mix and it seemed like a good fit.

So it begins…2015 training. And don’t think I’ve just got another big marathon as my goal next year. I would also like to cross 10 new states off my list. I’m lucky that I have found another coach that gets my goals, trusts that I will run races for fun/as training and actually race when I’m supposed to.

So far this is the plan:

January/February: Arizona if I can swing it and/or find someone to join me

March 1st: Arkansas 1/2 Marathon

May 3rd: Flying Pig 1/2 Marathon (Ohio) I had original plans to do a double in Indiana but Coach Chris and I decided that wouldn’t be the smartest idea.

May 23rd: Bayshore Marathon (Michigan)

June 7th: Covered Bridges 1/2 Marathon (Vermont)

July 11th: Old Port 1/2 Marathon (Maine)

I’ve left the fall open for now. I have Marine Corps as a fall marathon option but not sure I will want to go that route. I’m also considering South Dakota, Missouri, Maryland, and Connecticut as a few other states for fall half marathons, but I’m trying to not get too ahead of things.

Have you thought about your goals for 2015? If so, what are they? Where are you running? Want to join me in at any of these races? Have you done any of these before? 

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  • The only race on my calendar for 2015 is the 10k I signed up for in December – I signed up this year, but the director was kind enough to defer my entry! Hopefully I will be running strong on two good hips by then!

  • I’ve been a little behind on planning for 2015. There are a few life things that are up in the air, so right now I just have a wishlist of races. I’ve heard covered bridges is great, but so great it sells out way ahead of time. I’ve never run the Old Port one (it’s newer) but I believe there is free Shipyard at the end and nothing is better than that! And the Old Port is tons of fun (I grew up about 15 miles from there). I’m hoping to get to Maine this year for a race (timing it with my Nephew’s arrival) but I was scoping out the Pineland Trail Festival (also has free Shipyard). I think it’s the same weekend as Bayshore. MDI is on my Maine bucket list as well.

  • Wow, you’ve got a lot on the schedule already! I’m focusing on getting healthy first and foremost, but plan on being back in action for the Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach in March. That’s my only solid plan thus far, aside from using my deferred entry from this year’s Kiawah Island Marathon.

  • I’ve done Bayshore – it’s a good course for a PR, good luck! It’s also a really nice area if you’ve never been. So I was thinking about Little Rock too, but I couldn’t find anyone to go with…..if you are looking for anyone to share a room with, let me know, I would do it! Or if you want to do the Hogeye half for your AR race, you could stay with me – it’s the end of March in Fayetteville (3 hours north of LR). Let me know if either sound good!

  • I love the idea of running in 50 states. Maybe when my kids are older and I can afford it! haha. I’m currently training for Phoenix Marathon in February. Last year I aimed for a big PR goal and totally missed it. This time I’m looking to just shave a few minutes off and pick up a PR. The course looks PR worthy and since I’m training in Utah, the elevation of Arizona should work in my favor as well. Have you checked Utah off your list? If not, I could recommend some of the better races to choose from.

  • Sounds like a good plan, and glad to hear you’ve got a new coach who aligns with your goals/plans too. Flying Pig is a fun course (hilly, but you’re used to that in Atlanta) I hear! I would totally be there cheering you on (or running it myself) but I will be in NYC for my wedding that weekend.

    My goals for 2015 are to go sub-30 for my 5K (fast, for me), PR my half marathon time, and run my first full marathon. Not sure what the year holds in terms of races just yet but I’m eyeing Marine Corps Marathon as well.

    Here’s to a a great year ahead!

  • Maryland! Come to Maryland! I can help you find some races that fit the schedule…

    Sounds like a great plan to me and I think it’s smart that you listened to the fact that you were a tad burned out post-NYC. That will keep you out of the hole.

    I have the Napa marathon on March 1–not so sure 20s in Jan/Feb are going to be any fun around here, but…the post-race wine will be!

  • I’ve been thinking of 2015 a lot. I’d like to add at least 2-4 states next year! I have the NYC Half in March (as part of the American Cancer Society, I figure I’ll see how training for that goes before I plan out the rest of my year. I have a wish list of races in general I’d like to run, won’t know much till I start working full time again to see my schedule. I do have a few races I may do in the NYC/Long Island area in April-May 🙂

  • Reading your 2015 plans is really exciting! Sounds like you are setting yourself up for a fun year! I’m not signing up for anything until after my baby arrives and I see how long it takes me to get back into running (I gave it up around 29 weeks when I started to feel really awkward). Can’t wait to follow along to see how all these races play out!

  • Flying Pig Half Marathon is my favorite race course. The race itself tends to be really well organized and absolutely a blast.
    If you still want to run all weekend, I recommend the ‘Three Way Challenge’ – you can add the Flying Pigs 10K and 5K on Saturday for some extra running and extra pig gear. (That’s what I plan to sign up for.)
    For a fall race, consider Twin Cities 10 Miler.
    I’ll be excited to hear your thoughts on the Flying Pig.

  • I did Little Rock last year… great race! Hopefully the weather will be good for you this year… it was horrible last year 🙁
    I’m pretty sure I’m going to be at the Flying Pig in May… I’m actually considering doing the full after doing the Mini-Marathon in Indy the day before. I’m doing the Dopey Challenge in a few weeks, so I’m going to see how my body does after that challenge before I sign up for the Pig. I’ve only heard good things about the Pig, so I really want to do it!
    I have my schedule thru May figured out… I’m not sure yet about the fall yet either. If I can take Labor Day weekend off, I’m going to Disney for the Dumbo Double so I can get Coast to Coast 🙂 I’m considering Connecticut-Rhode Island double weekend in the fall along with Rt 66 in November.
    Love the 50 state challenge 🙂

  • What a fun plan! I didn’t realize Little Rock was in March when we chatted earlier – I’m all over the place the first two weeks of March. My work travel schedule works perfectly for a destination race in April-July (and even into November, to a lesser extent). I’d be up for Vermont or Maine! Right now I don’t have any races planned beyond Nashville in late April.

  • I’m signed up for Bayshore, too! I live in Atlanta but am originally from Michigan. You will love Traverse City! I just did NYC as well, we seem to be on similar race schedules 🙂 Good luck with your training!!

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