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If you’ve followed along for a the past few years, you know I have a love for all things Christmas, especially decorating the tree. One of my favorite things to do when I travel, particularly racing in a new state, is to get an ornament. It’s always fun to pull an ornament out of the box after it’s been in hiding for a year and bring back a memory of a trip/race (and it won’t clutter your house year round 🙂 ). IMG_6710 IMG_6711

Here are this years newest addition and a highlight of some of my 2014 racing:

Kentucky:  Since the Run the Bluegrass 1/2 Marathon ran all through horse farms and around Keeneland, it was only appropriate to find a horse themed ornament for my Kentucky trip. The race itself was a rainy, super hilly, and hard but I had such a great trip with Molly that the race itself was a small part of the whole weekend. IMG_6708Kansas: Kim and I ran the Wickedly Fast 1/2 Marathon, all themed around the Wizard of Oz, so I wanted an Oz themed ornament. Finding a Kansas ornament was much harder than I expected, even at a Christmas store. It didn’t help that we were in Kansas City, so there was a mix of Kansas and Missouri choices. This was the best we could find, even though I sometimes think the gold isn’t very exciting. It may be hard to read, but the top says “There is no place like home” and has a cut out of Dorothy- my costume for the race.IMG_6705IMG_6712Wisconsin: Another stop-at-every-store-possible in Wisconsin to try and find an ornament. Corey and I had no luck the day before the race and I was SO excited to see a vendor outside the downtown/finish area of the race with hand painted ornaments. This ornament will forever be a favorite because it has the lighthouse that I have my picture in front of post race after my huge half marathon PR. This race will always be a game-changer for me. I started to really realize my capabilities here and the ornament will remind me of that.IMG_6699IMG_6829Alaska: This is one of the coolest ones I got this year. Most of the ornaments I found in Alaska were cheesy and typical tourist junk, this one though is handmade and unique. The ornament is made out of glacier particles and is hand painted. I had to get one with a Moose since I was so obsessed with trying to find them on our trip.  The race in Alaska was another weather challenge- wind and rain. Luckily, Abby, Sally and myself had a full week of adventure that made the trip to Alaska about so much more than the race. IMG_6702Nebraska: I wasn’t really sure what I would find in Nebraska, but was super excited to find a Christmas store in Old Town. I actually had a hard time making a choice between a gold ornament or glass, but since glass are my favorite, I went with corn. Seemed fitting for the state 🙂 The race itself was uneventful. Nothing that was over the top, nothing that made it terrible, it was just a check off of the state. IMG_6704New York: I actually have a Christopher Radko from a trip to NYC several years ago, but I couldn’t pass up a runner girl with the NYC Marathon and year on it. I actually found this 2 weekends before the marathon when I was in town with my mom and sister. I’m so glad I got it. NYCM will be a marathon I will never forget. My first BQ and 20 minute PR and the hardest marathon I’ve ever done. IMG_6703 IMG_6700Ragnar: This one is really for Rich. We decorated our tree and he made the comment that none of the ornaments were his. Obviously, over time, that will change, but I wanted to surprise him. I went on Etsy and found a camping themed ornament, even with an orange tent to represent Ragnar Trail ATL and where we met. Ragnar trail was my first trail race and my first time to go camping and was a weekend full of fun. I will always love this ornament, even though it wasn’t purchased at that event. IMG_6713

There are times that I’ve had to give up looking when I’ve been on a trip and I need a few more. So, if you live in New Jersey, Rhode Island (Providence), Utah or Texas please let me know. I am already looking forward to adding to my collection in 2015!

Does your Christmas tree match or does it tell a story? White or colored lights? Do you collect anything when you travel? Do you have a favorite Christmas ornament?


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