2014, You’ve been a Good One

Today I ran my last miles of the year. I started thinking about where all my Saucony’s went this year, what races I did, who I got to see, etc. It was a damn, good year. I’m not sure I could have asked for a better year after how 2013 went. So here it is in a nutshell….a lot of pictures, links and a summary of my 2014 running.

Total Miles for 2014: 1530.14 

I did a lot of base building the first few months of the year and then focused on speed work and really training. I worked with 2 different coaches and it paid off.

Beer Miles: 1 and 5 beersIMG_70975ks: 2. A PR in one and an AG award in the otherIMG_96598ks: 1. Auto PR- never raced an 8k till this year.

IMG_601210ks: 3. Back to back to back PRs in March, March again and then in July and 2 AG awards. IMG_6158 IMG_6286 IMG_7908Half Marathons: 7. 1 AG award, 1 PR. (see races tab for links to all of them).

Marathons: 1. NYC Marathon. 1 PR and BQ. IMG_6624# of PRs: 5

Not a bionic hip. Just a lot of hard work. PT, pilates (thank you Laura!), and cross training helped balance out the running.

# of new states: 5. Kentucky, Kansas, Wisconsin, Alaska, NebraskaRunTheBluegrass 2014 IMG_6712 635357881293762345IMG_8825 IMG_81731 race for charity: RNR New Orleans with Team in Training. I raised $3,291 for my favorite charity.

IMG_58141 trail race: Ragnar ATL 

IMG_64051 relay race: Ragnar ATL

AG awards: 6. 1 5k, 1 8k, 2 10k, 1 half marathon, 1st place womens trail team award.

Places my Saucony’s took me: GOODNESS. SO many awesome places. I had really forgotten about the places I went outside of racing.

I was able to run in GA and AL A LOT. My usuals included Savannah, Birmingham, and Montgomery for work. I obviously ran a lot in Mobile and ATL because they are home. ALIn addition to my new states/cities:

New OrleansIMG_5839NashvilleIMG_6058Carefree, AZ

IMG_5881Asheville (even though it was the hilliest and pretty ugly during the race, Asheville is gorgeous!)IMG_7445BarcelonaIMG_0571 IMG_0581AmsterdamIMG_8397 IMG_8439Madison, WIIMG_8696NYC, twiceIMG_9176Sanibel, FL IMG_9586Friends I got to run with: 18

SO lucky to see so many friends (too many to tag) this year all over the country, meet a few new ones, and be lucky enough to have found a couple of great local friends to run with regularly, too. Thank you to each of you for being my support! 2014runningfriendsMeet a boy during a race: 1

All my friends had said that’s how it would eventually happen, and they were right. Thankful for Rich and being able to train with him, race with him, and have him join me on my race adventures and be my cheerleader.


Yep 2014, you very much surpassed 2013 (couldn’t get much worse). I’m approaching 2015 with the same hopes, dreams, and excitement.

What were your top 3 running moments of 2014? Could you pick a favorite? Did you keep up with how many miles you ran for the year? 

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  • You’ve had a magnificent year, my friend! It’s been so much fun to see you comeback from adversity. Never say never, right? Here’s to an equally awesome 2015!

  • I just found your blog through Runladylike and I enjoyed reading your post! You’ve had an amazing year in running and in life!
    My top three favorite running moments in 2014: running my first half marathon, running with my husband and our puggle on Thanksgiving, and last week when an easy run all my miles were in the 7:40s!

  • Sounds like an incredible year. I’ve enjoyed reading about the journey!

    My top 3 running moments of 2014:
    – Running every other morning during our annual Outer Banks trip. There’s nothing like running along the ocean.
    – Running a turkey trot in my hometown! I saw my 8th grade English teacher and a few people I went to high school with. Kind of weird but fun.
    – Achieving a new 5K PR, shaving 4:30 off my previous 5K time (in 2011, crazy it has been that long).

    Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings for you!

  • Love it! Such a fun recap. You had fabulous year!

    I don’t think I can pick just one top moment, but the top 3 would include the entire day at Chickamauga Marathon (full for me and first half for Bryan), running my first 50k (with B being a great cheer leader), and the Estes Park Half Marathon (it was just so gorgeous and serene).

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