Running with a side of Cross Training

I eased back into running this week and took advantage of the down time to get back to some of my favorite classes. I was able to do Barre3, pilates, Flywheel, and yoga!


  • PLAN- 4 miles easy 
  • ACTUAL- 4 miles 8:48 avg pace

A nice and easy lunch run. I couldn’t tell if I was getting sick or if it was allergies…it didn’t feel bad, it didn’t feel good. It turns out it was all allergies and for the first time I think in my marathon history I didn’t get sick post marathon. WOOHOO!!


  • PLAN- barre3 
  • ACTUAL- barre3

My first time back at barre since July or August I think. I had put it on hold during marathon training because we (PT, chiro, myself) thought it may have been making my glute/hip issues worse. It was a TOUGH class. It ended up definitely being good for my glute work, but not sure I will be able to keep going enough to validate the membership and will probably just go as an “as wanted” basis.


  • PLAN- rest day/work travel
  • ACTUAL- rest day/work travel

I had to drive to AL and back for a work event, so no time to workout. I still didn’t feel great so I was glad to have a rest day from workouts, but it was still a long day in general (left house at 7:30, home at 9 that night).


  • PLAN- easy run, pilates, PT
  • ACTUAL- 4 miles 8:37 avg pace and private pilates 

A beautiful morning for a run- I swear the leaves changed late this year. It was also my first pilates session since the marathon and it felt great to stretch. I also went to PT. We are focusing on more strength training- but I still needed to have my quad needled. Lamar also taped it to see if that would help. photoFriday: 

  • PLAN- flywheel 
  • ACTUAL- flywheel 

Another back-to-it post marathon. I think it had been a month since my last flywheel class and it definitely showed.


  • PLAN- 6 miles easy 
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles 8:43 avg pace 

I met Jes for a run at Big Peach. Never would’ve thought I would be using cold weather running gear this time of year in the South, but we warmed up quick. I spent the rest of the day cleaning up around the house.image_1We celebrated Olive’s 1 year adoptiversary, too! Her best friend, Nola, celebrated with us. image_4 image_5That night, We went to see Tyler Ramsey play (from Band of Horses). I stayed out later on Friday and Saturday than I probably have in a year!image_3Sunday:

  • PLAN- easy run and yoga
  • ACTUAL- 3 miles 8:31 avg pace and yoga

Another quick and easy run before yoga. This was my first yoga class since before my hip surgery. It felt SO good to relax and stretch and I definitely plan on incorporating yoga back into my weekly training.

That night, Abby and I took a cooking class at one of my favorite local restaurants, Metrofresh. I can’t wait to make all of things we learned about, especially the kale salad. It’s one of my favorite things on their menu. image_2

Total Miles for the Week: 17

I’m loving the freedom of no schedule right now. Easier runs means more cross training, more time with my friends, and finally doing things around my house that have been on my list for months. I’m taking full advantage of it for the next 2 weeks…scheduled training starts again in December!

Do you enjoy going to classes or prefer doing your own workouts without an instructor? Cooking- leave it for the chef or try it at home? 

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