Marathon Monday, GOTR, and an Easy Week

Even though NYC is over, I enjoy tracking my weeks and being able to look back on what I did, how I felt, etc. Post marathon week was NICE. The soreness post marathon only lasted a day or so and all of the walking around NYC really helped. Having REAL rest days felt great and my body definitely needed them.


  • PLAN- rest
  • ACTUAL- rest/marathon monday/nyc

The time change and early bedtime had me awake at 4:15am. I couldn’t go back to sleep, my mind just wouldn’t turn off. It worked out since I had plans to be at Marathon Monday when it opened at 7. Rich and I got there a few minutes before 7 and I’m so glad we did, there were already lines! Rich suggested he get in the medal engraving line for me and I would go in and shop (highly recommend this for anyone who does NYC and goes to Marathon Monday- it got busy and chaotic, fast).

I was VERY excited to finally meet Marcia, in real life. I think her blog was one of the first ones I found when I started blogging several years ago.IMG_9366I picked up a couple of things (love my shirt and jacket!), we went to breakfast, stopped by the Today Show just in time to be on TV, went to the 9/11 memorial, and went back to Central Park because I wanted to see the finish line one more time.IMG_9444IMG_9449 IMG_9439We grabbed lunch and it was time to head home. We did A LOT in a few hours!


  • PLAN- rest
  • ACTUAL- rest


  • PLAN- long walk
  • ACTUAL- 45 minute walk

I was a little sore and decided to take advantage of my down time and go walking with my friend Sally. We went for about 45 minutes. It was nice to go for a long walk and stretch out a bit.


  • PLAN- pilates
  • ACTUAL- pilates


  • PLAN- rest
  • ACTUAL- rest/PT 

I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually went and did something on a Friday night, so Rich and I had a date night and saw Gone Girl.


  • PLAN- 1 hour walk
  • ACTUAL- 1 hour walk

Another nice, long walk. That day, Rich and I babysat A. We went to Hippo Hop for a bit and then hung out at the house while she decided to play in her crib instead of nap.IMG_9461 IMG_9471Sunday:

  • PLAN- Girls on the Run 5K
  • ACTUAL- 3.31 miles 12:27 pace

I was honored several months ago when my friend Victoria asked if I would run the GOTR 5K with her daughter, Ana Sophia. I’ve known Ana So since she was 18 months old…it’s hard to believe she is now 8!

I brought everyone sparkle skirts and Ana Sophia and I had matching schwings to remind her that she could fly! The most she had ever run was 2.2 miles and she was a bit nervous for the 5K. The first 1.5 she was fine, but after that we switched to a run walk.IMG_9499

I reminded her that she got a start a good 20 years earlier than I did. It’s pretty amazing to see what GOTR does for the community and these girls.IMG_9513 IMG_9514I’m not sure she loved the 5k distance but has since said she would like to do more races.

Total (running) Miles for the Week: 3.3

I don’t think I’ve seen a week like this in a year! Obviously recovery is very important post marathon. I will admit, I am very much enjoying the down time, no stress workouts, and more quality time with my loved ones.

Have you ever done a Girls on the Run race? Do you take time off post marathon or continue with training? Do you try new things during the off season? 

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  • I think it’s so great to take time off after a marathon. Sometimes it can be hard to remember that you’re still recovering even when the soreness goes away. After Chicago I took a full week off and I think it was really good for me.

    I love the GOTR 5K! I coached a group of girls one year and loved it! That’s really cool you got to run with one of the girls.

  • I’m feeling a little like a ship adrift without a plan post NYC other than a few turkey trots, I’ve got nothing. But it’s all good! I think sparkle skirts are a must for GOTR. My run buddy and I wore purples ones. This year THing 2 will do it cuz she’s finally in 3rd grade. Cannot wait!
    So awesome to meet you. Feel like I’ve known you for years…I kinda have! YOU GOT THE PURPLE JACKET!!! Gorgeous!

  • I cannot WAIT for my down time (after this weekend). That sounds positively LOVELY to do nothing!!

    The GOTR looks super fun, and what a great start for her! Sparkles DO make you fly!

    I have also found that I like doing weekly recaps 🙂

  • Great week! I did the GOTR race last spring and it was a lot of fun to see everything they do with the girls. I took off a full week after this marathon and now I’m ready to jump back into training!

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