NYCM Training Week 17

At the start of this week, all I could think about was “2 weeks until taper, 2 weeks until taper.” I had another week of really good runs and I’m so happy that my head is really back in this. October is another crazy month for me, I will home every other weekend. This first weekend was out of town.


  • PLAN- 8 miles easy
  • ACTUAL- 8 miles 8:41 avg pace 


  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- pilates 

I’ve decided to give my body a break from flywheel until after the marathon. I love it, but it’s not an “easy” bike class and I’m too competitive to actually make it an easy ride…so I will save that money for a month. 🙂 If I had a gym membership, I would go do an easy ride or the elliptical, but that’s not an option at the moment, so Tuesday was a cardio rest day.

I did make it to pilates and then out to dinner for my bro-in-law’s birthday!IMG_8994Wednesday:

  • PLAN- 8 miles. 2 easy, 4 miles of 800s with 400s easy recovery between each one, 2 miles cool down all on road, not track
  • ACTUAL- 2 easy, 3:42, 3:38, 3:33, 3:47, 3:40, 3:38, cool down total 8:17 avg pace 

Lucky for me, I don’t do any runs on a track (or I should say haven’t this season) so I just ran around neighborhood. The directions weren’t an all out sprint with full effort, more “pick up the pace”, so I’m happy with the results. IMG_9010Thursday:

  • PLAN- 8 miles easy
  • ACTUAL- 8 miles easy

An early, in the dark run.  Since it’s staying darker later, I’ve been moving my runs back a bit so I’m going when it’s light out. I didn’t have a choice with this one, and had to get it all done before taking Rich to his surgery follow up appointment. For safety reasons, I ran up and down the main street in my neighborhood. Not exactly fun and quite boring but there were a lot of runners out.

I find that I am slower when it’s dark out. I can’t see well, even with my knuckle lights!

All was well with Rich’s follow up and the new x-ray really shows the break under the plate. He will haev another follow up in November. IMG_9023I had to work late and then drove down to Mobile for the weekend. We didn’t get in until after midnight (1am ATL time) and I was EXHAUSTED.


  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- rest day

I worked that day and then headed to Bayfest with my Dad. For months, Rich and I had this trip planned to come back for the festival and see Alabama play. They were my first concert ever, and I their music is so much of my childhood and high school years. My Dad was able to get us VIP passes so we watched from the stage.IMG_9038

Thompson Square first…IMG_0773Then Alabama…IMG_0776 IMG_0777 IMG_0785We actually had meet and greet passes that were for after the show. But, the show was still going at 12:15 and I had a 5:15 wakeup call so I decided we should head out. I hate that I missed meeting them, but it was really cool to see them live.


  • PLAN-2o miles easy
  • ACTUAL- 2o miles 8:29 avg pace 

5:15 came EARLY. I was meeting a running group with my friend John (best friends husband) and planned to do 13 with them and 7 on my own after they finished. I ended up seeing a few familiar faces and everyone in the group was super friendly.

They also ran a bit faster than me, but I was okay in the back knowing I needed to add on the extra 7. We ran the first part through Midtown and Downtown Mobile and I climbed the hill into the Springhill neighborhood for the last 7. I felt STRONG. I smiled and smiled the last 2 miles knowing how good I felt (definitely tired, but good). Yes, it was flat and easier than Atlanta, but I will take it.IMG_9049I followed my run with an ice bath, brunch, a trip to Dauphin Island to see Dad’s new house, a visit with my grandmother and watching the Auburn Tigers crush LSU. IMG_9053It was a busy one, but a good one!


  • PLAN- 6 miles recovery/easy
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles easy 8:51 avg pace

I decided to sleep in and go to church in Mobile and do my run back in Atlanta. Yay for fall temps and afternoon running! I would’ve loved to come back and curl up on the couch but I’m glad I powered through and did the recovery run. My legs surprisingly felt good for a 20 mile run and a 4.5 hour drive home.

Bring on PEEK WEEK!!! Only one more long run and then taper. TAPER. TAPER!!!!

Do you remember your first concert? If so, who was it? Do you adjust your run times with the sun being up or the weather changing? 

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  • My first concert was Jon Bon Jovi 🙂 Good job on your long run! Amazing pace! I remember when I met you a few years back at the Wineglass Marathon and you tried sub 4 hours, you have come sooo far since then!!

  • so cool to revist your first concert- mine was red hot chilli peppers. are you wearing a head lamp when running in dark? IF so, you may want to look into higher luz (70+)

  • Was just curious, will your boyfriends plate and screws come out or are they permanent? My daughter broke her leg in 2 bones a year ago and had a plate and screws put in. The surgeon at the time said it would be permanent, but sometimes it bothers her when she squats down. Now he says we can have it removed if we want? Seems so confusing! Anyways, sorry to get off topic. Your long run sounds awesome!

  • My first concert was REO Speedwagon. Yeah that shows y age. In my defense I think I was 15. Cannot believe how quickly our little race is coming up! I welcome the taper at this point!

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