I Want to Be a Part of It…

New York, NEW YORK!!!!!

I really can’t believe the race is finally here. I’ve spent A LOT of time reflecting on this training cycle and how I want this race to go. The taper crazies haven’t been too bad and I’ve actually slept more this week than I have in months.IMG_9180I can look back and see how much I’ve grown and how much I’ve learned in this 21 week cycle. I wanted to start the training early because I was bored with what I was doing and just so excited to have plan again (hindsight, I should’ve waited a few weeks) after not having one for over a year.

I also started with a more aggressive goal than what I am going to shoot for in the race. Towards the middle of my training I felt the pressure of said super intense time goal, one that seemed more unattainable to me and it was messing with my head and confidence. Training in Atlanta in the summer made it hard for me to hit the paces given to me, or maybe my body just wasn’t ready for them. Either way, running wasn’t fun at that time and I ended up in tears more times than I would like to admit. Just because McMillian says you can, doesn’t mean you have to, right??

I hit a few bumps in the road along the way and ended up back in PT. I wasn’t really that surprised considering what my body went through the year before with surgery and my hips/glutes just needed a bit more attention and work to get through higher mileage.

So, back to the present. I feel GOOD. I feel CONFIDENT. I will still openly admit I’m nervous and excited all at once. It’s been A LONG time since I actually raced a marathon. The last marathon I ran for time was in 2011 at Wineglass Marathon (I ran the Goofy Challenge and Big Sur in 2012, but I had no intentions of racing either of them). I can remember chasing the clock to get that sub 4:00.  I’ve spent the last few weeks researching race and spectator guides and looking for tips on the course. I’ve found a few good ones (or at least I thought so).

10 tips for your best NYCM

Tips and Tricks for NYC

Marathon tips for Spectators and Runners

Pacing Spreadsheets (customizable for most races, and a spectator guide)

I would love to run at 3:35 or better if my body will allow me to on race day (you really never know what can happen on race day). I will be thrilled with a sub 3:40 and will be happy with a PR, too. What’s funny is that when I got my bib number and start time, I saw my original goal. I had forgotten what I put down and I apparently had hopes of a 3:43 (no clue why I picked that number). Back in February, that seemed lofty. NYCM was going to be a comeback marathon to see what I could do in 2015. So much has changed since February. I got stronger, leaner, and faster. I set PR’s in the 10K (twice), 5K, and half marathon, leaving me to realize that maybe I was ready to do more.

My TRUE goal for this race is to have fun. This time last year I was training and hoping for a sub 2:00 half marathon again. I was thrilled to be running. THAT, wasn’t that long ago. I’m going to channel that Elizabeth on Sunday. I’m going to smile and be thankful for the year I’ve had, the training plan I stuck to, and the support system that has kept me sane through it all (you know who you are). I’m going to soak in the crowds, the cheers, and try and bottle that emotion up.nycbadgeIf you want to track me, there is an app. My bib is 21031 (blue wave 2, corral c, 10:05 start).

I’m coming for you, New York. I can’t wait to be a part of it.



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