Things I’m Lovin IX

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these!

1. #IMWI. Yes yall. The BIG weekend is here!! It’s Rich’s third Ironman and I am going to be the cheerleader and race sherpa extraordinaire! I can’t wait to experience this day with him and see him cross that finish line. The bigger question is what the HELL do you do for 13 hours between the cheering!?! I will be working on race signs too, so any suggestions are welcome!10678641_10152645283485782_2401493453475062310_nThe other good news is that there will be AMAZING temps in Madison this weekend for my 20 miler. High 70, low 50s. I.CANNOT.WAIT.

2. ROLL RECOVERY R8. I was introduced to this torture device by Corey back in May when I did the Wisconsin 1/2 marathon. It’s pretty amazing. It’s a bit of an investment, but definitely gets into your muscles a hell of a lot more than a stick does. IMG_86183. STATE 25. I haven’t really mentioned it, but state 25 is quickly approaching! I’m heading to Omaha, Nebraska in 2 weeks for the half marathon. I’m already working on a few things for 2015 and hope to knock out 10 states or so next year.

4. SPRING. Not the season, the music app. I’ve tried out several different cadence/music apps and this one is awesome. Seriously. You set the cadence, you pick the music genres/artists you like, and you run. It plays the music that you requested and has a GPS tracker that tells you when you’ve hit another mile. Oh, and it’s free!!!

5. COOKING. I’ve been doing a ton of it lately and trying out several new recipes. One of my new favorites is a chickpea blondie. I know, you think I’m nuts. But they are seriously amazing and no one has had a clue there is no oil, butter, or flour in these bad boys.

I tried a few new cooking light recipes. too. The chicken verde enchiladas were awesome, but definitely not a 20 minute recipe like they say it is (unless you sunday prep). The slow cooker pulled pork with peach bourbon glaze didn’t disappoint either. And even though cherries are out of season (some of the reviews suggested using frozen and it was fine) the pork tenderloin with roasted cherries and shallots and an easy cabbage slaw was out of this world. IMG_8577IMG_8123

Ever cheered or volunteered at an Ironman event? Favorite race sign? Favorite recovery tool? Have you been to Omaha, NE? Have you heard of Spring? 

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  • Wow, thanks for the tip on Spring! I don’t run with music outside but on the rare occasion I run on the treadmill at the gym, I usually want to pull my hair out. This should help a lot!

    Excited to hear what new states you plan to tackle next. I’m headed to Atlanta in a couple of weekends and I’m contemplating a 5K – or I might just wait for a longer race and make it a vacation next time around.

  • I think it is hilarious that I am just getting around to reading this post, but I totally picked those same two recipes to try out of the cooking light magazine last month. Loved them both.

  • Love the sound of those chick pea blondies, I will definitely be giving them a try. As a veggie, I’m always looking for more ways to pack in the protein! We were thinking of you today when we ran the Diva Half in PTC. I know you love your bling, and there was SERIOUS bling!

  • I am impressed with the chickpea blondie recipe. I need to check Spring too. I purchased Cruise Control and don’t really like it.

    Can’t wait to see what states you travel to next year.

    Good luck in Omaha!

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