NYCM Training Week 13

A week of highs and lows. Seems to be the norm for me as of late. Part of the week was in Atlanta, the other part in Madison, Wisconsin.  I’m including a lot about our trip to Madison in this post and will write up my Ironman experience next.


  • PLAN-8 miles. 2 easy, 4 at tempo (7:00-7:20), 2 easy
  • ACTUAL- 8 miles, 2 easy, 2.62 tempo (7:38, 7:32, 7:16), 3.38 easy 

The week of running started off HORRIBLY. Since it was the holiday, I leisurely got up. BIG MISTAKE. That hour really made a difference in the heat. I started out and was just off. When the tempo part started, it was slightly uphill and it just mentally wore me down. I had to pause several times to catch my breath and I was ready to call it quits (aka in tears). My garmin was starting to die, and honestly, I was so glad that it finally did.  I listened to me body, and ran back easy.


  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- flywheel, private pilates, PT

Great cross training day. More glute work and retaping at PT. This seems to really help.


  • PLAN- 10 miles easy
  • ACTUAL- 10 miles easy 8:45 avg pace

Rich ran the first 6 with me and then I went back out and did the last 4 on my own. It was nice to get started early and be with Rich on his last run in Atlanta before we left for Wisconsin.IMG_8662Thursday:

  • PLAN- 8 miles easy
  • ACTUAL- 8 miles easy 8:41 avg pace

We made it to Madison, grabbed lunch at Good Food food truck (sweet potato pleasure salad FTW), met our Airbnb host (PERFECT location- 3 blocks or so from the IM village), and hit the IM expo and info meeting.IMG_8691There wasn’t enough time to squeeze in my run before our flight to Madison, so I made plans to run that afternoon. The humidity was insanely better, but running at 4pm in mid 80 degree weather isn’t something my body is used to but I still felt pretty good. Rich rode his bike next to me for 5 miles and then changed and ran the last 3 with me. The run itself was really pretty. Madison is linked by tons and tons of pedestrian trails that go for miles and miles. It makes it VERY easy to stay active and out of traffic.IMG_8692 IMG_8693 IMG_8700He could’ve killed me post run though, I chugged my recovery drink and protein because I was so thirsty and ended up sick. Kinda funny looking back on it, and I’m pretty sure I will never live that down. I also haven’t attempted any of my Vega products since then. Oops.

We enjoyed a nice dinner Tornado Steak House and then walked around downtown Madison.


  • PLAN- rest 
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles easy 8:52 avg

The more I thought about the weekend, I decided I wanted to give the Ironman my full attention on Sunday, so I moved my easy run to Friday morning. The temps had dropped drastically and it was gorgeous! I finished and went with Rich to his practice swim at Lake Monotana.IMG_8706One thing I loved about this race was having other ATL friends in town! I’ve known Katie for several years from Team in Training (she switched to tri’s a year after we met) and her husband Carlos is tri-sherpa king. Rich and Katie are both on Team Podium in Atlanta, so they are friends, too. Katie and Rich did their practice swim while Carlos and myself discussed race spectating strategy.

Later that morning Rich and I had brunch at Short Stack Eats and I had the most amazing sweet potato and oatmeal pancakes!IMG_8709We drove the bike course that afternoon and it looked challenging. Lots of rolling hills and turns and gravel on the course but Rich seemed fine with it. The non cyclist in me was definitely freaking out.IMG_8716That night we had dinner at the Tipsy Cow.


  • PLAN- 2o miles easy 
  • ACTUAL- 20 miles easy 8:45 avg pace

I was thrilled when I found out some other ATL friends that were spectating the race needed to run long on Saturday, too. They planned to run for 2 hours, so I got up and did 6 on my own before meeting up with them. We ran the IMWI race course (it’s a 2 loop course) and I was excited to be able to tell Rich what to expect on the run.IMG_8722I LOVED it. We ran through campus on a game day, so it was fun to watch the tailgaters, but odd not to be partaking in the fun. The city of Madison is just unique with the lakes, pedestrian only streets,  and paths and trails.IMG_8726Once I finished, Rich and I dropped off his transition bags, had brunch at Marigold Kitchen, and walked around the farmers market.IMG_8729 IMG_8730 IMG_8731Our goal was to be home by noon and relaxing all day…which we did and finished Orange is the New Black Season 2. That night we had dinner at Weary Traveler and were asleep by 9:30.


  • PLAN- 6 miles recovery
  • ACTUAL- rest and IRONMAN sherpa and cheerleader

Again, this day needed to be all about Rich and his race….so rest day it was! We were up early, 4:30 I think? I had time to get dressed, eat a picky bar, and head to the start with Rich, Katie, and Carlos. To sum it up, the day didn’t go as planned, but it truly deserves a post of it’s own. That’s coming up next.IMG_8737

Total Miles for the Week: 52

 Does your city have pedestrian friendly paths? What’s your favorite meal of the day (mine is obviously brunch)? Is it cooling off where you live or still super hot? 

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