Running Rituals

A few weeks ago when I was getting ready for the Peachtree, Rich asked me what I had on my wrists. Ever since Hood to Coast, I wear my endorphin warrior bracelet that says “believe” and a bracelet that Jess brought for each of us (her niece made them) to every single race I run. I guess it’s my superstition or running rituals.IMG_4443

I realized in my running life I have a lot of rituals/habits. In addition to the bracelets…

1. I eat the exact same thing for every race over a 10K. I used to eat a bagel with peanut butter but have since switched to ezekiel bread with almond butter. I also always have a water bottle full of a caffeinated nuun (depends on my mood but right now Cherry Limeade Nuun Energy).

2. I always run and race in my Nuun hat. Same thing as the bracelets; unless it’s pitch black out, I run in my Nuun hat. If it’s a weekday early morning short run, I will do a Sparkly Soul band, but 98% of the time you will find me in my hat. nuunhat3. I always race in compression socks. I typically do all of my runs over 6 miles in them, too. Just habit. I go back and forth between Swiftwick and Procompressioncompression4. I always run and race with my phone in my fitletic belt. Part of it is for safety and the other part is for spotify and my race tunes. My inhaler is always in my fitletic belt, too. IMG_03565. I save every race bib and write down my stats from every race. I like to look back and see how far I’ve come. IMG_6805

Do you have a set of running/racing rituals or do you change it up?  Do you run in a hat, visor, or nothing? Do you run with a belt? 

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