NYCM Training Week 8

I had every intention of writing as I went along on vacation but that didn’t happen…

Week 8 was quite amazing! My miles were split between Barcelona and Amsterdam and I somehow managed to get them all in.  Since I was traveling and my glutes/hip had been bothering me, Jess decided to make them all “easy” miles with no speed work. I was SO grateful considering how tired I was on the trip! More on each city later…but just like Alaska, it was nonstop. I had to do a little bit of rearranging because of tours and travel days but it all worked out.


  • PLAN- 8 miles easy
  • ACTUAL-2 miles plus 5.31 miles on the Barcelona run tour avg 9:31 pace

I did an easy 2 miles out and back from our apartment in Barcelona and then Abby and I went to meet Robin, our run tour guide. The only tour that fit with our schedule was the Old Town tour. It was AWESOME. My love for running and traveling all into one activity. We learned a ton about Barcelona and got to also learn our way around the city. There was a lot of stopping and going so the tour was over an hour and a half…but we loved it.IMG_0571 IMG_8306That night was our walking wine and food tour. A FABULOUS night with great food, friendship and a lot of wine.IMG_6088 IMG_8328Tuesday:

  • PLAN- rest
  • ACTUAL- 7 miles easy around Barcelona/Barceloneta 8:39 avg pace

Wednesday was going to be a busy day so I got up and did my Wednesday workout  and added a mile to make it all even for my weekly totals. It was almost a game running through Las Ramblas (think shopping and tourist strip) early in the morning and seeing how crowded it would be on my way back.

I ran out to the beach area, Barceloneta, and back the exact way I came.IMG_8329 IMG_8330That afternoon we went to Segrada Familia.IMG_0621Wednesday:

  • PLAN- 6 miles easy
  • ACTUAL- rest day

It was our last full day in Barcelona and Abby and I got up super early to head to Montsurrat for the morning. We came back after lunch and shopped the rest of the day. I’m pretty sure we walked a good 6 miles total for the day!IMG_6285 IMG_6326Thursday:

  • PLAN- 6 miles easy
  • ACTUAL- rest day

Our flight to Amsterdam was at 7:05 in the morning. There was definitely no running to be had on this day and I knew that. Spent the day getting acquainted with Amsterdam and starting it out with Heineken and then a group dinner.IMG_6355 IMG_6359Friday:

  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles easy 8:38 avg pace

I got up early and did an out and back easy run. I LOVED running through the canals but didn’t want to get lost so I stayed on an easy path. That day, Abby and I rented bikes and then did a bike tour. A VERY active day and my favorite one in Amsterdam.IMG_8399 IMG_6366 IMG_0667Saturday:

  • PLAN- 18 miles easy
  • ACTUAL- 18 miles easy 8:53 avg pace

I was dreading this. I woke up at 6:15 or so to get out the door to make it back in time for a little sightseeing before Pride. After learning my way around on Friday, I ran to Vondelpark and looped it twice. Thank goodness for port-o-potties in the park!IMG_8419I ran back towards the house in case Abby decided she wanted to bike out to the countryside (where I planned to run from our tour on Friday). Her phone was still on silent and she missed my text that I was back so I went out on my own for the final 11. I followed the Amstel River but somehow got a little off (based on the way the roads ran next to it). I thought it was going to be simple, so I did my best to follow my off path back but somehow was screwed up.

I did A LOT of starting and stopping and pulling out my map. I finished 18 miles and was completely lost. I tried not to panic, but I didn’t have cell service, couldn’t get a cab to stop and couldn’t figure out what street I was on from the map.

I knew a lot more time had passed than it should have and that Abby and the boys would start to wonder where I was. THANK GOODNESS I saw a cop car and he stopped. I was in tears at this point (thirst, hunger, lost) and he drove me back to our condo approximately 1 mile from where I was “lost.” Oops. When I uploaded my garmin stats, my moving time was 2:39:54 and my total time was 3:05:44. THAT tells you how lost I was and how many times I stopped.

I actually felt really strong on the run. I could’ve easily have kept going if I needed to and that made me feel good.

That day was spent at the Pride Parade! It was fabulous!IMG_0720 IMG_0718 IMG_0726Sunday:

  • PLAN-6 miles recovery 8:55-9:40 avg pace
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles recovery 9:06 avg pace

Another early morning. I got up and decided to run back to Vondelpark because it was so easy and pretty. I ran through Museum park on my way out to snag an empty IAMsterdam picture (it was insanely crowded during the day).IMG_8433 IMG_8434Abby and I went to the Van Gough museum, returned our bikes and then it was time to catch my flight back to the states.

Total Miles for the Week: 44

I can’t wait to share more about the week soon! It truly left me craving more travel and more passport stamps and I felt so lucky to be able to see both cities by foot.

Have you ever done a run tour? Do you get your runs in on vacation or skip them? Do you prefer a lazy, beach week vacation or an active, touristy type vacation? 

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