NYCM Training Week 11

Hooray for step back weeks! My body definitely needed it, and Jess decided to just have me do all of my weekday runs at an easy pace.


  • PLAN- 6 miles easy 7:50-8:50 pace
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles easy 8:10 pace

I needed to run early and didn’t feel comfortable running around downtown Montgomery in the dark when I didn’t really know where I was going so I stuck to the treadmill. Another episode of House of Cards, so I was fine with it!IMG_8523I drove to Mobile/Fairhope that afternoon for work.


  • PLAN- rest/spin
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles easy 8:35 pace

Another early morning and I didn’t want to run in the dark alone around Fairhope so I held off until I drove back to Montgomery. To put it in perspective I drove 2.5 hours to Montgomery on Sunday, 2.5 hours to Mobile/Fairhope on Monday, and 2.5 hours back to Montgomery on Tuesday. A LOT of car time. I made it back to Montgomery around 6:45 and went straight to the gym. Yep. Another House of Cards. Seeing a trend?IMG_8536Wednesday:

  • PLAN- 6 miles easy
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles easy 8:50 pace

I finally made it outside. I made a lot of loops around downtown Montgomery and felt like I had a little history tour. The run felt hard. It was humid and I was tired and didn’t loosen up until about mile 5.IMG_8540

After finishing up work in Alabama, I headed back home to the ATL. There really isn’t a better feeling of heading home after a long couple of days on the road.


  • PLAN- 6 miles easy
  • ACTUAL- flywheel, private pilates

I flip flopped my Tuesday/Thursday schedule for my work travel. It felt good to get back to flywheel after a week off from it.

I had PT that morning and I was dry needled again. The pain in my back and glutes was pretty bad by the time I was in (had been two weeks since I was needled) and Lamar, my PT, decided to needle my right hip along with my left and right glute and my back. Yes, all of it is a bit of a mess. I learned another new exercise to do daily to try and get my left glute to fire again. Somehow, I guess in all the PT on my right surgery hip, my left one became more weak?

Lamar also decided to tape my glute. It was quite comical to look at in a mirror, but man, I felt like a million bucks. The conclusion is my right hip is tight and my left glute is pulling. I could have a possible strain on my left glute but there is no way of really knowing. I will continue with PT twice a week until it’s better.

I went to my private pilates session and we focused on a lot of one leg strength training exercises to help my glutes.


  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- rest day


  • PLAN- 16 miles. 1-6 easy, 7-12 tempo to MGP, 13-16 easy cool down
  • ACTUAL- 1-6 easy, 7:54, 7:50, 7:45, 7:54, 7:48, 7:45, 13-16 easy.

I made a plan to run at the River. Nice and flat, easy out and back for 8 miles so I could refill my nuun bottle and see if hydration has been part of my issue. I also wanted to run somewhere that had some shade because it was set to be one of the hottest days of the year (weather below was at 6:30am). I started right before the sun came up and that gave me a good 8 miles before it was warm.IMG_8561IMG_8563THIS was the run I needed to get some confidence back. No pain at all. I felt strong on the pushed effort and I felt hydrated, even with the heat. I did try Vega accelerator before the run, the recovery drink immediately after, and then the protein shake an hour post run (more info to come later).

IMG_8560I made sure to take an ice bath and stretch really well and then spent some time in the kitchen trying out a few new recipes while Rich finished his workout. That night, we had a date at the Falcons game.

IMG_8566 IMG_8568Sunday:

  • PLAN- 6 miles easy/recovery 
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles 9:13 avg pace

Oh what I would’ve given to sleep in! I took my time waking up and didn’t head out until closer to 8 and paid for it a bit with the heat. I decided to do an easy run on the Beltline instead of Piedmont Park and I’m so glad I did…I ran into the Inaugural Hotlanta 1/2 Marathon course! I had no desire to pay $80 to run a hilly course in the dead of summer, but I had friends running it so it was actually fun to run opposite the race and cheer on my friends.IMG_8572The rest of the day was nice and lazy!

Total Miles for the Week: 40

I like step back weeks. 🙂 All in all, my body needed some easy runs and lower mileage. The work travel is kinda crazy right now and I plan on pulling back a bit with it as NYCM gets closer.

Are you a football fan? Do you do ice baths? If so, after what distance? Ever used the Vega product line? 

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  • Your long runs are looking especially strong. It doesn’t seem, from your splits, like you have any nagging niggles or injury issues, so that’s good at least!
    I’m watching some Saints football right now, so I guess you know what I think about the Dirty Birds 😉

  • So glad you had a good long run!! I’m hoping that happens for me this weekend, but if weather is a factor I think I’m out of luck. I’m also thrilled your back/hip issues seem to be getting better!!! Such good news!!

    I used the entire Vega line for a while last year but discovered too much stevia is likely a cause of some of my GI issues so I dropped all the products (all contain stevia). I WISH they made a non-sweetened version because I really like the rest of the ingredients, and I feel like having a good post-run drink is key!! Hope they work well for you!!

  • I am blown away by how low your heart rate is on those runs! At least compared to how mine would look at those paces, anyway…lol.

    So glad you are taking care of all those little grumps in your bod. Keep it working well…Treat it right and it will reward you 🙂

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