NYCM Training Week 10

Another week of training complete! Thank you for your comments on the last post about me being hard on myself and the runs not going my way. I think I should clarify…I know there will be good and bad and that I shouldn’t worry. It’s more that right now, training isn’t fun. And THAT, is huge for me. It’s taking me a while in each run to find that runner’s high. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe I’m overtraining, maybe it’s my nutrition (pre and recovery). These are all things I’m trying to figure out and that I’m currently playing around with.


  • PLAN- 8 miles easy 7:50-8:50 pace
  • ACTUAL- 8 miles easy 9:02 avg pace

Early morning run with Jes. Both of us were pretty tired and just decided to do what we could do. And, both of our lights weren’t working so the first few miles were in the dark but we did our best to stay on well lit streets.


  • PLAN- rest/spin
  • ACTUAL- elliptical 60 minutes

After a LONG day driving to Huntsville, AL and finally getting to the worst hotel ever, I made it up to the hotel gym. Only to find they didn’t have a bike or a pool. Elliptical was my only non-running option. Not even free weights. Boo. Felt a ton better once I could sweat and get some stress out and watched an episode of House of Cards. photo (24)


  • PLAN- 10 miles. 2 warm up, 3 sets of 2 mile repeats 6:50-7:10 pace with 2-3 minute active recovery, 2 miles easy.
  • ACTUAL- 2 mile warmup, 2 mile repeats 7:05 pace, 2-3 minute recovery, 2 miles easy. 1:25:08

It would’ve been a great day to run outside because it was actually cool, but I didn’t have the time with work to drive and find a route and I couldn’t exactly run up and down the airport runway or terminal so I had another date with House of Cards and the treadmill. It actually went by pretty fast. The treadmill reset after an hour but I was able to quickly get back to my tempo pace. Not gonna lie, having a treadmill force the pace is kinda nice!IMG_8490I drove back to Atlanta that day and had plans to go to the Big Group Run with Rich and some of our other friends. This was a first-ever event with running clubs all over the city hosted at Monday Night Brewery. I believe the event was capped at 350 runners? Since I had mile repeats that morning, I just socialized with Laura (friend/pilates teacher) while everyone else ran. There were running vendors, free beer and snacks, and lots of local race info. Nice concept, not sure I would go back if they did it again.


  • PLAN- 6 miles easy 7:50-8:50 pace
  • ACTUAL- 6 miles easy 8:46 average pace and private pilates 

Thank goodness for Laura! The pain and tightness in my body was pretty miserable before Pilates. We did a TON of stretching and I felt so much better after I left.


  • PLAN- 20 miles original plan was with goal work, but after talking with Jess we made it all easy.
  • ACTUAL- 2o miles 9:05 average pace

Since I had been in pain, Jess changed my plan and I was so thankful. I decided to not beat myself up over pace and run on effort. I haven’t talked it about it much, but in the past few weeks there have been several assaults to female runners in ATL. I don’t love going out on my own, especially when it’s dark out.

Rich was SO nice and rode his bike behind me for the first 6.5 miles. I went on to loop Piedmont Park and then finished up on the beltline and in the highlands. I only had one bathroom emergency and thank goodness that it was near my pilates studio!IMG_8499That afternoon, I literally spent the day at my chiro/massage/PT office. I had all three visits to try and see what was going on. Lamar, the PT/needler, did a full assessment and it seems as though my hips are out of alignment and its not allowing the muscles to fire properly. My left glute is not as strong as my right. THIS is shocking to me considering it was the glute that did all the work after my surgery on my right hip last year. Somehow they are off balance so fixing my hip alignment and strengthening my glutes will be key to getting better quickly.

I haven’t had any instruction on NOT running, so I guess that is a positive.


  • PLAN- 4 mile recovery run at the Back on Your Feet 4 Miler
  • ACTUAL- 5 mile recovery run, 1 mile to race, 4 mile race 8:53 average pace

I debated on an actual race report, but I think I will just keep this nice and sweet since it was literally a recovery run for me. I was given a bib for the Back on your Feet 4 Miler from Mizuno. The race was exactly one mile from my house, so I ran to the start.

The race was well organized with a group stretch and motivation session at the beginning, several water stations, and a nice finish area. The course looped around the Freedom Park area and Old Fourth Ward and had a few challenging hills. Honestly, the hardest part was attempting to run slow during a race. I had to keep forcing myself to take it easy. A nice challenge! IMG_8501 IMG_8507The race was well done; however, the course was short (by .3 or .4) and there was only a jug of water with a long line at the finish. It was too hot to not have the cups prepared like a regular water station on the race course. Abby and I didn’t hang out long post race…we both had several things to do that day and were ready to go. IMG_8508 IMG_8510I love what Back on My Feet does for the community, but the race could use a little tweaking.


  • PLAN- rest day
  • ACTUAL- rest day

I actually traveled to Auburn for the afternoon. I’m volunteering on the alumni advisory committee for my sorority and we had our first meeting. I drove on and stayed the night in Montgomery to start the work week.

Total Miles for the Week: 49

When you run on the treadmill, do you prefer TV or music? Do you only run races to race, or for fun, too? Have any questions about dry needling? 

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  • Sorry you have been feeling off. The glutes! We all seem to have those issues. Our western lifestyles don’t do a lot for keeping them firing as they should. Anyhow, pay attention to those emotions of feeling a bit burned out and dial back if you need to–give yourself some freedom and flexibility!

  • Ditto what was said above– you’ve been doing amazing things with your running this year, don’t beat yourself up over a few changed (not even missed) workouts. Also, don’t let the inevitable summer heat/humidity slump kill your confidence or make you think you can’t do it.

    As for the treadmill, I’ve done a little of everything- music, reading, movies/shows. I’m trying to get better about running races for fun but it’s so hard to quiet the competitive side of myself and be ok with “not really racing” results being listed next to my name. I know, neurotic much??

    Miss you!

  • Hope you get everything figured out!

    I haven’t had the “runners high” since I had to move runs back to the treadmill. Road racing in summer kills me, I have no idea why I even do it. I have been very tired and stiff, so I am skipping at least one run this week, hopefully the rest will “fix” me.

    You are killing it with the almost 50 mile weeks 😀

  • You ARE killing it. Definitely don’t fret about altered workouts. Only you know how your body feels. You don’t wanna peak before the big day. Awesomely solid pace on that 20!

  • I LOVE TREADMILL RUNS SO MUCH. I get to watch dumb things i miss by not having cable, with closed captioning so I can also listen to music REALLY REALLY LOUD.

    I feel like the goal of training is to get to the start line ready to race. the saying is true – it’s better to show up slightly undertrained, than overtrained, injured, and burnt out. Hope you figure everything out.

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