NYCM Training Week 7

Atlanta to Barcelona! A very eventful week. As far as my plan for NYC, this week was a step back week and I’m grateful for that. I think my body is slowly adjusting to the longer mileage weeks and I need to do a good job of listening to it.


  • PLAN- 8 miles easy 7:50-8:50
  • ACTUAL- 8 miles easy 8:48 avg pace

I got up early and went to Jes‘ house for our run together. Both of us were pretty wiped and my left glute was still bothering me. BUT, after a few miles and the sun coming up, I started to feel better. We ran through the Krog Street tunnel, one of my favorite places because of all of the graffiti.IMG_8186IMG_8184 IMG_8183

I also saw my chiro and as expected, my left side was super tight. He adjusted me and, as far as alignment goes, I was back to “normal” and felt good. He said to go ahead with my workouts and call him Thursday.

That night, I took Rich on a date! Thanks to ScoreBig, I got great seats for the Braves game.IMG_8197

If you aren’t familiar, Scorebig is a great way to save on concert tickets, broadway tickets, sporting events, etc. You are guaranteed to save each time, you pick your own seats, and you bid and find out your answer immediately. What I loved the most about using their service is that I put in a bid and it gave me the likelihood on the offer being accepted. I definitely recommend checking it out for events in your area. It’s a great way to get good seats at a great price.

Our tickets were even better than I expected because they came with $10 of food service on each of them. The Braves ended up losing in extra innings but we still had a great time.IMG_8195 IMG_8196Tuesday:

  • PLAN- flywheel
  • ACTUAL- flywheel and private pilates

I was pretty tired at flywheel but got through it. At Pilates, Laura noticed the same thing with my left side as Josh (chiro) did. It needed to be lengthened and we worked on stretching and she gave me exercises to do when I go to Europe.


  • PLAN- 1 mile repeats. 2 mile warmup, 3 1 mile repeats 6:40-6:55 pace with 3 minute breaks in between and 1 mile cool down.
  • ACTUAL- 2 mile warmup, 7:05 (more uphill), 6:46, 6:48 (both more downhill), 1 mile cooldown

Rich and I hit the beltline together but each did our own workouts. He had hill repeats, I had 1 mile repeats. My first mile was a bit more uphill and my last 2 were more on the downhill which is why they were a bit faster. I felt strong on these!!

After we finished, we went to get coffee at the same spot of our first “run date” that was also after tempo/speed work on a Wednesday 3 months ago (yall just didn’t know it back then).IMG_8211Thursday:

  • PLAN- 4 miles easy/recovery and barre3
  • ACTUAL- 4 miles easy/recovery 9:04 avg pace

Rich and I decided to test out my new garmin together! Yep. MAJOR surprise and SO excited about the new Forerunner 220. My 405 has been good to me, but the battery was dying after my 20 mile run last weekend and I knew I would need a new one before NYCM.IMG_8216It was supposed to be an easy/recovery run and it was…but it didn’t feel good. Luckily, Coach Jess called me that morning to catch up and told me to cancel barre3 because some of the movements shorten my muscles and I really need to lengthen them. She wanted me to focus on figuring out what is going on with my glute, listen to my body, and not over do it.

I iced, foam rolled, stretched, and did the trigger point ball. It helped but wasn’t 100% so I made plans to get another chiro appointment and dry needling done before I left for Barcelona.


  • PLAN- 16 miles easy 7:55-9:00 last 4 at 7:50
  • ACTUAL-16 miles easy last 4 

Jes came over early to run 12 of the 16 with me which was great. I swear, when I plan to run the distance in pieces (8 mile loop, out and back for 4, out and back for another 4) my stomach falls apart. I almost had to go in someones yard it was that bad, but luckily we were back by my house and I could go at home twice. Needless to say, it wasn’t a long run without several stops but you gotta do what you gotta do.IMG_8221

The last 4 weren’t as hard as I expected them to be and that was a nice surprise. 7:55, 7:44, 7:49, 8:01.

That afternoon I had another appointment with Josh (chiro). He said I was 50% better than I was on Monday, but still tight and that the dry needling appointment I had with the PT right after him should help.

THANK HEAVENS for Lamar. He did a few flexibility/strength tests before the needling to see where I needed it and where I was tight. The needling hurt but wasn’t as bad as it was last year before my surgery. He had me do the tests again and it was like night and day how much better they felt.IMG_8226

I promised to stretch, foam roll, and use my trigger point ball on my trip and made plans to see him once a week for the next few weeks.

That night, I was Barcelona bound!! The flight wasn’t terrible, but I didn’t sleep as much as I had hoped.IMG_8232


  • PLAN- rest day!
  • ACTUAL- rest day!

We arrived in Barcelona around 8:30, and made it to our airbnb house around 9:30. To say it is amazing is an understatement. There are 2 apartments/condos that are connected and there are 3 rooms in each place. Just an idea of what it looks like.IMG_8234We spent the afternoon exploring the Las Ramblas area.We tried out the fruits and juices in the market, did some shopping, and  grabbed dinner and went to bed around midnight. I only had about 2-3 hours sleep but I’m glad I pushed through and didn’t sleep all day when we arrived.

IMG_6027 IMG_8244Sunday:

  • PLAN- 4 miles easy
  • ACTUAL- 4 miles easy 9:03 avg pace

After sleeping 11 HOURS (yes, not kidding), I groggily went out for my run. I decided to do an out and back around the neighborhood to not get lost. It was pretty uneventful. To be honest, the Eixample neighborhood (which means expansion/extension) of Barcelona that we are staying in reminds me of NYC. The prettiest thing seen on my run was one of the Gaudi buildings. IMG_8250 IMG_8252That afternoon, we took the train (about a 35 minute ride) to the beach town of Sitges. It was GORGEOUS. It really felt like I was in another country now. There was lots of toplessness going on which was a bit of a shock (no, I didn’t partake). We spent a couple of hours on the beach, explored the town, and came back to Barcelona for a very late dinner. IMG_8260 IMG_6029

 Total Miles for the Week: 38

A very eventful week! Solving glute issues, new garmin, date night and run dates, and running in Europe. I know I say it all the time, but I feel incredibly lucky to live this life! I look forward to the week ahead exploring in Barcelona and Amsterdam.

Have you used Scorebig to purchase tickets to anything? What type of running watch do you use? Have you ever used dry needling as a means of therapy/rehab? 

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