NYCM Training Week 4

Another solid week of training and a FULL week in Atlanta. It was so nice to be home and have a relaxing weekend.


  • Plan- 8 miles easy 7:52-8:52 pace
  • Actual- 8 miles easy 8:33 avg pace and private pilates session

I really have started to enjoy my morning runs. I NEVER thought I would be a before work runner, but with the way my job is now and the heat, it just works out better. It’s so nice to get it done and have the whole day ahead of you. I feel so accomplished by 7:30am! IMG_7846Tuesday:

  • Plan- spinning/barre
  • Actual- flywheel and barre3


  • Plan- 4 miles easy 7:52-8:52 
  • Actual 4 miles easy avg 8:42 pace

Easy run on the beltline and then I spent some of my day working for Sparkly Soul at the Peachtree Road Race expo. It was a LONG day on my feet and I learned my lesson by wearing the wrong shoes and not wearing compression! BUT, Abby and I had a lot of fun meeting runners and telling them all about our love for Sparkly Soul. If you haven’t tried them, you should. If you don’t like to sparkle, they make non sparkly bands, too! IMG_7869I did a TON of foam rolling and stretching when I got home that night.


  • Plan- rest day
  • Actual- rest day

I booked an appointment with Icebox Therapy for Thursday morning. They were going to be closed by the time I finished at the expo and I wanted my body to feel somewhat fresh. IMG_7878I worked that day and made sure to take advantage of the Normatec legs at the expo, too! I wanted to be as recovered as possible before the Peachtree. IMG_7880Friday:

  • Plan 2 mile warmup and Peachtree Road Race 10K. First mile 7:10, rest 7:00-7:05
  • Actual- 2 mile warmup at 8:38 avg pace and Peachtree Road Race 10K at 6:57 avg pace

Hitting my goal for this race gave me a huge confidence boost in my training. I had a lot of self doubt at the beginning of the week and this just reassured me to trust my training and my coach. IMG_7897After the race, we had a crawfish boil at Allison and Chris’ house. I got to spend the day with friends, family, and baby A. My sister is starting a photography business, and she randomly snapped a great one of me and A playing. I seriously love her sweet kisses. july42014.jpg.IMG_7951Saturday:

  • Plan- 4 mile easy run 7:52-8:52
  • Actual- 4 mile easy run at 9:05 pace and barre3 class 

Oops. Ran this run as a recovery run instead of just an easy run but it’s no big deal. After my morning Beltline run, I picked up Holly and we headed to a barre3 class. After class it was a quick shower and right back out to West Stride, a local ATL running store, to meet Lauren Fleshman. She was super nice and it was great seeing some of my ATL blogger friends. I may or may not have also picked up a few Oiselle things as a post-PR treat (peer pressure!). IMG_7918 IMG_7924Holly and I grabbed lunch and then met up with her hubs Batch and their other running friends from Jacksonville at Monday Night Brewery. It was also great having Jeff Caron come by and hang out with him in real life, too!IMG_7927The day was spent with social media friends, which is a constant reminder of how thankful I am for this little blog and what it’s given me.


  • Plan- 16 mile long run 7:55-9:00 pace
  • Actual 16 mile long run avg 8:42 pace

I was happy when I found out Rich needed to run for 1:30. We ran around Piedmont Park, the Beltline and Freedom Park for about 10 miles. Thank GOODNESS we were running back towards my house so he could grab his bike for his ride because I had major stomach issues. Not sure what was going on, but it was on and off before the run too. I was totally fine the last 6 miles and was able to negative split the entire run. IMG_7932This was my longest run since April of 2012. THAT is crazy. I felt strong. MUCH stronger than I did back in 2012 when I was marathon training. 16 miles actually seemed like no big deal.

The rest of the day was spent running a few errands, watching movies and treating myself to a vitamix. Yep. I did it. Thank you, Costco for your good deals. IMG_7936

Total Miles for the Week: 40.2 

WOW. Highest mileage in a long, long time. I have felt a bit of soreness in my hip, but know I just need to be really, really consistent with my foam rolling, stretching and exercises.

So far, this year has been pretty amazing. I feel like a broken record, but I’m so thankful for my health and the ability to run and run well. I know I still have a lot of training ahead of me, and it really excites me to see what I can do in NYC in November.

How was your week? Did you go out of town for the holiday? Do you have recovery systems that you love? Ever tried Sparkly Soul? 

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  • Awesome job! You are rocking your training plan. Keep me posted on your long runs plans because I am sure we will have some overlap. I always run mine solo and wouldn’t mind some company if you need a buddy.

  • its funny because every morning when I wake up I roll over, get my phone, and check instagram feed while i’m waking up— i always am astonished how your run photo is ALREADY done and up for the day. I REALLY wish I could be like you. Current goal is to consistently do 1 day a week in morning— baby steps!

    You are a classic example of my motto that when bad things happen its because something AMAZING is coming in store for you. I remember your mentality last year and always getting down— you’ve come full circle in all aspects of your life, amazing to see how everything has turned out far better than what you imagined. So happy for you 🙂

  • The Saucony guy!!! He comes to the run events at our local running store as well. Super nice guy!!!

    You had a fantastic week. Good job! I love following you on your way to crush NYC!!

  • WOW. You are killing the training!! You have gotten so unbelievably fast. Good for you and your hard work!!

  • Love seeing Rich’s face on your blog lately, you guys are so cute together! Great job on the training, I love triathlon, but I will be glad to get over the hump after Ironman Louisville, and focus on my JFK 50 mile race training, I miss primary run training!

  • Congrats on your miles and PRs! and welcome to the cult of Vitamix. You must try Glowing Green Smoothie by Kimberly Snyder. Love it!
    (ps bought me some Elta MD sunscreen a couple of weeks ago – taking it to the beach next week!)

  • Have to say it again, it was SUCH A FUN WEEKEND! Thanks for being my driver on Saturday. I loved getting to try great local ATL eats via your suggestions (it’s been so long since we lived there and let’s face it we were young and not exactly into decent food then). I’m also SO excited for you and your running/training. I just know you’re going to have an amazing NYC marathon. xoxo

  • E! Your training is going so well – you are totally going to hit your goal at NYC! I will just be a year behind you, I hope, at Boston 🙂 As for the Vitamix – LOVE MINE. We do weekend banana waffles & pumpkin pancakes in ours. Great for sauces & soups too.

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