NYCM Training Week 3


PLAN: 6 miles easy (7:5-8:50)

ACTUAL: 6 miles easy (avg 8:32 pace) on the Coastal Trail. I was pretty tired from the hike on Sunday but loosened up once I got going. Last run in Alaska and it was gorgeous.IMG_7736I spent the rest of the day hiking on a glacier (about 3 miles total). IMG_7763 IMG_7782


PLAN: travel/rest day

ACTUAL: 10.38 miles biking on the Coastal Trail. My flight wasn’t until that afternoon, and we had the morning free. My typical Tuesday would’ve been a flywheel class, so a real bike ride seemed appropriate. Abby, Sally, and myself decided to go find moose on the trail (saw zero) and see the course from the race without rain. I will admit, the course is BEAUTIFUL on a sunny day. We rode for about an hour. Riding a bike outside is totally different than Flywheel. Shocker, I know. But there is this little thing called balance that you don’t need on a stationary bike and it was definitely an adjustment.IMG_4051I have always feared a real bike, but LOVE flywheel. After this trip and spending some time on a bike, I really would like run to get around the neighborhood.


PLAN: 6 miles easy (7:50-8:50)

ACTUAL: 6 miles easy (avg 8:34 pace). This run was HARD for me. I got off the red eye flight around 7:30, was home by 8:45, ate a picky bar and went out to run. It was around 9:30am and already warm and I was just worn out. It was a rush home for bathroom emergencies on top of that. I was just glad to finish it.


PLAN: 6 miles wave tempo. 2 mile warmup, then mile 3 – 7:20-7:30 range, mile 4 – 6:50-7:00 range, mile 5 – 7:20-7:30 range, 1 mile cool down.

ACTUAL: 6.5 miles wave tempo. 2 mile warmup, 3 miles of tempo, 1.5 miles cool down. Rich and I ran together and I wanted to go to the active oval at Piedmont Park to change it up, and so we could each run the paces we needed to run.IMG_7796I was pretty nervous about hitting my times and didn’t feel confident. 

8:44, 8:35, 7:27, 7:03, 7:30, 8:26, last .5 at 8:59.

I was off a bit on the hardest pace. I tried not to beat myself up after, I know it’s only 3 seconds and it had, again, been a long week. It was a struggle overall with breathing, but I’m still very HAPPY with how well I did overall all things considered. IMG_7797I also took a private pilates session that afternoon.


PLAN: rest day

ACTUAL: rest day.


PLAN: 14 miles easy (7:55-9:00)

ACTUAL: 14 miles easy (avg. 8:45 pace). I went to Katie’s house early Saturday so we could run together. It was nice to change up the scene. We ran through my old neck of the woods, so it was still familiar, but not the same weekly routes that I always do. Katie needed to do 11, so we ran back to her house and I ran back out for my last 3. It was a humid run, but I felt pretty good considering the week of travel that I had. I’m SO glad we got started early and I was done running by 8:30.IMG_7815

I also made a point to do my hip exercises. I really slacked in Alaska and needed to get back on track. That afternoon, I went with Rich up to Chattanooga, TN (about 2 hours) for his triathlon on Sunday.

I was VERY excited to see a cowbell booth at the expo (I left mine at home). They only had school stickers to choose from, so obviously I got Auburn and plan on covering the other side in running stickers so it’s an annoying bell for all occasions. 🙂IMG_7821Sunday-

PLAN: 4 mile recovery run 

ACTUAL: 4 mile recovery run (avg 9:16 pace). We got up around 5am so Rich could get his bike and running gear in transition. He had to be on the bus that would take him to the start of the swim at 6:40, so I dropped him off, went out for my run, and finished my run at the swim start.

There wasn’t really a place for me to see him start (not to mention it’s pointless because everyone has on the same color cap), so I wished him good luck, ran/walked back to the room to get my camera and headed back to transition to watch him come in from the swim and head out on the bike. I then walked to Starbucks, back to the hotel for my cowbell, and then back to transition to cheer for the rest of the race. Pretty sure I tacked on another 2-3 miles but it was worth it. He had a great day out there and it’s so fun watching him and my other friends race.chatttririchWe spent a little time post race hanging out with his friends and then we headed back to Atlanta.  10446084_10152082797677757_4438435044540354702_o

Total Miles for the Week: 36.5

1 Bike, 1 Pilates session, 1 hip exercises

This is the most miles I’ve done in a week since January of 2013. From now on, all of my weekly mileage and long run distances will all be post-surgery milestones.

All in all, a pretty great week. Alaska, Atlanta, and Chattanooga. I definitely don’t have a thing to complain about! This week I will be working at the Peachtree Road Race expo for Sparkly Soul and then running the Peachtree Road Race on Friday.

Do you have a 4th of July race? Are you a fan of the cowbell or do you hate it? Do you own a bike? If so, do you use it to train or just to ride for fun? 


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  • First…WAR EAGLE!

    I have a bike and just recently started adding one ride per week into my schedule. Still nervous about riding on the road but getting better!

  • Wow, you continue to amaze me!! 7:03 pace??? I can barely maintain 10 seconds at that on the treadmill… I can’t imagine trying to do that. Your Alaska pictures are so pretty.

  • Great week! My girlfriend did Ironman in Coeur d’Alene, but not even her experience or your awesome posts about Rich’s tris are going to get me to do a tri, haha.
    Not racing on the 4th, but I am meeting friends at the bakery for 6 miles!

  • So many great questions! I ran my first 10K on the 4th and blew my goal out of the water. I’m not sure if I am a fan of a cow bell or not; so far there hasn’t been one at a race. I do own a mountain bike and have been itching to get it worked over and ready for the road so that I can take it camping next week. I think it is time to add biking as a new way to get some cross training.

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