NYCM Training Week 2

Part of my training for the week was in Atlanta, the other part in Alaska. Two very opposite ends of the weather and scenery spectrum!


PLAN: 8 miles easy (7:50-8:50 range)

ACTUAL: 8 miles easy (8:23 avg) on the beltline. It was a hot and humid morning as usual.IMG_7499Olive also had a free trial of doggy daycare (in prep for her first weekend stay) and I found her report card to be hilarious. It’s all so fitting. And, I love that Barking Hound Village actually does report cards!


PLAN: flywheel and barre3

ACTUAL: flywheel in the morning and barre3 that night. I somehow managed to squeeze both in, work, and be packed and ready to go to Alaska!IMG_7514Wednesday- 

PLAN: travel day/rest day.

ACTUAL: Exactly what I did…travel and rest day! The only miles were airport and Seattle walking miles.  Abby and I flew to Seattle super early so we could have the day in Seattle before heading to Alaska that night (she had never been to Seattle). I was super excited to see my friends at Nuun and spend some time with them. IMG_7534 IMG_7536We also hit up Pikes Place Market, the original Starbucks, and Pyramid Brewery before heading to Alaska. By the time we got there, it was almost 4am Atlanta time and we were EXHAUSTED!


PLAN: 6 miles easy (7:50-8:50 range)

ACTUAL: 6 miles easy (avg 8:30 pace) along the Coastal Trail in Alaska. The entire run was spent stopping for pictures, oohing and ahhing and looking for Moose.IMG_7566I will have much more in detail about the trip in a future post. Sally, Abby and myself spent the rest of the day exploring Alaska by bike (at least 15 miles) and picking up our race packets.IMG_5562 10423820_10101196943028668_4702295558392264101_nFriday- 

PLAN: rest day.

ACTUAL: rest day on a glacier cruise. IMG_0381Saturday-

PLAN: Mayor’s Half Marathon and 1 mile warmup. Run with my heart and by how I felt. No PR goals with the amount of activity I would be doing traveling, time change, etc.

ACTUAL: Mayor’s Half Marathon and a 1 mile cool down. I was too much of a sissy to warmup in the rain and just tacked my extra mile on at the end. The race itself just wasn’t great. Bad weather got the best of me and made the race much less enjoyable than it should’ve been. BUT, I still hit my goal and can’t complain about that! Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 1.04.20 AMSunday-

PLAN: 4 mile recovery run

ACTUAL: 4 mile recovery run (avg 9:13 pace). Again, this seems to be the hardest for me to actually make myself run at a recovery pace. It’s been a nice change and good to see the difference. I did go hiking (about 3 miles) after the run.IMG_7703 IMG_7704

Week 2 NYCM training total mileage: 32.1

All in all, a pretty awesome Week 2 of NYCM training. I can’t wait to fill yall in on the details from the entire trip! To say it was an active vacation is an understatement!

Do you enjoy an active vacation or a beach? Is Alaska on your bucket list? 

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  • You are definitely more active on vacation than I am. I went to Paris almost 2 years ago during marathon training and yeah, that was the end of that training cycle. I was doing little short 3 milers around the Eiffel tower and calling it a day.

  • This brings back so many great memories of our Alaska trip last summer! Glad you enjoyed it! I definitely enjoy an active vacay. But I love some beach lounging too.

  • Ohhhhhh I can’t wait to hear about the trip!!

    I try to make vacation active, but it’s hard with the age range of people I’m dealing with. Kids, man ;). We do a lot of camping/hiking trips, though, so I guess that counts?

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