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After weeks and weeks of travel, only one night away in Savannah for work was amazing! I spent Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta (and was surprised that so many of my friends did too) and then I spent last weekend cheering at IM Raleigh 70.3.

Week of May 19th

Monday: 5 miles (40:56), privates pilates, and the Monday Night MileFunny, the six miles and pilates probably barely canceled out the beer from the race. BUT, it was totally worth it.IMG_7081

Tuesday: flywheel. I wasn’t feeling it that morning when I got there, but once I was done, I was SO glad I went! Drove to Savannah for work and enjoyed the views from my hotel.IMG_7104

Wednesday: 6.6 miles with a dead garmin so no true timed speed work, but I did fartleks around downtown Savannah instead. No clue on the data…but got it done. I’m slightly worried that my garmin is about to die for real. I’ve had it since 2010 and the battery isn’t lasting very long. Maybe a day or two? Time to get a new one?

Thursday: 3 miles (24:54) easy on the beltline and barre3 class.

Friday: rest day and date night. All I can say…Jeni’s Ice Cream. This place has been open in Atlanta for almost a year and I wouldn’t let myself go. It was a treat and totally worth every bite (even though I paid for it Saturday). Salted Caramel, Buckeye (peanut butter and chocolate), and dark chocolate.IMG_7138 IMG_7143

Saturday: 10 miles (1:28:12) easy at Big Peach with Katie and Jesica. It was a tough run. Some days just seem more humid than others, but I was glad to get it done. I had brunch with Jesica, Amy, and Teesha afterwards and love getting the time to catch up with these girls. IMG_7146

Sunday: 4 miles (34:47) easy with Rich around Piedmont Park followed by Barre3 class. That night we cooked out with my Allison and Chris and I was able to get quality time with A. Reading her bedtime stories is my favorite. IMG_7155

Total Miles for the Week: 29.6

Week of May 26th:

Monday: 4 miles (32:36) easy on the beltline. I was dying to try out my new Kinvara’s! The beauty of Memorial Day sales are new shoes! I LOVE these shoes and right now will use them for speed work and shorter runs.IMG_7157Tuesday: flywheel.

Wednesday: 6 mile tempo (8:28, 7:18, 7:06, 7:06, 7:22, 8:28) on the beltline. I woke up not feeling great about the run. The past two weeks that weren’t meant to be more speed type workouts were adjusted and my head wasn’t in it. I was tired and doubting that I could actually hold the pace. And then, I nailed it. There really isn’t anything better than a reassuring run that reminds you that you ARE capable of things when you put your mind to it. IMG_7191

Thursday: rest day and private pilates.

Friday: 9 miles easy around the Druid Hills neighborhood. It was nice to change it up and run in a different neighborhood. I used to run it all the time and got tired of it, but the homes are gorgeous and the hills are challenging. That afternoon, me and Rich headed to Raleigh for his race.

Saturday: 4 miles easy in Raleigh. I got up to get a few miles in before spending the day learning about triathlons. I ran on a backroad that was near the race and found myself having to jump off the road to avoid cars…kept me on point and focused!!IMG_7224IMG_7226im1.shutterfly-1Sunday: half ironman spectating day! I was dressed and ready to run Sunday morning with every intention of squeezing in some miles while I waited for Rich at T2. BUT, things happen and it took longer for the buses to get back so the only running I did was sprinting from the the beginning and end of transition stations. I didn’t mind at all. Rich had an amazing race and it was SO inspiring to watch. My thoughts on triathlons coming soon…IMG_7270 IMG_5458

Miles for the Week: 23 

Has your garmin died on you? What gps training watch do you recommend? What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? 

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  • My first Garmin didn’t die, but I lost it on my way back from my honeymoon 🙁 I’m interested what you think about the triathlon. Don’t switch to the dark side!! LOL

  • I hear the Bia is available…

    I’m curious to hear your thoughts on tri, as well! I am doing a sprint tri in August (same one I did last year), but can’t imagine going further than that.

  • I have negative zero interest in a triathlon of any distance.

    I have the Garmin 405 and it is also not doing so hot… however, I don’t have the money to upgrade to it’s 2014 version and the two watches I tried didn’t work out.

    So… Rich????

  • I’ve burned through so many Garmins I’ve lost count. Not sure what to recommend. Nice week and pretty pics!
    I’ll go salted caramel. Or buckeye! Yum!

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