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Ahh. The week of my first chemical peel. Yall don’t be scared, but I’m going to share my crazy face with yall. You aren’t supposed to get too sweaty after a peel because it could blister/bubble so that meant I had to take it easy once my face started to fall off.

Week of June 2nd

Monday: 5 miles easy (41:22) on the beltline. That afternoon, one of my accounts did the peel.

Tuesday: 3 mile easy run (24:59) and flywheel. Yes, I might be slightly nuts. BUT, I wanted to keep my weekly mileage up and I knew that Wednesday and Thursday would be a wash and I love flywheel and had already signed up and didn’t want to be charged for a missed class. So, I did both.  That night, my face started to crack (no pics just yet).

Wednesday: National Running Day. I had to do something, so I did a 1.5 mile run/walk with Olive. You don’t exactly sweat at her speed and we went early in the morning while it was cool out. My face was a scary hot mess. IMG_7302IMG_7306

The day progressed, the peeling got worse..IMG_7310

That night, one of my best friends and her husband stayed over and we celebrated their 10 year anniversary (a few weeks early but they were headed out on a trip to celebrate) with fancy champagne and chocolates. It’s crazy that I have friends celebrating 10 years of marriage…IMG_7315

Thursday: private pilates and a 2 mile walk/run with Olive. We usually do about a mile or mile and a half if it’s early enough and she seemed to have plenty of energy even after the 2, so it was nice to know she can do more. My face was much better Thursday (the peeling starts around your mouth and works its way outward up towards the forehead).IMG_7325

Olive and I packed up and we headed to Asheville that night. We got in somewhat late, but Rich and I decided to head to out to Wicked Weed for our first brewery stop. It’s a must if you make a trip to Asheville. IMG_7324 IMG_7332

Friday: 4 miles easy around Asheville with Rich. I had to work on and off that day, we hit up the expo, stopped at Burial Brewery (one of my favorites-so small the beers change almost daily) and had a great dinner at Curate. It is ranked as one of the best restaurants in Asheville…it was good, but not omg out of this world.IMG_7339

Saturday: Asheville 1/2 Marathon plus a warmup mile. The race that will forever be my ugliest race pics ever. Also, I’m going on out on limb to guess that it will be the hardest half that I will have ever completed (even with 26 other states left).Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 8.21.52 AM Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 8.23.19 AM

We grabbed brunch at Early Girl Eatery and then hit breweries with other reps and their significant others all afternoon (Green Man Brewery, Hi Wire, and back to Wicked Weed and Burial since the group hadn’t been yet). It was definitely a good time. We ended our night at French Broad Chocolates (A MUST). ashevilleIMG_7372Sunday: rest day. I had to be at work at 7am, so running before that after a long day and hard half marathon was not really on my list of fun ideas. So, I skipped it, worked, had brunch and Rich and I headed up towards Brevard, NC (30 minutes or so outside of Asheville) to hit up Looking Glass Falls and the Oskar Blues Brewery.IMG_5492 IMG_7397I already love some of the Oskar Blues beers and was excited to try them all.IMG_7392 IMG_7399After a quick lunch, it was time to head back to the ATL.

Total Miles for the Week: 26 

It really was such a fun weekend and I have no idea how I seemed to squeeze in a race, work, and fun…but we did. I’m the queen of not stopping but it was worth it.

Have you ever had a chemical peel? Have you been to Asheville? What’s your favorite brewery in your city (it’s one of my favorite things to do when I travel)?

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  • Great week! Olive is a walking all-star. Asheville is such a great brewery city. I’m heading out to Colorado for work next week and I had the same two thoughts, Can I race and what breweries can I visit. You and Rich are too cute. 🙂

  • hahahahaha you’re hilarious. I love those pictures.

    I have a dream to move to the mountains of NC. I try, but my husband keeps denying my request.

  • Rich is such a great guy, sticking with you after those face peel pictures and the race pictures. Ali and I laughed and laughed about your race photos. So glad you shared!
    And, when you are that FAST, I think you can look however you want. Way to keep it up, speedy.

  • I have never done a chemical peel. I already have very poor skin (acne, dryness, oily, I’m a mess) so not sure I’m an ideal candidate for that.

    Love me some beer!

  • I’m scared of chemical peels. I have very fair and very sensitive skin. I can’t imagine that I’d be able to do anything but hide in my apartment for a week.

    Your trip looks really fun – all that chocolate and beer and exercise!

  • Olive is just such a cutie! I can’t wait to meet her in person one of these days. You’ll have to let me know if you’re headed to Huntsville for work anytime soon.

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