Things I’m Lovin’ VII

Hey, hey, hey!! It’s FRIDAY! Figured it was time for another things I’m lovin post.

1. Jewelry. I’ve been big on wanting to add accessories and I recently purchased two new things. My new Erica Sara necklace. I wanted a PR present and something to capture my feelings NOW. Something to remind me of this time in my life, my training, etc. I found a couple of quotes that I loved and worked with Erica on a custom piece.

  • Dream Big
  • Sky Above Me, Earth Below Me, Fire Within Me
  • She Believed She Could So She Did

IMG_7064I also have a new obsession for Alex and Ani bracelets. I only have one (Tree of Life), but want an armful! I love them!

2. Unexpected Races. I have to go to Asheville for a work meeting next weekend. I decided to look and see if there was a small race I could do before Saturdays tradeshow events and realized there is an inaugural half marathon. I didn’t love my NC race, so why not do another one? It’s going to be hilly, hard, and has lots of turns so this will be more of a check-it-off-the-list convenient race tied into a long run. I’m already so excited about this trip. I will have some free time to hit up a couple of breweries and restaurants and hopefully even a trail run on Sunday.

3. A few new recipes. I made a great pork, white bean, and tomato dish recently that was so easy and good! I tried a new quinoa recipe to change up the plain ole, plain ole I always do (have made it twice). I also made banana pancakes for the first time and they did not disappoint. I did half with fresh blueberries and half without. I even had leftovers for the rest of the week.IMG_7180

4. Cheering on my first TRIATHLON this weekend. Actually, a half ironman! Here’s where I spill a little on the mystery man some of you have inquired about. I met Rich at Ragnar Trail ATL, but we have both participated in Team in Training events in the past and have a lot of mutual friends (but had not actually met). He’s quickly become a part of my life and I figured he would start showing up in pictures at some point so it was time to spill the beans. 🙂 He’s also a triathlete. No, I will not be going to the tri-side anytime soon, but I am SO excited to cheer for him and support him and learn more about this sport. So, off to Raleigh, NC we go!IMG_7067

6. My new Nuun hat. I legit had a meltdown over the fact that my Nuun hat disappeared after my trip to Birmingham (thanks SO much cleaning staff at the Courtyard). I literally wore that hat on every run (if not that, it’s a sparkly soul band) and to almost every race since I got it at Hood to Coast in 2012. It has been with me on every high and low since then…and there have been a ton. So, it was pretty sentimental. BUT, it was also the only hat that fit me the way I wanted a running hat to fit. Thank GOODNESS they were made available to order again. Mine arrived this week, along with a restock of my Nuun Energy Cherry Limeade, and the style has changed a bit. I like it even more than my old one!IMG_7203

If you want to try Nuun or need to stock up, they are offering a friends and family discount of 20% off all orders until June 6th. Just use code MAY14NUUN.

7. You Fresh Natural Coco-Nut Butters. I’ve followed this brand on instagram for a while and they always post the most amazing recipes with their nut butters. I broke down and bought some and I am a convert. I HIGHLY recommend them.IMG_7210

What are you lovin these days? Any first time tri spectator tips? What’s your favorite nut butter brand? Do you buy yourself reward presents for goals you set? What are you doing this weekend?

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  • Great list of favs. I’ll be sharing my May favorites tomorrow. I’m glad you found your Nuun hat and that the mystery is out of the bag 🙂 Have fun in Raleigh this week and good luck in Asheville next weekend. Let’s run sometime soon! Hit me up if you want to get a weekday run in or a long run when you’re back in town.

  • I was wondering! You two are too cute and it’s always fun to have someone you share so many interests with. 😀 Have a fun weekend in NC! Cheer loud!

    I do get myself reward presents after big goals. It makes reaching them that much sweeter.

  • LOVE the necklace! All the best to you and Rich and good luck to him at the HIM!
    I got myself a necklace after Boston. I think that’s it.

  • We’ll I am a fan of number 4!!!!! So happy for you. The smiles say it all. You deserve happiness. Lots of it. Good luck to Rich this weekend!!! And number 6 (what happen to 5.. You know it comes after 4 usually ha ha!!!) well I cannot be without that hat, I am the same as you…I think I should order another one just in case…I sure wish they had white ones….:)

  • Too funny that you skipped a number…I didn’t notice. Unless the picture was supposed to replace 5?

    You failed to talk about the other recipe you tried…the vegan brownies…bwahahahaha!

    Have a safe and fun weekend

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