Things I’m Lovin VI

Happy Friday! Lots of randomness to include so figured it was time for another things I’m loving…

1. Chicago/Wisconsin weekend. I’m headed that way TODAY! I’m so excited to spend the weekend with my dear (and very generous) friend Corey. It’s another #renuunion for us! She’s driving me to Wisconsin for the Wisconsin 1/2 Marathon, cheering me on in my race, and then taking me back to the city for some Cubs and Chicago action. I will also get to spend some quality time with one of my best friends from college, Jenny. My two worlds colliding…will be fun!IMG_4082

Yes, back to the race part. This is really my target race for the season. If I’m going to put it all out there, McMillan says I can sub 1:40. Does this scare the shit out of me? Yes. I will also be INCREDIBLY happy with a PR, so anything below 1:43:47. Weather actually looks PERFECT compared to the crap I’ve been running in lately, so here’s keeping my fingers crossed I have a good day.

2. Raceday Binders. A few weeks ago I won a Raceday book (binder) on Facebook. For years, My bibs have been in a bibfolio (that I never loved) and I’ve always wanted to do something else with them. I loved the previous Raceday option that was a spiral notebook style, but that wasn’t enough for me. This binder allows you to add pages…so I can do 40 races or so per book.IMG_6805

Yes, I’m that crazy that I have every bib from every race with my times and placement on each. It’s a nice way to flip through and remind myself where I came from, where I am currently, and where I hope to be one day. Biggest decision now is putting ALL my bibs in there, or just my half and full marathons. Thoughts?

3. New clothes! This wasn’t exactly planned. I went to put on a pair of shorts last weekend and they could literally come off without unbuttoning them. Tried on pair after pair with the exact same result. Not that losing weight is a bad thing, it just can hurt your bank account (especially since I bought most of the clothes last year post surgery when I started losing weight). My sister is going to sell my old shorts on a page on Facebook and I stocked up at the J.Crew outlet. I seriously love that place. 4 pair of shorts, 2 shirts, a necklace and scarf for under $175.IMG_6803

4. Food. I still feel great physically minus my random stomach issues. I saw my allergy doc last week and she doesn’t think it’s food allergies. She thinks it’s more of an IBS issue and I need to take probiotics, so that’s my first step. I’m still sticking to my no processed food from Lent, but I have indulged on BBQ and a few natural sweets since Easter. I truly have no desire to eat anything processed or full of sugar (I’m also terrified of how my body will handle it, so I just don’t do it) and really think this is a new lifestyle for me simply because I feel great. I will 100% admit that I know my body looks better than it did before and said weight loss and clothes mentioned above don’t hurt the motivation.

5. Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Work is AWESOME. I’m having a great year so far and I think it’s because I truly love my job. I posted last year on the importance of sunscreen everyday and physical block (zinc) sunscreens so in case you missed it, go check it outelta

My company is also hosting a giveaway for the entire month of May. We are still a fairly small company, especially in the social media world, so I think your odds are pretty good. We are giving away sunscreen every day for the entire month of May and a $1000 travel voucher. I recommend entering, scheduling a skin check, and wearing zinc based sunscreen every day.

6. Spotify. Where in the world have I been. I’ve known about this site for years now, I’ve just never done anything with it. Now I am obsessed and want to create one million playlists. The most important one right now is my list of songs at 180 bpm (for obvious reasons also titled PR City)…followed by an old school rap playlist that takes me back to high school.

What are you lovin’ right now? Racing this weekend? What’s your favorite place to shop for “real” clothes? Ever heard of Raceday Books? How would you organize your bibs? Are you on spotify? I’m full of questions. 🙂

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  • I was going through my clothes and realized I jeans in FIVE different sizes. (I even moved here with all that) It’s been eight years since my daughter was born and I gained a lot of weight, but I haven’t gotten rid of all those clothes. You’ve inspired me. Get rid of what falls off. It’s a good plan.

    It seems like your body is finding it’s set point weight: I think it’s great!

    And THANK YOU for the reminder about getting a skin check. I’m behind on that this year.

  • The bib binder sounds awesome and hope you do a post on how you like it after you get one… I would put in all the races if I was you they are all a part of your journey! So glad I am NOT the ONLY one who saves all bibs and puts the dates and finish times on them! My husband laughed at me when I do that.

    Have fun at your race and hope you get a shiny new PR

  • How fun to hang out with Cori! You guys will surely have a blast. I am sad that we missed each other in Chicago by one week–would have been so much fun to see you! And a little shopping is always good for the soul…

  • I have never shopped at J. Crew! Of course, I pretty much never leave my house in casual clothes, so not really a point in owning that stuff. Looks like adorable stuff though.

    Also, I know there is no recap yet, but WHAT!! I cannot wait to hear about your race 😀

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